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Can a PC Nation Defend Itself?

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In the United States, we have been living with political correctness for decades. As an outgrowth of affirmative action, it was seen as the logical extension for leveling the the racial playing field. The legally mandated inclusion of certain minority groups would be backed up by a psychological component of enforced group think. While affirmative action very starkly chose winners and losers for education, business, and government, political correctness was supposed to force inclusion in a social sense. Those failing to toe this racial line of behavior were supposed to be ostracized. While this may have cowed the bigots and fostered a nascent inclusion, something else started to happen.

Tolerance and inclusion became deference. Instead of a level playing field, new justifications arose so that minorities should be placed in a superior position to others in school, business, or government. Since to be called a racist publicly has become the 21st century equivalent of a scarlet letter, people would do any number of contortions, mental or otherwise, to avoid being labeled as such. While many have recognized this incredible distortion of a noble effort, the bill has come due for this twisting of the American instinct for fairness. While many are unhappy with the fact that affirmative action has become a legacy for minorities, the cousin of affirmative action, political correctness has been revealed as a threat much more damaging than some warping of the admissions process or government contract selection. We now bend over backwards to accommodate those who wish to destroy America and all she stands for. This became crystal clear after the Ft. Hood shooting.

When Major Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, massacred servicemen and women at Ft. Hood, it was a culmination of events in a chain of obvious signs of jihadism, terrorism and anti-American feeling that had been going on for years. Political correctness, or minority favoritism, allowed this open sore of a person to not only work, but to advance in the military. Soliciting worshippers for Islam among patients, touting horrid punishments for non-believers and proclaiming sharia law over the U.S. Constitution were just some of the outward signs pooh-poohed by those interested in avoiding being labeled a bigot, the new highest crime in America. Is this an exaggeration?

Not according to General George Casey Jr. who said of the massacre, "This terrible event would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty." So over this slaughter rises the saving grace that we are still marching forward under the banner of political correctness. In other words, all personnel should continue to allow any proto-jihadist full support as they climb the career Army ladder. Imagine if another extroverted jihadist mole assumes command of a nuclear bomber or sub. Can this only be fantasy?

Well, the guy sitting in the White House had no problem being on seminar panels with Bill Ayers, American terrorist. That guy in the White House had no problem going to church with a guy like Reverend Wright saying essentially America got what it deserved on 9/11. Barack Obama had no problem with Van Jones, an adherent of the 9/11 "truthers." If I were head of the Al Qaeda propaganda department, I doubt I could come up with a better, more divisive fiction than the one that the U.S. government was complicit in 9/11. If Barack Obama had no problem with these figures actively working to break down America, would appointing some openly jihadist mole to a position of power in the name of political correctness be so much of a stretch?

On the more mundane level, Barack Obama himself was a recipient of the PC largess. How many people voted for Obama simply to prove they weren't a racist? Obama cleverly played the race card using surrogates in the primary and when McCain wouldn't stoop to the level of using racism, Obama played the race card himself. And it worked. After Obama was inaugurated, how many critics of the president were labeled "racist"? The administration and their parasites slapped every single dissent with that label. We can expect this label to appear again in 2010 and 2012.

If PC games were only confined to who runs the country, this land might be able to survive, but when it directly affects how we stop our enemies, the life of the republic is in jeopardy. Ponder this: did the immense growth through technology of asymmetrical threats exist even twenty years ago? Did the ubiquity and power of computer-involved personal technologies exist even fifteen years ago? Did the ease of logistical coordination between disparate and far flung actors exist even a decade ago? We cannot afford any blind spots due to self-censorship, submissiveness or capitulation to ideas that threaten liberty or life. Individuals have a myriad of ways to attack slow nation-state actors with enormous, cumbersome, and docile bureaucracies. All it takes is the will, the increasingly portable technology, and a handful of fanatics, sometimes only one.

