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Canine Halloween

For those of you who prefer the “awww!” factor of Halloween to its creepier, scarier aspects, I present my dachshund Anezka, the witch:

(click here)

Dressing up your dog at Halloween is one way to get back at them for all the “treats” they left on your rug over the past year, and a guaranteed way to amuse the neighbors. (Or cause them to eye your recycling bins for excess liquor bottles!)

Small dogs, like mine, are best: so many possibilities! Ladybug, crocodile, bumblebee… pimp.

Perhaps the pug from Men in Black is more your dog’s style? In any event, your best friend will be there tomorrow to “help” you with all that candy, so you might as well collect it in style.

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  • Doug

    Great post I will be dressing up my dog this year!