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Can You Trust the Government to Do the Right Thing?

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We, and I include myself, tend to believe in our elected officials to “do the right thing.” We put our “trust in them.” In many cases this blind trust has simply proved wrong. Let me give you some examples.

Our foreign policy. We have none. The only foreign policy we seem to follow is one that kills thousands of Americans for no reason whatsoever. We supported the Shah of Iran. What for? He was chased out of Iran and is dead now and Iran is our mortal enemy with nuclear weapons or soon to have them!

We lost 54,246 Americans in Korea. What for. We still have troops stationed on the border between North & South Korea and North Korea is still our mortal enemy, except now they also have nuclear weapons.

We lost 58,177 Americans in Vietnam. What for? What did we gain? The munitions makers and military suppliers made billions. The coffin makers and American flag makers also got rich. What was the final outcome? American Airlines is now flying non-stop to Hanoi and American companies are setting up manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. Vietnam will become the new Japan, right after China!

We supported Marcos in the Philippines while he robbed his people blind. We even sent a plane to pick him up when the Filipinos were about to string him up! What did that plane carry besides Marcos. His wife’s shoe collection and GOLD, lots of gold that belonged to the people of the Philippines.

We supported Manuel Noriega in Panama until we finally decided he was a drug dealer and took him out.

We listen to Congress and the President tell us how they are going to fix Social Security for us. It would not need fixing except for the fact they screwed it up and robbed the Social Security Trust Fund. But why should Congress care anyway? They don’t pay into Social Security. They have their own pension plan. Social Security isn’t good enough for them, just us peons. An example is Fritz Hollings of South Carolina, who just retired from the Senate with an annual pension of $124,000 or $10,333 per month. How does that compare with your $1500 per month Social Security check. Oh, you don’t even get $1500? Sorry.

The President just today (12/22/04) says the risk of importing medicine from Canada is too high. According to the Administration and Tommy Thompson, the Secretary of Health & Human Resources, we will have to spend $3 billion dollars to make sure that drugs from Canada are safe to import into the US. I buy my drugs from Canada. They say Pfizer or Merck on the box. I haven’t died from them or gotten sick from them. Look at this from Pfizer’s own web site: “Worldwide, we have 20,000 colleagues at major manufacturing sites located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.” The Middle East? Aren’t they Arab or Muslim countries? Do you want them making YOUR medicine? So, are all those drugs being manufactured in the Middle East, Africa or Latin America safer than those drugs coming in from Canada? Are the drugs manufactured by Pfizer in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America staying in those countries or are they being imported to the US by Pfizer? The real truth, as I see it, is that the Administration is protecting the drug companies profits and will help them to keep drugs from being imported from Canada or anyone else!

What about illegal immigration? Name one person you know, besides your congressperson or the president, that is in favor of (a) illegal immigrants coming into the US (b) giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses (c) giving illegal immigrants welfare (d) giving illegal immigrants free medical care (e) giving illegal immigrants reduced college tuition (f) allowing the children of illegal immigrants born in the US to automatically become United States citizens (g) allowing illegal immigrants to vote without showing proof of US citizenship (h) not requiring illegal immigrants as well as all immigrants to speak ENGLISH and to require all signs on businesses to be in ENGLISH. In case you have not noticed certain parts of our cities, such as Los Angeles now resemble Tijuana or Mexico City.

In case you are still thinking that you can always trust your government let me point out one other thing that our wonderful government did that costs us Billions and Possibly Trillions of Dollars. We lost 413,000 Americans in WW II. I cannot give you a breakdown of how many died in Europe or Africa fighting the Nazis, but lets assume it was about 1/2 of the total or about 200,000. We all know what Hitler & the Nazis did. They should have all been shot or hung. But our Government in all it’s great Wisdom hired these thugs and murderers and used them to develop our space program or to spy on the Russians.

There was a Nazi general named Reinhard Gehlen who we brought to America in 1945 or 1946 and then sent back to Germany to hire and train hundreds of Germans, most of whom turned out to be Nazis. One of them was Klaus Barbie. Klaus Barbie, nicknamed the ‘butcher of Lyon,’ was responsible for the torture and death of thousands of people and was a wanted man in France. With the aid of the Americans he fled in 1950 and relocated to South America together with his wife and children. He lived in Bolivia as a businessman under the name Klaus Altmann. Though he was identified in Bolivia at least as early as 1971 by the Nazi hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, it was only in February 1983 that the Bolivian government after long negotiations extradited him to France. On July 3, 1987, he was finally arrested, tried in a French court and sentenced to life imprisonment. He died of cancer in prison on September 25, 1991. This caused the U.S. to offer a formal apology to France in August 1983.

Now how did this cost the US billions or possibly trillions of dollars? These Nazi spies who were on the US payroll and were supposed to be spying on the New Great Satan – the Soviet Union – had an agenda of their own. They fed false information to the West about the Soviets gearing up to invade Western Europe and possibly the United States itself. So what did we do? The Great Industrial Military Buildup was put in gear. Defense spending took a huge portion of our budget and the great Soviet Fear was thrust upon us. They called it “The Cold War.”