The jihadist Major Hasan was conversing via email with an Al Qaeda imam in Yemen, but according to the gun shy PC Department of Defense investigators this was "research." One of Hasan's classmates at Uniformed Services University summed up the motivation. "The issue here is that there's a political correctness climate in the military. They don't want to say anything because it would be considered questioning somebody religious beliefs, or they're afraid of an equal opportunity lawsuit." So said Lt. Col. Val Finnell. So the PC enablers have to make up reasons, plausible sounding ones, why Major Hasan got to remain in the Army. According to the AP sources at Walter Reed Hospital, "…some doctors and staff were concerned their unfamiliarity with the Muslim faith would lead them to unfairly single out Hasan's behaviour." In other words, they felt themselves to be insensitive bigots when it came to Islam. Better to dodge this guy, and hope you don't get sued for asking him if he'd like a baloney sandwich from the deli.

Even when the term fanatic seemed just around the corner, Hasan's coworkers could not bring themselves to call him the name. As on unnamed staffer at Walter Reed said, "…he embraced his religion with such intensity that one wondered whether he could have suffered from a form of 'delusion.'" Whoever this dope was, he has been so PC programmed, he wouldn't realize Hasan or any other jihadist was a threat until the round is in the chamber and the trigger is being squeezed. Then again this was in a story in the Washington Post entitled "Army sought ways to channel Hasan's absorption with Islam." Amazing as the embrace of this therapeutic psychobabble is, what's more shocking now is that this psycho drivel is widely accepted at the highest levels of our society.

We can now assume the beltway crowd is completely inert when it comes to spotting the enemies here. The Army high command (Casey), the bureaucracy (Walter Reed, DOD) and the press (Washington Post) all are smugly ensconced in the PC blind spot. Speaking of blind spots, the White House has asked that Congress to slow down investigating Hasan and his attack. Why bother trying to track down possible co-conspirators or government blunders? After all, Major Hasan's Al Qeada imam in Yemen said he acted alone. He seems PC enough.

To have others investigating not firmly under the thumb of the Executive branch might muss things up. And the President is now an experienced foot dragger, so why not push this out until there's some other event to distract attention? Why bother committing all the resources of the government to investigating the first jihadist attack on America since 9/11? After all,  the FBI said this was not being looked at as terrorism, right after the attack. The attacker opens fire screaming the jihadist war cry "Allahu Akbar!" and it's not Islamic terrorism? Please ignore that man screaming "God is Great" unless he blows your head off. Then we're off to mourning mode replete with more odes to political correctness like our "our diversity is our strength." In this instance, our "strength" was a police officer pumping multiple rounds into a still-firing fanatic. Sanctimonious homilies are a tissue thin shield against terrorists.

The enemies of America are not stupid. There are very capable of learning lessons and applying them. The attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 failed, but the lessons of that failure paved the way to the horrendous massacre that was 9/11. They are watching and learning. Whether planned directly by Al Qaeda or not, this Ft. Hood slaughter enabled by a PC blind spot will be understood and filed away. Perhaps, it will give action to another plot immediately. Maybe it will give rise to another long term plot just as deadly as 9/11. Either way, a new weakness has been shown. They know it now, but the question is: do we know it? Will we ever know it?

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  • Can a PC nation defend itself? Dock Ellis says “no” and I agree. If you do not face the truth, you will never succeed.

    But a whole bunch of you here, usually “liberal” types, have whinnied like mares about the need for this bit of bullshit or that, and continue to insist on burying your heads in sand. “There are no evil Wahhabi terrorists,” said the liberal useful idiot, as the Bassam screamed “Allahu akbar!!!” and plunged a knife into his chest.

    Well, read this article and make up your own minds.

    Imagine if the Israelis followed this kind of idiotic code of behavior when capturing Eichmann or trying to liberate hostages in Uganda!!

  • Ruvy’s #48 paraphrased: “burble dweeble mumble, I’m ignoring reality, cos it doesn’t like me, so I make shit up, burble dweeble mumble”.

  • Chris, you haven’t absorbed the old stuff, yet. The cold potatoes of truth lie untouched on your plate, and you want ice cream desserts, too?

    Like a little child, you clamor for new, new, new. Absorb the old, first. There is much that is new, but what is old, untouched and ignored is the fact that Europe and America are strangling themselves in a plague of political correctness and refusal to name facts for what they are.

