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Can You Blog from Your Mobile Phone?

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I have been wondering how easy it would be to blog an article from a completely mobile source. You can carry your tablet around with you of course and when you are posting something you can preview your work quite well with a 7 to 10 inch display – but the minimal screen of a phone doesn’t allow for that perfect viewing pleasure of a big screen which, lets face it, most of us use. For the sake of this post I am going to be experimenting by making total use of a Samsung handset: a Galaxy S2.

Picture this. I am sitting in the open countryside trying to be all phylosophical about putting my words down with thought and precision but I am……oh hang on. I just received a text, won’t be a second…tick tick tick……I’m back.

Distractions aside I personally find it quite easy to write on a smartphone keyboard even in portrait mode so that important factor, which is the keyboard, is by no means a limitation. It takes some practice to be able to type properly on a smaller device but I would also suggest turning off “auto correct”—if you make a mistake you want to be able to see it straight away, not have your mistake disguised as a correctly spelt word that your software won’t pick up on.

I suppose the hardest way to work is blind and as big as smartphones are these days, in landscape mode with a keyboard active you can only see a couple to three lines of text. If like me you proofread everything on the fly it can be very difficult stringing a sentence together with the few lines you have scrolling ever upward.

Where was I—Ah! Here in the heart of rural Cheshire I have to keep stopping and starting my work. As the cotton wool clouds caress the bright blue sky, often catching the rays of the sun, I find I can write at length about the burgeoning technology and its usefulness in the modern blogger’s world—but then the cloud rolls by and the sun exposes itself and I can’t see a bloody thing. The glare from the screen makes it unusable to the point that I notice the parting in my hair isn’t quite right and my £500 dual core goliath has become nothing more than a very expensie vanity mirror.


OK, to answer the question posed by the title: Can you blog from your mobile? Well, yes and no.

Yes. Because you can put your thoughts down anytime and anywhere. You can think properly about what you want to say and work on the many eloquent ways that will give the reader the best mental imagery.

No, because……there’s that vibrating again….because screens on small devices can be quite limiting and smartphones have the added disadvantage of being of little use in sunlight.

I am writing this via WordPress for Android and barring the odd typo—not my typo but the auto correcting typo—you can flesh out your thoughts and develop your ideas. You can add to your day by utilizing one of these devices to better your grammar or think about something seriously and amend it to perfection before you submit it to your audience.

And while it is not quite there yet, there is the voice recognition system that, once perfected, will allow us all to speak our minds into our mobiles. Now there is an app for the future. Voice to WordPress. Let’s abbreviate it to VW.

Any takers?

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