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Cannibal Corpse is top-selling death metal band

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From Blabbermouth.net

    Although the SoundScan numbers are generally indicative of the bands’ overall popularity, they are misleading in the sense that many of the veteran death metal groups’ early efforts were issued prior to the start of the SoundScan era (May 25, 1991).

    The following are the total sales figures for several of the genre’s forerunners, according to Nielsen SoundScan (all numbers include any DVD and VHS releases, where applicable):

    CANNIBAL CORPSE: 558,929
    DEICIDE: 481,131
    MORBID ANGEL: 445,147
    SIX FEET UNDER: 370,660
    OBITUARY: 368,616
    DEATH: 368,184
    NAPALM DEATH: 367,654
    CARCASS: 220,734
    ENTOMBED: 198,764

    The top-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era are as follows:

    MORBID ANGEL – “Covenant” (1993): 127,154
    DEICIDE – “Deicide” (1990): 110,719*
    DEICIDE – “Legion” (1992): 103,544
    OBITUARY – “The End Complete” (1992): 103,378
    CANNIBAL CORPSE – “The Bleeding” (1994): 98,319

No big shocks, although Soundscan is probably not the best way to measure the sales of these bands. Most death metal albums don’t get sold through large chain stores, so many of sales won’t show up on the Soundscan charts. Plus, it only takes into account American sales. I know for a fact that both Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death have worldwide sales of over a million each. I’ve also been told that Morbid Angel’s Covenant and Domination albums have sold about 250,000 copies a piece. Also, I’ve often heard that Obituary’s The End Complete is the top selling death metal album of all time, but I’m not sure if that was supposed to be worldwide or strictly in America. Still, considering that these bands don’t exatcly play the most, uh, commercial music, their sales are pretty impressive.

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  • DMfan

    I think Hypocrisy might be the best selling death metal band in Europe. They sold tons of albums

  • bizona

    I’d take Suffocation and old Cryptopsy over just about every band listed there. I do love me some Death, though.

  • bizona

    @zs (#34)

    So Cannibal Corpse is one “of the best” while Death is one-dimensional? Are you sure you’re not confusing the two? lol

  • Mr. H.

    The bands listed are actually all my Death Metal favorites! Unbelievable. Barnes rules.

  • jasan

    Six feet under kill these other bands. They are great also. Just not quite as great

  • zs


  • zs

    Cannibal Corpse and Deicide are two of the best SFU is okay,Barnes has pretty much lost His famous DEATH GROWL and sounds more like he is having an asthma attack.DEATH are good but thier music is sort of one demensional.

  • Mikey

    I heard Entombed’s Wolverine Blues album sold one million copies worldwide. Death and Possessed should be on that list but a lot of people have bad taste. By the way best Death album is Leprosy, then Scream Bloody Gore the “experimental” stuff that followed was not as groundbreaking, back in the 80’s that was pushing it as far as it could go and it was treading new ground. by the early 90’s there was lots of other experimental stuff (Carcass anyone)

  • winston Rivas

    cannibal corpse is more than 10X platinum around the world..

  • luke

    Sucks as six feet under is on the list as there are so many death metal bands superior to them.

  • tuiop

    Cannibal Corpse overrated? Bands are popular for a reason! Couse they dont suck!! One dude said they have a boring repetitive style!? LMAO!! Death, Six Feet Under and Obituary are the boring ones! They all sound alike especially Six Feet Under and Obituary! Cannibal Corpse is one of only very few bands that have there own style! Especially in Death metal!! Every death band band i hear all sound the same because of the drumming! every damn bands drummer is just seizuring there hand over the snare!!

  • nngnn

    cannibal corpse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hggh

    Lmfao. Deathcore all the way. Cannibal Corpse is overrated

  • TheSoundofPerseverance

    Death really deserves to outsell most bands. Start buying Death albums! Carcass and Morbid Angel are quite legendary as well. Cannibal Corpse is NONSENSE and does not deserve to sell more albums than Death. No wonder death metal has a bad reputation.

  • Dan


    You’re retarded. In Flames, Sepultura, Morbid Ange, Rainbow, Sleep, Anata, and Gorguts aren’t all the same genre. Theres a reason there are sub-genres.

  • Chirag

    Six Feet Under is recognized just because of Barnes’ presence.
    nothing special about their music.

  • Hello

    Everything is metal. No more technical melodic progressive bullshit, please. Death deserves to be at the top. RIP CHUCK SCHULDINER.

  • Bill

    Deicide is the greatest album ever made


    DEATH sold 2 millions worldwide

  • Findlay

    I rate Morbid Angel as top amongst those bands listed.
    I don’t understand sub-genres though, there is a fine line between these metal sub-genres, I’m more of a thrash fan at heart, but still love my death metal.
    All due respect to all the others on this list.
    \m/ \m/

  • Josh

    I agree with Lauren too, especially since she’s my girlfriend and Death is both our favorite death metal band of all-time. They deserve to be up at the top, because they are the best.

  • I love death. Especially Symbolic, Spiritual Healing, Human, and Individual Thought Patterns!

  • I thought that Death would be at least 2 or 3, but not at 6. What happened? No matter. Death is the technical death band on this list. I thought they would count Human? That is a very good album. Rest in Peace, Chuck!

  • John

    I completely agree with you Lauren (#15).

  • Lauren

    Death should be at the top of this list. Morbid Angel and Obituary are also really awesome, but Death is just completely amazing, best death metal band. R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner.

  • I can’t say I’m surprised by any of these bands, even Six Feet Under. I wonder what the numbers would look like now – but I suspect the longest lasting bands are still top in terms of sales.

  • Magic

    It is a shame that Death sold less then any of these “top” bands… No metal bands can compare their music to masterpieces Chuck Shuldiner created…How you can even compare Cannibal Corpse boring and repeated style to melodic and technical Death?

  • ryan

    they are all go death metal bands and six feet under doesn’t just have one good ablum all of them are good just as good as cannibal corpse and deicide they are all good bands.

  • ryan

    they are all go death metal bands and six feet under does just have one good ablum of of them are good just as good as cannibal corpse and deicide they are all good bands.

  • victor

    wat bout the melodic death metal bands like inflames and children of bodom?????????

  • I find their popularity inexplicable as well. I think they had one halfway decent album (Maximimum Violence, and then a lot of material that was either mediocre or just plain awful.

  • mat

    I can’t believe Six Feet Under are up there, I thought they were very ordinary and just rolling on Barnes’ name. NOt impressed by any of their albums, more like Obituary already been there done that.

  • Eric Olsen

    and mix it with Faygo to make … mud!

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks TD, we will whip this site into Precise Modern Lovers shape eventually!

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    Eric/Phillip — the PHP function to deal with this is wordwrap()

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