    I still remember how some person on the BBC nearly choked when she had to mention “Islam” in the same sentence as “female genital mutilation”. I still remember chuckling over how the bastards on the BBC cannot tell the truth when it comes to savage “Muslim” customs now habitually practiced in your country. And it is such a pleasure to see you throw fits of apoplexy when your beloved British Bullshit Corporation is pinned with bigotry and double standards….

  • That’s right, Ruvy, when your arguments have been exposed as total nonsense, go straight to blatant lies; that’ll fix it.

    Like all rational people, I welcome new information. Emphasise “new”, emphasise “information”. Alas, you have neither novelty or factuality in your arsenal, so you opt to tell lies. How sad, how futile…

  • Tateosian

    Hasan was a bum, flunked his courses, behaved weirdly, confronted people, but nobody confronted the issue. They just kept kicking the problem down the road to the next guy. That’s not PC-ness, that’s just plain old cowardice.

    It’s probably not a good idea to have an army full of cowards.

  • Ruvy


    Chris can’t stand the idea that someone who doesn’t agree with him might make sense. So his useless comment deflected the point I made to Glenn (and Cobra, who is afraid – or too morally upright [barf] to communicate with me.

    Bottom line – Obama fills his “administration”, if you can call it that, with Arab terrorist sympathisers and Jew-haters.

  • Ruvy, I didn’t learn anything at all from your little rant that I didn’t already know. Stuff like how what you think you are qualified to comment on and what you are actually qualified to comment on are such very different things.

    If you ever actually paid attention to my actual views, rather than the inside of your own head, you would have noticed that I have opined several times that there is very little difference between the two main political parties in both the UK and the USA, a point of view I have held for over 25 years now.

    Your reasons for believing this are quite different to mine however, for which I am very grateful. It is also a useful reminder that people can actually hold similar views on some topics for very different reasons and that this does not mean that they are allies, which just goes to prove that the theory which states the enemy of my enemy is my friend is a load of drivel.

    As to your reluctance to answer my question about the afterlife, I am puzzled. Wouldn’t a simple yes or no suffice, or did you also want to deliver another of your not at all interesting theories based on uninformed mumbo jumbo from 6,000 years ago?

    Talking of drivel, look, here’s Pablo… Are you going to use the ever so convincing excuse of how you had such a bad education to justify your inability to escape your prejudices and actually understand anything?

  • pablo

    Boy did Ruvy put you in your place on that last comment Christopher Rose.

  • Ruvy

    Ruvy, the USA isn’t a democracy, it is a representative republic.

    Now you get to learn the difference between a foreigner who reads about a country, as opposed to someone born there who has actively participated in its political systems – why I am qualified to comment on the States even though I live in Israel – while you are not.

    Chris, the USA is supposed to be a federation, organized as a representative republic operating on democratic principles, principles moderated by a system of checks and balances at all levels, and a bill of rights designed to restrain the abuses of the federal government; it isn’t. It is an oligarchy, a government of the bankers and oil men, by the bankers and the oil men, and for the bankers and oil men.

    Obama basically represents the bankers, while the Republicans tend to wind up representing the oil men. The two political parties are one big mafia with two heads – and does not represent or cares about the average person at all.

    I’m going to leave the stuff with the afterlife for later. I want to see my article get published here first.

  • Ruvy, the USA isn’t a democracy, it is a representative republic.

    Changing tack somewhat, could you just confirm for me that you believe that when people of faith die, they are reborn in some kind of afterlife?

  • Obama proves just how devoted to “democracy” he really is.
    From the article:

    Earlier this year President Obama appointed Arif Alikhan to be the nation’s Assistant Secretary for Policy Development at the Department of Homeland Security and Kareem Shora to the agency’s influential advisory council, which provides recommendations and advice directly to the Secretary of Homeland Security.

    Alikhan, who leads a Homeland Security team responsible for developing policy issues to secure the country against terrorism, has referred to the renowned terrorist organization Hezbollah as a “liberation movement” and was responsible for killing a Los Angeles Police project that monitored terrorist activities in the city’s notoriously radical mosques. The defunct Muslim terror tracking plan was designed to identify hotbeds of extremism in an area where several locals offered the September 11 hijackers support.

