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Can the Release of the New iPad 3 Help Finance your Own iPad 2?

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With the recent release of the iPad 3, resale shops are piling full of iPad 2 models. The price of the iPad 2 is dropping rapidly and users are trying to get the highest return they can on their purchase, reportedly to fund the purchase of the newest model before the market value drops any further.

The Montreal Gazette, a company that purchases and resells electronic gadgets, reported a 500% increase in customers looking to sell their iPads back.

Bestbuy has reportedly lowered their prices by $50 just over a weekend. The Wi-fi-only model, is now retailing for as low as $450. After the release of the iPad 3 was projected for March of 2012, users began flooding the secondary resale markets, like ebay or local classifieds.

What features are making people rush to make this new purchase of their iPad 2? According to ipad2price the ipad2 is externally identical to the iPad 3.

In 2011, the iPad went from being a high-end toy for early adopters and technology junkies to integrating itself into mainstream use with a wide customer base. Market researchers say that while at first glance it appears that there are a lot of people returning their iPads, it is really just a small portion of an even larger consumer base. People are not returning the product because they are dissatisfied with its performance, but because they are enthusiastic about getting their hands on the next model. The market for the iPad has expanded so much that it is easy to mistake the huge flood of returns for low approval ratings, had it not come on the heels of the announcement of the iPad 3.

All the internal changes of the latest iPad could make a huge difference to gamers. The screen is high definition, and the unit features a faster graphics processing unit and a 1GB of data storage, almost twice that of the iPad 2, bringing the visual quality up to par with the HD quality of many TVs.

Portable gaming and watching movies, while not the iPads main use, have been greatly upgraded. The iPad 3 also features the same two cameras as the iPad 2, but with added features like image stabilization, autofocus and exposure adjustment. It also supports a couple of applications that the iPad 2 does not, like voice dictation. As a whole, the iPad 3 is not so much a general improvement on the iPad 2, but the extension of a few specialized ad-ons, which, for the most part, have more to do with entertainment than business application.

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