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Canada’s Music Station

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It started with a lowly music station here in Toronto during the 1950s. The Canadian radio station CHUM, started on the AM dial and was soon reformatted to become a 24-hour Top 40 radio station (Canada’s first). During the 60s they started acquiring other radio stations including their 104.5 on the FM dial which started out as a classical music station and was changed to a progressive rock station.

During the 70s CHUM began acquiring television stations including Citytv (Canada’s first commercial UHF station)

CHUM radio stations launched their television counterpart called MuchMusic on August 31, 1984. Canada’s first 24-hour specialty music station which today is in seen over 120 countries. Two years after MuchMusic was launched, CHUM began the French counterpart, MusiquePlus (in 1988, it went 24 hours as well). The 80’s also saw the launch of MuchMoreMusic which plays retro, had interviews, etc.

Not only does MuchMusic have great stations, they have been known to work hard in the business of promoting great Canadian artists. They have always showcased and put special emphasis on up and coming Canadian bands and have given them a great medium to be able to show their talents. Canada Rocks

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  • Temple Stark

    The Canadian radio station CHUM, started on the AM dial and was soon reformatted to become a 34-hour Top 40 radio station.

    … to 24-hour. If that’s wrong and you were attempting humor of some kind let me know. 🙂

  • Thanks for the nostalgia. I remember as a kid in the 60’s listening to 1050 chum am in the backyard on a tinny transistor radio. “If You Want It Here It Is” etc.

    Chum fm was the first serious rock and roll station I ever heard. It made a good atempt to emulate the stations out of San Fransisco and play none top 40 rock and roll.

    I would like to make a correction, and I think I’m right in this, It was Moses Znaimer(silent Z) who founded City and Much Music as independant stations. It wasn’t until well after they were established that Chum came on the scene and bought him out.

    The Chum Media group now owns massive amounts of radio and tv outlets across Canada, making them one of the bigest mass media conglomerants in the country. Almost every small market city has a Chum radio group station of some format or another.

    They’ve come along way from the station at the top of the Yonge St. hill with the big sign south of St. Clair ave.