    Shora was the head of a well-known Arab organization whose officials refer to anti-U.S. jihadists as heroes. As executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Shora had close ties to radical Ivy League professor Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian terror supporter who has reportedly worked on behalf of the extremist Palestine Liberation Organization.

    An Israeli newspaper criticizes Obama for reaching out to Muslims by appointing them to key security posts amid charges he wrongly ignored internal Muslim terror. The passage undoubtedly refers to the Muslim, al Qaeda wannabe Army major (Nidal Malik Hasan) who went on a murderous rampage at Ft. Hood as he chanted “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is great!”) in Arabic.

    Days after the massacre, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was most concerned about preventing a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. She vowed that her agency is working hard with groups across the U.S. to deflect any retaliation against Muslims for one man’s fury.

    Is this whining about a black man? No, it ain’t! The only decent thing about Obama is his black skin! This “president” is a white-boy Harvard elitist filling the positions in government with his real friends – self-hating Jews, and haters of Israel.

    Of course, the useful idiots who defend this incompetent can pat each other on the back, congratulating each other on their brilliance….

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Cobra – I appreciate that – thanks.

  • Outstanding commentary, Glenn.

    This article is typical, right winged “I-wanna-be-discriminatory-but-don’t-call-me-out-for-it” pablum.

    It will gain traction in America because we have over 300 Million people, and if you get just 1% to buy into anything you propose or promote you can make a fortune.


  • This article from NPR suggests that more than two years ago, Maj. Hasan was seen as not only incompetent but potentially harmful. A copy of the memo referenced in the article is available Here.

    “Sources say that when the Army sent Hasan to Fort Hood earlier this year, Walter Reed sent the damning evaluation there, too. So commanders at Fort Hood would know exactly what they were getting.”


  • Doug Hunter

    Nice article, anytime you can send every resident leftist into a lemminglike conniption you know you’re striking close to home.

    PC is the verbal extention of the foolish leftists social policies which favor equalization over fairness. You’re not allowed to speak the truth or make honest assessments if those truths or assessments might paint a ‘underpriviledged’ group in a negative light.

    As always, rewarding failure and building up falsehoods while punishing success and the truth. Times are easy now and we can afford these delusions, it won’t last forever though.

  • #30 & #32 – likewise.

  • Ruvy

    Handyguy – you’re not drinking Koolaid – you’re bathing in the stuff! But hey! Who am I to wake you from your delusions?! Fill ‘er up and bottoms up!

    Cheers (for now)!

  • Incredibly offensive article. I did read past the first page, and, Cindy, it doesn’t get any better, believe me.

    To some on the right, ‘politically correct’ means principally that there are damn liberals preventing them from being able to express whatever bigoted thoughts they have about someone’s ethnicity or sexuality without being ostracized for it.

    As Archie Bunker said, “Those were the days….Everybody knew his place…Didn’t need no welfare state.”

    The crudity of much of today’s humor and political discourse is emphatic evidence that ‘politically correct’ is honored mostly by being ignored.

    Maybe some folks are too prissy and uptight about issues of ethnicity. This thesis might be the basis of an amusing article.

    No laughs in this one, however.

    And the author just about completely fails to convince that the Hasan shootings were caused by PC-tainted military policy.

  • #27 – lol Lumpster. Good one.

    #30 – Hiya Irene. Always such a pleasure to see you around. 🙂

  • Deano

    I suspect that the tolerance of Major Hassan’s prolicivities has far more to do with the inertia inherent in military bureaucracy, and poor management then it does any overt desire towards a PC-driven tolerance. The military, perenially short of senior medical personnel (probably why the man was a major, despite some questionable performance reviews) in all probability just didn’t view the indicators as being particularly serious.

    Given the current shortage of Arabic speakers and personnel familiar with the culture and societial norms of Middle Eastern theatres of operations, I can well understand the senior levels of the military wanting to ensure that this incident doesn’t result in a loss of diversity in the military forces – it is a significant and sensible concern – again, not really being driven by a PC-like agenda but one applicable to the mission that is facing the US military for the foreseeable future.

