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Canada: Downloading Paradise

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For those of you who think Canada is nothing but a great white wasteland, I beg to differ. They have everything we have except 90% of the people are missing, and you can legally download music from the Internet:

    Downloading copyrighted music from peer-to-peer networks is legal in Canada, although uploading files is not, Canadian copyright regulators said in a ruling released Friday.

    In the same decision, the Copyright Board of Canada imposed a government fee of as much as $25 on iPod-like MP3 players, putting the devices in the same category as audio tapes and blank CDs. The money collected from levies on “recording mediums” goes into a fund to pay musicians and songwriters for revenues lost from consumers’ personal copying. Manufacturers are responsible for paying the fees and often pass the cost on to consumers.

    The peer-to-peer component of the decision was prompted by questions from consumer and entertainment groups about ambiguous elements of Canadian law. Previously, most analysts had said uploading was illegal but that downloading for personal use might be allowed.

    “As far as computer hard drives are concerned, we say that for the time being, it is still legal,” said Claude Majeau, secretary general of the Copyright Board. [CNET]

Right on, Claude. I expect an immigration from the U.S. like none since the Vietnam War, although they will still buy their iPods in the U.S. of A.

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  • Jonathan

    It’s fun to be up here, too.

  • I’m not sure what exactly the Canadian courts are trying to say here. It’s ok to download and not ok to upload? Isn’t that pretty much the same thing as here in the US already?

    All the lawsuits the RIAA has brought have been against people who were sharing files, not *only* downloading them, right?

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong here.

  • BB

    I’m lovin it! Have you hugged a Canadian lately? For a slight nominal fee…

  • Eric Olsen

    TD, while downloaders haven’t been sued, that’s not a matter of law, just practicality. There seems to be general agreement that downloading copies of unauthorized files tht you don’t already own a copy of legitimately is illegal in the US. It just makes more sense to go after the source of the content, for now.