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Can Barack Obama Blame Bush Administration In 2010?

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In 2009 the Obama administration started to implement its plan for getting the economy going again, repairing foreign policy, and instituting change in government. A little over one year into his administration score cards are starting to be tabulated and they are not that bad. Will the Obama administration fare as well in 2010? The current debate on al Qaeda and Yemen will not go away anytime soon.

It's common for a new administration to receive a pass as they work on unwinding the policies and procedures of a previous administration in their first year. With 2010 beginning, many feel that the time for blaming the Bush administration for current problems is fast approaching an end. Republicans in Congress skipped waiting a year to blame the Obama administration for the economic problems, but public opinion is starting to catch up to the Republican game plan and some feel it will hit a high point during the next Congressional elections.

Unemployment figures are due out on Friday for December and the Obama administration will be watching closely to see whether it rises over the previous 10% rate. If it does this will put a damper on Democratic enthusiasm about turning the economy around. With Obama running low on political capital this is something the Democrats can ill afford.

At the end of the month President Obama is due to give his State of The Union address and he needs some more talking points. He would love to include a lower unemployment rate in his address. The recent attempted  Christmas attack has been in the news a lot lately and Barack Obama has hinted he will hold the intelligence community accountable. Whether this means that heads will roll is yet to be determined. With the recent suicide bombing in Afghanistan killing seven CIA agents, the commander-in-chief should be careful of creating friction between the executive branch and the intelligence community. It will be a difficult decision as many believe the Secret Service and CIA have been under-performing.

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