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Canadian Politics: A Star is Born

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If there was a Canadian Political Idol who would win? In the USA Obama would possibly be a Slamma, but what about this great big land of tundra?

Manufacturing political stars would be a ratings winner. Instead of having contestants sing you have them talk about their political platforms. Crazy you say? Crazy like a Tasmanian Devil.

Contestant: "I pledge to eradicate debt and erase poverty; to ease social tensions and to ebulliently open dialogue with people. It's time for a change. Again and Aagain."

Simon: How utterly boring and predictable. That was the worse performance I have ever heard."

My pick would be Justin "Beau" Trudeau. He's perfect. He has no real political experience. But what he lacks in credibility he makes up for in his lineage. His legitimacy lies directly with the fact that his father is – Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Alas, as much as I liked the famed pirouetting PM for putting Canada on the international map, I must confess I was not entirely enamoured with his appreciation for the likes of Fidel Castro and Mao Zedong.

It won't be hard for the Liberals to sell the hype. The Liberals are experts at repackaging and selling at a discount. It's the making of a media darling and the media will eat it up like Jaba the Hut ate Jawas.* He'll be like the Shirley Temple of Canadian politics. They may very well invent a drink after him.

Ironically, Trudeau's rise has made me appreciate Quebec's Action Democratique leader Mario Dumont more – recent comments notwithstanding. Dumont created a political party from scratch. He has hung in there to the point of having seats in Quebec's National Assembly. Who knows? Maybe he'll be elected to power one day. Which brings me to another ironic realization, if the ADQ survive, Quebecers will have three parties to choose between. That's one more than what Federal politics can offer.**

Following Justin's moving speech during his father's funeral a few years back, the country buzzed over his good looks and articulate wit. As I remarked to my wife at the time, "And a political star is born." Snap, snap. Just like that. 30 seconds in the microwave and the Liberals have someone to help out their sorry butts. Excuse me if I am not buying this finished product.

Nor am I convinced he has more astute sense than his brother. Alexandre's sophomoric soliloquy revealing his reverence for Castro (he compared him to Superman or something) a couple of years ago was something right out of South Park. How pampered socialism passes off as progressive thinking is anybody's guess.

If the Trudeau boys are the future of this country I would suggest you take one Ronald Reagan's advice and sell your bonds. For some, it may just be enough to vote Conservative out of spite.

There you have it. Justin and Obama on the rise together. Hillary can join in and make it a threesome. The future looks good for North America. Don't forget to call and vote for your favorite politician.

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  • Better Justin Trudeau than Ben Mulrooney. Something about it him just makes me want to punch him… although I felt the same about his dad.

  • heh

  • A Canadian

    Justin Trudeau is in the process of obtaining political experience in order to become a great member of Parliament. Do you know what this man has done? He’s participated actively in an amazing youth program called Katimavik, spent his life promoting the preservation of the Canadian environment and wildlife, promotes avalanche safety, and much more.
    I don’t know if anyone else part of the Canadian government who has done so much by the age of 35.

    Must Justin Trudeau be criticized only because he is the son of a previous Prime Minister?

  • Anonymous

    Alright, Justin Trudeau has done so much. For one, he cares about the environment and the future generation. Give him some time to gain experience. Just because he is Pierre Trudeau’s son doesn’t mean that he has to use his father’s name as a back up. He could do just as good of a job. Why put forth your criticisms so early? What’s wrong with his father making friends with other political leaders? It’s a great way to strengthen relationships between countries. We’re all in this world together. Why can’t we unite?
    And also, Canada is most definitely NOT a big land of tundra.