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Canadian Christmas Specials, eh

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Now that we’ve creeped into December, teevee has decided to just pack it in for the month. Instead, we get “Christmas Specials” or “Holiday Specials”, and the usual crap on teevee recycles either Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” or “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Most of these Specials are “special” like the “Special Olympics”. This week in Canada, we get a bi-coastal dose, at least one of which promises to be special.

On Monday, we get “A Beachcombers Christmas“, which, since most of the original stars of the series are dead, stars an original hoser, Dave Thomas, and gives one of the few survivors, Jackson Davies, lead billing. Something to do with Christmas, Molly’s Reach and hockey in B.C. If they include Relic’s jet-boat, this might be interesting (or the ghost of Relic, playing hockey in his jet-boat).

The other is “The Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special“. Filmed in Halifax, this is a prequel to the Trailer Park Boys epic. Set in 1997, Ricky finds himself unexpectedly released from jail for Christmas, which pisses him off, because Christmas in jail is more fun than Sunnyvale Trailer Park. And then he finds out he can’t expect Santa to deliver presents to his family. And then Mr. Lahey gets into the Christmas spirits and meets an elf named Randy. Of course hijinks ensue, what are ya, stunned? Apparently in the States, where this is aired on BBC America, the show dialogue just consists of –beeeepppp–.

Bubbles has an exclusive interview at their site:

Is there a Sunnyvale holiday tradition that you like?

I like smokin’ Ricky’s Christmas weed. Ricky usually grows Christmas weed and sometimes I put red and green food colouring on it to make it a nice colour and then we smoke it. That’s always fun.

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