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Camtrol: Making Hard-to-Get Shots Easy!

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Have you ever been filming something, anything, with your camera and run into an issue of needing to hold the camera in an unnatural way to get the shot you want? Have you ever had to contort your body into an uncomfortable position, generally reserved for the Kama Sutra, to capture the emotion and essence of a shot? Then allow me to introduce you to a brand new product on the market.

Camtrol, a new and innovative piece of camera equipment designed to make your camera not just a tool, but an extension of you. It allows you to move freely while acquiring what generally would be a difficult shot. Camtrol comes with a stable grip, also known as the Action Control Grip (ACG), giving you an unlimited range of motion for positioning and makes using the camera a comfortable experience again.  I find this especially important as I’ve gone and shot quite a bit in the past only to find myself hurting or sore at the end of the day.

This piece has me excited because it’s all about making life easier.  Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Work smart not hard”?  Camtrol is all about working smart.  Imagine a foot chase in an amateur film.  Without the right equipment, the camera is very shaky, making it hard to see what’s going on sometimes.  You find yourself wishing they had made the scene a bit more stable because it would have made it that much more enjoyable.

Camtrols design allows you shoot from the hip, chest, above your head or walking, running and tracking a shot.  I see this as unmatched freedom in the film and photography world.  From amateur photographer or videographer to professional, this seems like a must have for anyone serious about making their shots look beautiful, clean and professional.

Everything I have read about the Camtrol suggests it was designed to make it comfortable to film again. An even bigger bonus is not only in this comfort, but the fact that its design provides better security and protection to you camera.  A small drop can be devastating but the Camtrols design came make you feel a bit more at ease if your camera takes that unfortunate tumble.

If you’re interested in the Camtrol, I have listed here three models available with a bit of info on each model and some accessories you can purchase along with them.

The Camtrol Prime – Allowing up to 3.75 inches in overall camera height and up to 7 pounds of camera with accessories. This model weighs less than 1.8 pounds and will let you start making professional looking shots in a flash.

The Camtrol Prime 22 – Similar to The Camtrol Prime, this model allows up to 5.5 inches in overall camera height. Weighing less than 1.9 pounds and supporting up to 7 pounds of camera with accessories.

Camtrol “Moose” – Supporting up to 20 pounds of camera with accessories, this model is professional quality, giving you unequaled freedom to take the shot when you need it. Weighing in at a mere 2.8 pounds, this model comes with two articulating arms so you can get that hard to reach angle.

An Articulating 4-inch Arm with Mini Clamp, allowing you to connect your iPhone to the Camtrol for easy and steady filming for your straight to web videos: Now you can be the envy of your friends with the best and steadiest videos on Facebook.

Other accessories include the Camtroller Remote, V-Slope Bracket, and LCD Camshade in 3” and 3.5”.

Starting at a price of $399.99, I am excited about this product. The chance to make my videos look more professional, the ability to steady the camera easily and get those hard to acquire shots, I anticipate this will be a great product. If you would more information, you can visit their website at www.camtrol.com.

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