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Canadians go to the Polls in one of the Closest Elections Ever

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Oh CanadaLike their American cousins, Canadians are poised to partake in what looks like one of the closest elections ever.Paul Martin Wins!

All bets are on the newly formed Conservative Party (aka Reform/Alliance) with a minority government. Will that mark the end of Paul Martin’s political career? NOT likely. Some say he may resign if he is ousted from his short-stint as Prime Minister.

I say the man is too ambitious, too arrogant to fade away so quickly. Already there are rumblings of an alliance with the NDP, and you can bet he will be looking for an opportunity to bring down the Conservatives with a vote of non-confidence.

Harper losesWill Harper and the Conservatives be able to build a likewise coalition? Not likely from what I know of him personally, and if he is still as arrogant as I remember. And besides, his policies are so vastly different from the Liberals and NDP I doubt that could ever happen.

And what about the Bloc separatists? Now that would certainly make strange bedfellows. Western separatists (aka Reform) and Quebec separatists working together? Given their bitter rivalry, that would usher in a NEW Canada indeed!

The wagons have encircled Ottawa so let the games begin! Should be exciting to watch how it all unfolds… Blog Bloke

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  • Thanks to the advance poll, I’d almost forgot about this (but the problem is that my local poll was in an old folks home, and they just didn’t make any sort of effort to make the polling station more than “when you wind up in an old folks home, this is will what it will be like”). Cardboard, pencils, snoozing old people.
    And shuddering horror.

  • Update: Liberals win a minority government.

  • What is really funny is that the BQ took Cretin’s old seat.

  • A low-voter turnout could be the reason. No party alone has the balance of power. A Conservative and NDP alliance is one short of a majority government and must work with the Bloc separatists, with one solitary independent who could hold the keys to the kingdom.

    Minority governments can be good. It will keep Paul Martin and the arrogant Liberals humble. This is a government that will have to be inclusive and work together on consensus – and that is a good thing.

    Next time around I predict the Conservatives will win a majority. By then there should be enough distance between them and their radical Reform roots. That is of course providing that they can stay out of trouble between now and then.

    The Bloc separatists and NDP will have a lot of clout in the new government so it should be very interesting. There will be a lot of changing alliances, flip-flopping all over the place depending on the issues. I’m looking forward to it because the last decade under Chretien was BORING to say the least.