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Candlelit Elvis Presley Vigil and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Thousands of fans to attend Elvis Presley vigil

Thousands of Elvis Presley fans will be attending a candlelit vigil today in rememberance of the 30th anniversary of Presley's death. The vigil is taking place at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Since 8:30 PM last night fans have been walking to the singer's grave and holding a candle to pay their respects. It is estimated that around 75,000 will make the trek to pay their respects this week. The vigil is the centerpiece of what is being called "Elvis Week".

New tool exposes anonymous wikipedia edits

A new tool developed by Virgil Griffith called Wikipedia Scanner allows users to trace the IP addresses of people who have made edits in Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia allows anyone to edit it, but it keeps detailed logs of all the changes that have been made. The scanner has traced some edits in encyclopedia to large companies that appear to have changed damaging content. Some of the changes that have been traced back to large companies have included changes made by Wal-Mart, Diebold Inc. and the British Broadcasting Company as well as the Vatican. Griffith says he has created the tool to make public relations disasters. He has also said that it is impossible to say whether the changes were made by someone at the organizations or if they were just made by people who had access to the organization's network.

Jimmy Eat World unveils track listing

Jimmy Eat World has unveiled the track listing for their upcoming album. The album titled Chase This light will contain eleven tracks including songs called "Big Casino", "Let It Happen", "Dizzy", Chase This Light" and "Carry You". The album will hit stores on October 16th and is being released by Interscope Records.

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