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Cannibalism In New Orleans?

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From here:

It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive.

Frankly, I don’t believe it. Human beings can go for weeks without food. But they can only go a few days without water. I highly doubt that such atrocities have occurred in New Orleans in such a short period of time. It is much more likely that they have been compelled to drink filthy water than break one of the most powerful taboos in our culture.

So, we have two options. Either the incredibly unlikely has happened, and the residents of New Orleans have devolved into unspeakable savages in just four days. Or, this author is just making shit up for attention (or at best, merely repeating an unconfirmed rumor).

The smart money is on the latter…

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  • you can see in the comment section there, that people want more information and/or dispute it as you do. YOu can also see my comment there wondering if it’s possible for an 80 year old or a child to go 30 days with no food.

    Let’s hope it turns out to be false.

  • I go with the latter, and the fact that the writer had to add the unnecessary word “black” tells me that an agenda was at work.

    After reading this earlier, I scoured the news for any corroborating stories. Found none. I don’t believe it. And I pray things don’t get to that point.

  • RJ

    Thing is, NO ONE has gone 30 days without food. NO ONE has gone more than 4 days without food, in the worst-case scenario.

    Order is finally being restored to the city. MREs and bottled water are ready to be handed out by the National Guard.

    Anyone devouring the flesh of another human being in such a short period of time needs to be shot…

  • The people saying that people can live for a month without food and that people wouldn’t be eating corpses after only three days don’t know what they’re talking about.

    You can’t expect a corpse to last for a month in the hot Louisana weather, with no refrigeration. If they are going to eat the corpses, they have to eat them now before they get too rotten. To demand that people must wait a month before eating any corpses is totally wrong-headed. There’s no point eating corpses at all if you’re going to wait a month!

  • Compassionate american

    Fuck of you racist agenda having asshole satanic fuck. These human beings deserve to have some of their dignity preserved and not to have rumor mongors like you increasing the horrific press they have been receiving. Fuck you and anyone else that does this kind of sick twisted bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Compassionate, he was pointing out that someone else is a rumormongering idiot. It’s not RJ.


  • OMG, I assume that link was from some sort of white supremicist site. Then I follow it and it turns out to be a black lefties on HuffPo. Now I’m all confused…


  • Nunya

    Don’t forget that many of these people are voodoo-praciticing savages not so far removed from places like Haiti. As a matter of fact, that’s what the place looks like these days — Haiti or Mogadishu.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re eating each other down there. Hell, they have no compulsion about raping, robbing, and murdering each other or the people coming to help them. Why should we NOT believe them capable of cannibalism.

    Savages. Utter savages. And now they’ll be unleashed on other towns throughout this country.

    Just lovely.

  • Give me a fucking break, you ignorant, racist nitwit. Voodoo isn’t a religion of cannibalism or for savages. It makes a hell of a lot more sense than fundamentalist Christianity.


  • Oh Christ. The Santeria, Voodooites and Cannibals have been released into the American mainstream. There must be a prediction about this in the Good Book. Anyone check Revelations to see if the seven headed beast is a Democrat, Santerian, Voodoo, Roman Catholic, Wiccan, Lesbian, Liberal Priestess? Perhaps the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Nagin, Governor Blanco and Hillary Clinton. Three out of four must be female because it was Eve that screwed it up for mankind when she gave Adam the forbidden fruit. (And all this time I thought Al Barger was the forbidden fruit.)

  • If people are now complaing about the taste of MREs, I highly doubt they were just forking right into bloated street corpses for lunch before that. The sickest part, besides being wrong, is that moron had to specify theat black people were the ones doing it. Pathetic. Give me a break.

  • I’m afraid nothing the rabid left says surprises me anymore.

    And as long as the sane left does nothing to debunk it…

    Condi in 2008. Get used to it.

  • “It is much more likely that they have been compelled to drink filthy water than break one of the most powerful taboos in our culture.”

    But by our people you mean White people, right?

  • littlejack

    Neighbor Etouffee?
    I doubt it.

  • Going four days without food is relatively easy by the way. Fun when it’s not your choice? Absolutely not.

    This stuff is nuts.

    Thank you for having a link RJ.

  • Tom Jefferson

    I think the cannibalism claims are true. Emeril’s is closed; however, I understand that if one uses his seasonings, the flesh develops a piquant, yummy flavor that rivals the best flank steak.

  • Bam!

  • For that “joke” Nat you get … familiarity

    Bad Nat. Bad Nat 🙂

    I think inside these last few days I’m laughing and crying and I’m in denial of both.

    – Temple

  • Everyone tastes better barbequed.


  • I’ll take it from you, Temple. Couldn’t resist a joke there. So fucking tired of being miserable, and then Rehnquist croaks, and misery returns.

  • With a little patience, they could all be pickled — Cajunkraut, anyone?

  • Primo

    You claim to say that this stuff came from a left wing website. I bet you 1 to 100,000 that Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush crew are behind this. They’ve already staged tons of BS in the media to make New Orleans blacks look like animals to further their neo-con (neo-nazi?) agenda.

  • Nah — I have it on good authority that Karl is a white-bread-and-mayo kinda guy. Not into pickled Cajun at all. (Jerked Cajun maybe…)

  • I’ve heard that Karl does like manflesh, though.


  • nunya

    Voodoo isn’t a religion for savages?


    That’s so fucking funny I’m gonna go sacrifice a chicken to the zombie god.