How do I know all this? Because in 1998 Congress did something good. They passed the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act. Due to this Act, eight million pages of documents kept secret by the US Government, the FBI, the Army, the CIA, the State Department and other US government agencies since the end of WW II were released and historians Richard Breitman, Norman J.W. Goda, Timothy Naftali, and Robert Wolfe spent six years reading the documents and wrote a book entitled “U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis” exposing the truth of what our government hid for 52 years! The book was published in May 2004, so really these secrets were kept from us 58 years not 52!

Speaking of secrets did you ever notice how a President in say 1985, will issue an order that says something like “In the Interest of National Security I hereby declare these Documents to be sealed and kept out of public view until the year 2080.” What he is really saying is that he and all of his cronies will be dead by then and it won’t make a damn bit of difference what we, the American People, see then! We will all be dead by then too and they figure no one will ever give a damn about what they did 80 to 100 years earlier!

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  • Nancy

    In any given situation, especially those involving ethics or morals, you can count on elected officials to do whatever is in their own best interests, and no more. If you DO still think they look after the best interests of the public at this point in your life, you really, really need to have your Prozac or Zoloft adjusted.

  • Maurice

    Geez Bob, you are all over the map. Your premise that we can’t trust politicians is right on the mark. Most politicians began their careers as lawyers. This is the root of the problem. If engineers were to take the reins from the lawyers we would have much better laws and policies. Engineers are typically quiet guys that like to solve problems. Also the ego to intelligence ratio is much better with engineers as opposed to lawyers.

  • Nancy

    Yes, but we have Frist in there as well. If you can’t trust a doctor…and yet he proved he was as clay-footed and self-serving as any lawyer w/the Schiavo thing and that idiotic video diagnosis – and then trying to lie and deny he hadn’t said what he got caught on tape saying! How stupid can anyone be? Do they seriously think the media doesn’t get all this stuff down on videotape?

  • Maurice

    I said engineers not doctors. Howard Dean is a doctor. Engineers are good listeners. Doctors always have the talk button pushed – they can transmit but not receive. There are too many gigantic egos in politics.


    Is there anywhere that lists the previous occupations of our current body of Congress? It seems like many of them were lawyers befoer being elected.

  • JR

    Well if we’re going to generalize, we should remember that engineers have poor people skills and are incapable of creative thought. They’re like the computer simulation of a physical scientist.

  • Bill

    Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors. What difference does it make. As long our representatives continue to becoming career politicians when they are elected, nothing is going to change. We need to get back to the idea of sending your neighbor to Washington for 2 years. When our representatives doesn’t have a career to worry we can come back to trusting them. Until then we must be vigilant.

  • JR

    Career politicians, self-serving businessmen, religious nuts, well-meaning fools; as long as our representatives are human, nothing is going to change. We must be vigilant.


    I’d add hold each one of them accountable as well.

  • Marcia

    I think you guys are missing the point. Bob was talking about Foreign Policy – or the lack of it – not engineers verses lawyers. He is right on in his analysis which has been verified this week again by President Bush meeting with the prime minister of Vietnam and suggesting they be admitted to the World Trade Organization. No nation can survive in a vacuum or in isolation from the rest of the world. They must sell their raw materials, agricultural products etc. and create jobs and a viable economy for their people. They can only go so long before they realize this and their people revolt or their country becomes even worse off with poverty and disease. We could have achieved the same result of bringing Vietnam into the WTO or in other words into modern society by waiting 30 years and saving the lives of 55,000 US Military men & women and countless others.


    Marcia, your conclusion is way off.

    As for Bob, his post was so hyperbolic and disjointed, it’s hard to grasp any one piece to examine without feeling like 10 other points need to be addressed.

  • In Response to #11 saying my post was hyperbolic and disjointed it may well be. I did not set out to write an essay for a grade in some college class. My stated purpose was to point out examples of why we have no consistent foreign policy and why many of the actions we took in the past turned out to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of young American lives. Men and women who wanted to live and prosper in the country of their birth, America, but who instead died on some foreign battlefield because of the actions or inactions of other men, politicians, who thought they knew more than any other men. Why don’t you ask the families of those that died in Korea or Vietnam how they feel today, based upon todays relationships with North Korea and Vietnam!

    I’m sorry that I did not stick to one point so you could critique my post and grade it from the perspective of an English Exam. But that is not my style. I tend to be pragmatic and write about the facts, and not for style.

  • Scott Barkley

    You are right on the mark Bob. Career Politicians, which means the vast majority of them, are one of the biggest hurdles towards the advancement of our country and ITS people. Until we have term limits and a benfits package for politicians that mirrors the peoples’, politicians will only do what is in their best interests financially and in the best interest of their maintenance and/or advancement of position in government. I don’t blame them though, they are simply using what we the people allow. It is our fault for allowing it to continue and get worse every year.
    In my opinion, the Constiution and all of the nuances in it that give power to the PEOPLE should be a required course for every Senior in every high school in the Nation. The document grants us the power to change the BS, there just are not enough citizens of this once great country who know what is there. The governmental status quo depends upon the ingnorance of our people. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
    Anyway, thanks for the words. Sorry it took me so long to find it and I wish more people would.