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Can We Fix It? I Don’t Think So

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The Bob the Builder children’s show perplexes me. It’s not the talking construction equipment, I can handle the talking construction equipment. It’s not the fact that the talking construction equipment is, to a machine, whiny and bitches constantly, I mean you pretty much expect that from unionized workers, right? It’s not even the strange unrequited sort-of-love between Wendy and an obviously closeted Bob. What perplexes me most is the Pumpkinhead-looking character fondly dubbed “Spud.” He’s always looked more like an Onion to me, but that’s another story.

This Spud creature is our Antagonist, always hosing up the works by trying to help the others. It’s amazing how often his “help” resembles vandalism and sabotage. Yet when the talking construction equipment figures out it’s Spud causing the problem do they grind him to mashed potatoes under their massive treads? Do they commit him to the nearest mental institution for the lithium and restraint he so desperately needs? No, they do not. They instead laugh uncomfortably, tell each other how he’s misunderstood and just needs to feel accepted, then roll away to contemplate their moral superiority. Sounds like a certain league of nations whose name begins with an “E” and ends with a “U.”

So this creepy stop-motion animation show is teaching my children the following:

  • Whine about having to do a task or your job, this will get you attention and sympathy from your peers.
  • If someone does something wrong, don’t take them to task, you might damage their self-esteem. Fix it then never talk about it again.
  • Suppress your emotions and natural sexual proclivities and conform to the societal “norm.”

Okay, so maybe the kids won’t pick up on that last one. I think a little bit of Bob might be just what the Spud needs though. But that’s a different cartoon altogether.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Yes, but there’s no stopping a can-do attitude!

  • Mac

    Here’s a hint:

    Bob is British.

    I first suspected the show was a British import after the fifty-seventh “Brilliant!”

    The Bob the Builder website has multiple language versions. My three-year-old has taken to singing the German version of the theme song—though he claims it’s Spanish.

  • You know if you look at all of the violence now, just wait until all of these kids that have grown up on watching that purple dino, the talking tvs, and now these crazed machines. What do you expect? Them not go to crazy?

  • Joseph

    My almost 2 year old son has learned to be afraid due to the chicken scared of everything construction equipment on Bob The builder and his terrified friends.
    everytime a storm is approaching my son becomes afraid, this behavior started soon after he viewed a bob the builder video,
    He was fine during storms until the chickens on the kid scaring show taught him to be afraid of everything.
    Thanks Bob,maybe you would like to pay the therapy bill.
    I strongly reccomend not letting your kids view this show,it will teach them fear as well as how to whine and complain.