    I think overreacting to what clearly seems to be an isolated act of violence, carried out by a disturbed and mentally questionable individual, would be a mistake. Ignoring the lessons inherent in this act and refusing to deal with all the causal and contributing factors, would also be a mistake. I think the military, like civilian police and intelligence agencies, are going to be faced with many more “home-grown” threats that arise out of a misplaced zealotry, fanaticism and mental abberations. They don’t automatically equate to “terrorism” or Al Quada-driven actions and if you treat them as such you run the significant risk of escalating isolated incidents into something bigger than they are.

  • Irene Wagner

    Wanted to say hi to Roger and Cindy…just passing through…

  • Irene Wagner

    You can still be PC and profile for this kind of terrorist if you can figure out how.

  • Irene Wagner

    Case in Point. There are serious defects in this apparent defense of racial profiling.

  • Lumpy

    Just face it. Children are creepy. Especially when singing and when used in propaganda or horror films.

  • We are all part of a culture which conditions children to revere [all authority, including] leaders, reflexively and this kind of display is disturbing no matter who[m] it is directed towards. It’s not a healthy way to behave towards [authorities].

    I agree.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Ruvy –

    Why didn’t the FBI do anything about Hasan when they knew he was communicating with a Wahhabi cleric? Because they saw no reason to do so:

    “But the federal authorities dropped an inquiry into the matter after deciding that the messages from the psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, did not suggest any threat of violence and concluding that no further action was warranted.

    “At this point, there is no information to indicate Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had any co-conspirators or was part of a broader terrorist plot.” The statement concluded that “because the content of the communications was explainable by his research and nothing else was found,” investigators decided “that Major Hasan was not involved in terrorist activities or terrorist planning.”

    Counterterrorism and military officials said Monday night that the communications, first intercepted last December as part of an unrelated investigation, were consistent with a research project the psychiatrist was then conducting at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington on post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Okay, Ruvy? I understand that you hate civics lessons, but in America you can’t take action against someone if they happen to talk to someone evil. After all, have you yourself ever had a discussion with someone you knew supported someone else who was up to no good?

    For the past ten months I’ve had to deal with a my Foster child’s dad whom we all strongly suspect of child abuse and carnal knowledge. I strongly suspect it, and so does my wife and family, and so do the nurses and the caregivers, and so does the state. But we can’t DO anything because we don’t have PROOF.

    So since I’ve had to be repeatedly nice to this guy because it helped my Foster child to calm down and behave, does that make me evil? Of course not.

    So please, Ruvy – calm down and relax. You’ll live longer and happier if you do.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    And for Dave and OA –

    I think Cindy’s link is meant for all of us, and not just me.

    (Thanks, Cindy – I needed a smile)

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dave –

    It’s not a healthy way to behave towards an elected leader.

    I heartily agree! But that is NO reason to castigate that particular elected leader when that leader had NOTHING to do with making those children do such a thing!

  • Glenn,

    Don’t lecture me with your American civics bullshit. I didn’t love it and I left. To me all that crap is meaningless. This has meaning.

    Your government was tracking this SOB and monitoring his e-mails. They knew what direction he was moving in. They knew because they were reading over his shoulder. This man Hasan should have been pulled from the base and given some kind of position where he could not harm anybody.

    A Muslim who subscribes to the Wahhabi crappology is a threat to you and every other non-Muslim he comes in contact with. And he should not be allowed to bear arms – particularly where he can endanger others. Wahhabis are supposed to kill non-believers; that is their creed.

    Nota bene, Glenn, I did not say Muslims – I specified Wahhabi. If eight years after seeing 3,000 Americans (or more) murdered off by Wahhabi terrorists, you still cannot distinguish between Wahhabi, Sunni, Shi’a and Sufi, you are fools, the lot of you.

    The Wahhabi are your enemies and if you do not kill them, they will kill you. The Shi’a are being worked up into being your enemies, but if the radical haters in their leadership are killed, they will change course. The Sunni are not yet your enemies, but your ignorance and unwillingness to learn about Islam will make them your enemies. The Sufi are still up in the air. Again, your ignorance of Islam will make them your enemies.

