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Now this is some funny stuff… apparently Snoop dog and the idiot princess Paris Hilton are now endorsing a new pot flavored line of cannibus candy. Err… that’s right… smoky ganja flavored candy.

Presently found in 43 stores across the Big Apple, Chronic Candy, hemp-rooted lollipops and gumdrops promises that “Every lick is like taking a hit.” It’s quickly becoming top choice for local costumers with the munchies, while drawing criticism from politicians who feel the candy promotes drug use to the youth.

[…] While the pot sweets do not contain THC, the ingredient that intoxicates marijuana users, the candy comes in “nickel bags” and “20 sacks” like marijuana. It also provides flavors themed after its countless nicknames including “Chronic” and “Sticky Icky Skunk Buds.

Now, the only thing I know is that EATTNG weed would only be appealing to the already wasted, dumb, retarded , dead or maybe on a dare for a decent about of dough. Other than that, weed has to taste like shit and to market eating something that tastes like death and has no added upside is just crazy talk. I mean, if you get high from eating shit then people would probably do it. Who would ever want to suck on a lollipop laced with the flavor of shit when all you are left with after eating it is… well, the flavor of shit in your mouth? No high to make you forget your mouth tastes like shit? Nope..

I just wonder when I see stuff like this if rich people like Snoop and PH just put stuff out there for the fun of it to see how stupid the general public really is. That would be a lot of fun if you had money to burn. Because as stupid as you think it is to endorse a product like this, it is ultimately more crazy to actually plop down your hard earned dough to purchase this crap. Now, who is the smart one? You decide.

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  • The really interesting thing about the pot flavored lollipops is that when marijuana is converted into hash oil, the by-product is a pot flavored resin devoid of THC.

    So, what the recent advent of pot-flavored hard candy indicates is that the hashish producers figured out a way to make a legitimate business out of the waste product of their illicit drug manufacturing. And what better way to launder a few mil? It’s freakin’ genius, if you ask me.

    Genius marketing or no, I wouldn’t buy any yucky pot flavored, THCless candy either.

    But, hey, it’s candy. Maybe it isn’t so bad. Maybe it tastes as much like pot as grape kool-aid tastes like, erm, grapes.

  • Matt

    “Now, the only thing I know is that EATTNG weed would only be appealing to the already wasted, dumb, retarded , dead or maybe on a dare for a decent about of dough. Other than that, weed has to taste like shit”

    If you’ve ever smelled it, it actually has a very herby scent (except for the “skunky” buds, that smell, well skunky), and while the taste isnt like warm cinnamon rolls, it isnt terrible.

    “If you take it orally, you could be in for quite a ride. The liver metabolises THC into 11-OH-*9-THC, a compound three times more psychoactive. Oral cannabis is a powerful, almost psychedelic experience”

    Also, in regards to the hash oil statement; THC is soluble is alcohol as well as fats, and all parts of the plant contain THC. When it is prepared from stems, seeds, and shake the small aount of THC in these parts of the plant are extracted into the “oil.” So while the individual parts dont contain much THC, the oil contains condensed amounts. Often buds are included into the mix, then the resulting oil will copious amounts of THC.

    But I do agree with the statements questioning the usefulness of the candy. However, I can definetly see people purchasing it as a novelty.

  • sirsmokealot

    dude fuck not including thc come on what would be th epoint? Just a tease. Fuck the police go with the underground thc candy and let me know when!

  • lol

    the writer of this article has obviously never even smoked weed and knows nothing about it other than what he learned at age 16 at the back of church camp. (people certainly eat weed…all the time!).
    assign stories to people who know what they’re talking about.

  • Brian

    Your obviously not a cannabis user. I personally enjoy eating weed in many forms. Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean to have to completely bash a product.

    People have eaten all kinds of plants and herbs since the dawn of mankind. I’m sure not all of them taste good to everyone.

    Get over yourself.

  • Your obviously not a cannabis user.

    Obviously not, Brian. He can’t even spell it.

  • tasha

    Dudes I took a ride on the hard candy train, Got to High. If you like that type of ride Its worth the buy. However mine was homemade from people who have the right to make it.