    Anyway, pals, this just goes to show that you can take the (nunya is a racist) out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the (nunya is a racist).

    Too bad all those people could have had food, water, and relief a lot earlier if roving gangs of crackheads and thugs hadn’t kept opening fire on the rescuers.

  • If you check the link, you see that the author has retracted that statement.

    UPDATE: The claim in the first sentence in my post was incorrect. I had been told this was happening, but these claims have turned out to be unsubstantiated. I therefore retract them — but stand behind everything else I wrote without reservation.

    Yet, most likely, this statement will go on to a new life as an urban legend.

    This, in fact, is one of the problems of blogs and the Internet. Did the author check the source or did the author just go for a sensational one-liner?

    The author is credited as: “Randall Robinson is a social justice advocate and author whose works include The Debt — What America Owes to Blacks.

    Unfortunately this one line discredits to much more than the essay in question.

  • fredko

    They hang meat in third world countries in fly infested street markets. And then humans buy the meat, cook it and eat it. Horse cuisine is common in Europe. Live bugs, live monkey brain and other disgusting nourishment are common in Asia. Point is, food is cultural.

    Eatin’ yer fellooo man or wuhman iz jest uhnuther eyetim on da menyew….

  • HumptyDumpty

    The author has retracted his cannibalism statement.

  • hrm….

    yep – food is definatly cultural…

    however, most cultures find canabalism repungnant – I know for a fact that there is enough food (canned, dried, or in jars) in the Swamp to last people several weeks now, especially since there are a lot less people in that area now.

    children’s corpses = babyback ribs?

  • I remember having a waiter offer Hunan baby-back ribs once — we all burst out laughing, since we thought he’d said, “HUMAN baby back ribs.”

  • Leon

    After four days, I really couldn’t help myself; I needed some ribs! By the way…Cajun ribs taste like chicken..

  • Alfie

    Africans have been eating each other for thousands of years, and in some parts of Africa, it’s still going on, as is wholesale slavery, so it’s reasonable for the Author to presume that African Americans were simply reverting to their savage ways.

    Now you have a little taste of why Southern Slave owners were terrified of the idea of African’s being given equal rights.

    They weren’t just whistling “Dixie.”

  • Eric Olsen

    after one week, I can see the stark evidence that racism — in all directions — is still a tremendous problem in this country. You don’t see as much of it casually expressed on the surface anymore, but in any crisis situation, it is still the fallback position for an alarming number of people.

    Hey Alfie (among others) – how many of the Donner Party were black?

  • Jesus, Alfie. Cannibalism is characteristic of south american and polynesian cultures, but is notably absent from the African continent. If you’re going to be racist at least be accurate.

    And Eric – keep this in mind. Alfred E. Packer only ate democrats. I know it’s weird, but it’s true. The quote from his trial judge was “I’m one of three democrats in this county, and you just ate the other two of them”.


  • Eric Olsen

    classic Dave!

  • Sunny

    Fuck all you people who say that youre not surprised this is happening…how are you not surprised..are you that racist that you think blacks would resort to shooting and killing for the hell of it in a time like this,,,especially against other blacks…it is because of dumbfucks like you we have a shithead running the country, and by the time his term is over, this country will not have any dignity anymore..

  • Like we have so much dignity right now, Sunny?

  • dave felty

    only comment….stupid nigers

  • steve

    I doubt that they have started eating each other. that is something kanye west would say. if not kanye west, al sharpton

  • watson

    I have spent a great deal of time combing the web and reading as many reponses to Randall Robinson’s post as possible and frankly I am appalled and deeply saddened. Perhaps I live in a sheltered universe, but I had no idea that such overt, rampant racism and cultural ignorance persisted.

    What is incredibly frustrating to me is that this cultural ignorance is manifesting itself through accusations. Accusing people of savagery, accusing others of race-baiting etc. This does nothing to help the situation. It does not really matter whether or not Randall Robinson’s post was true, because he succeeded in drawing attention to the seedy underbelly of American society. His hyperbolic statement drew out so much latent racism and blame that I am astonished.

    Cannibalism is obviously not to be condoned, but contrary to the opinion of many of Mr. Robinson’s readers, it is not a definitive element of savagery. To state that cannibalism is “characteristic” to any culture is a ridiculous assertion. There has been a great deal of scholarly research which demonstrates that, although cannibalism has occurred in nearly every society, the “sources” which reveal it are highly questionable. No act of cannibalism as EVER been witnessed or recorded by a reputable source. Please take the time to read up on cannibalism before attributing it to a culture (or a continent). Obviously, I am not defending cannibalism, but I am making a claim for cultural relativism and sensitivity.

  • john

    its a year later, and crackers still hate us. and nobody in the hood eats people. cmon now…we ARE human

  • Nancy

    I once had an anthropology professor who claimed he’d dined on human flesh; said it tasted just like chicken, but with a texture like pork. How depressing to think everything tastes like chicken.

  • Jose Disliker

    Katrina is the 7th worst disaster in US history. A bunch of unprepared and incompetent blacks made it worse than it needed to be. No one bombed the levees, no one was out to kill negroids. You people are race obsessed and SICK.

  • Jose Disliker

    “No act of cannibalism as EVER been witnessed or recorded by a reputable source. Please take the time to read up on cannibalism before attributing it to a culture (or a continent). Obviously, I am not defending cannibalism, but I am making a claim for cultural relativism and sensitivity.”

    Utter nonsense. Cannibalistic rituals have been featured in documents [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].