  • zingzing

    dave: “The teachers who encouraged this behavior are part of a culture which conditions children to revere leaders reflexively…”

    they’re north korean?

  • Perhaps you should consider whether criticism of EITHER administration is warranted at all in that particular case. Why? Did either the Bush or the Obama administrations in any way require or even gently encourage those children to sing? No. The ones who did get those children to sing had nothing to do with either administration.

    I’d dispute that. The teachers who encouraged this behavior are part of a culture which conditions children to revere leaders reflexively and this kind of display is disturbing no matter who it is directed towards. It’s not a healthy way to behave towards an elected leader.

    …need I go on?

    They’re mostly valid criticisms, they’re just trivial ones. It’s hardly illegitimate to bring them up.


  • Glenn,

    I read your last post as you suggested Dave do. All I can say is, this is for you.

  • So far so good. I’ll post later on the Foucault thread so we might continue.

  • Hiya Roger!~~~~

    Yay! You are back! ~~~~~~~~~

    🙂 (-: !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh # 10. Thank you doug.

  • Baronius,

    Cindy, that’s hilarious. Rather than dispute the article, you tell us to stop reading it.

    I said I stopped reading it. That is quite a different thing than suggesting anyone else should do likewise.

    I don’t have to read every army recruitment flyer to see if maybe one says something different than all the others. The author begins on page one with standard biased presumptions. I have made arguments against such at least a half dozen times. If folks like Dave or you have not already read them I doubt taking the trouble now will help.

    Anti-PC people would tell you that an article is nonsense, but PC people will order you to stop reading it.

    I have written in opposition to PC. Guess you don’t know more about me than my age (which I also wrote about, btw).

    It also illustrates that a rebel objects to power when it’s exercised by others.

    ??? What does that mean?

  • Jordan Richardson

    More of the same nonsense: arrogant, ignorant people refusing to change or understand other cultures can only bear a grudge towards the myth of “political correctness” while thinking that the sky is falling and that their rights are vanishing because others finally get to share in the pie.

    Sad, really.

  • “Post consensus” society – an apt term.

  • Mark

    Diversity is. PC should no longer mean politically correct — that impotent power play. We are better described as a post consensus society. Get used to it.

    Or move to Israel.

  • Baronius

    Fair enough, Doug.

  • doug m

    Baron, what your comments illustrate is that you’re an anti-comprehension person. Cindy didn’t anyone to stop reading it. She said she didn’t finish it.

  • Baronius

    Cindy, that’s hilarious. Rather than dispute the article, you tell us to stop reading it. Anti-PC people would tell you that an article is nonsense, but PC people will order you to stop reading it.

    It also illustrates that a rebel objects to power when it’s exercised by others.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dave –

    Glenn, I read the comment you pointed me to. So? Do the sins of one administration excuse the sins of another? Do two wrongs make a right? How is his criticism of Obama invalidated by your criticism of Bush? Perhaps you should consider that the knife cuts both ways.

    Perhaps you should consider whether criticism of EITHER administration is warranted at all in that particular case. Why? Did either the Bush or the Obama administrations in any way require or even gently encourage those children to sing? No. The ones who did get those children to sing had nothing to do with either administration.

    What I did, Dave, was point out yet another instance of a conservative searching for SOMEthing, ANYthing to criticize Obama about. Cases in point – the birthers; “We’re glad Obama failed to bring the Olympics to Chicago!”; “He bowed before the Japanese emperor!”; “He’s not wearing a flag pin on his lapel!”; “He disrespected the national anthem!”; “He pals around with terrorists!”…

    …need I go on?

    Frankly, Dave, the attitude I see most conservatives having towards President Obama aren’t really much different than that of wrestlers towards their ‘enemies’ on WWE. Even the tone isn’t much different.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Boy oh boy, Ruvy, you’ve had a long morning!

    “All men are created equal”
    “Separation of church and state”
    “Give me your tired, your poor, your wretched refuse”
    “The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

    So since ONE Muslim decides to murder fourteen of his fellow American soldiers, we need to get rid of all of them? Y’know, It wasn’t so long ago that Blacks weren’t allowed to serve in combat roles. Come to think of it, the Mormons didn’t allow Blacks to be ministers until the late 70’s…which meant they were an officially racist organization.

    But I’m getting off track here.

    Tell you what, Ruvy – Google the “Go For Broke” Regiment, the “Fighting 442nd” of WWII, the most-decorated regiment of the Army. They were all ethnic Japanese…with all the traditions that entails, despite the fact that the nation held their entire race in suspicion and their families were in internment camps.

    What we did to the issei was certainly a crime…but we can at least learn from our mistakes. We cannot let the actions of one American soldier who happened to be Muslim be attributed to all American soldiers who happen to be Muslim.

    Diversity IS a tradition of our nation – and if we let the actions of one or several take away that tradition, then the idea, the dream that is America, that Land of Opportunity where ANYONE can be WHATEVER they want to be…is lost to the dustbin of history.

    Besides, Ruvy – if we allow officially-sanctioned discrimination again, sooner or later they’ll go after other ethnic groups, too.

  • Glenn, I read the comment you pointed me to. So? Do the sins of one administration excuse the sins of another? Do two wrongs make a right? How is his criticism of Obama invalidated by your criticism of Bush? Perhaps you should consider that the knife cuts both ways.


  • It’s standard bullshit bigoted racist white-man-speak written by someone who doesn’t know dick about affirmative action…

    Dock Ellis’ article is, as is often the case, right on the money – in almost every particular.

    I do know dick about affirmative action. I’ve seen this poisonous shit at work in the Federal government, with my own wife targeted by some mean mouthed black worker who accused her of racism. Why? Because she had taken a stamp that was her responsibility to take care of back to her own desk! This same worker accused the whole office of racism in one variety or another – and the only thing that came out of the administrative hearings was her own racism and hatred, and her own attitude that “whitey owed her”.

    The black plaintiff lost the administrative hearing – and she suffered a heart attack shortly afterward. You draw your own conclusions. Mine is that she didn’t get what she felt that “whitey owed her” and it was just too much for her.

    In this instance, there was more at stake than a stamp in a drawer. Fourteen people lost their lives, and the murder was preventable with all the bullshit that the Feds do to “watch” the members of the military. But being a Wahhabi fanatic murdering off soldiers and civilians was okay. And it still is. General Casey said so. Let’s smell the horse-shit again, straight from the horse’s ass. “This terrible event would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty.” To sacrifice “diversity”, and all the multi-culti bullshit that goes along with it, is more of a crime than murdering off soldiers and civilians at a military base. Boy, have the mighty fallen! If I were stupid enough to have remained in the States with my family, the ONE thing I would have forbidden my boys from doing would have been signing up for your military. And General Casey explained why.

    There is a reason you Americans deserve the snickers, contempt and humiliation the world is dishing out to you, and your government’s behavior in this case is a perfect illustration.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dave –

    Speaking of minds slammed shut, check out Dock’s last article…and the last comment to his article. I think Cindy’s quite justified, thank you very much.

  • Do I hear the sound of a mind slamming shut?


  • Didn’t finish reading this article. It’s standard bullshit bigoted racist white-man-speak written by someone who doesn’t know dick about affirmative action. The author is a typical round peg spit out of the American round peg machine. A tribute to zombie robot non-thinking all across the good ol’ boys USA.

  • Doc Ellis,

    I agree with you on the PC problem. Now that it appears very unfortunately to have affected at least the higher echelons of the military, there is a big problem.

    As to giving the Major Hasan situation a lot of public and congressional scrutiny at this point, I think it would be best to allow his court martial to go forward, without excessive recriminations in congressional hearings. I don’t think the PC virus is likely to affect the lieutenant colonels and colonels who will compose the court martial, and I would be very disappointed were a conviction to be overturned due to command influence from above, or press accounts alleged to have affected the fairness of the court.

    You may be interested in this article explaining my expectations for the court martial.