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Calling Fouls

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Back in my high school basketball days one of the teams one county over that we would play in league would foul on ever play. Some were light, some were heavy, but every shot, every time the ball was brought up the court a foul could be called. At a certain point the refs would just stop calling every foul and would start saving the whistle for “big” fouls. Not just bumping the shooter but real hard “hey they arrest people for that in some States” fouls. Even I, a bench-riding intellectual, would end up with bruises in most games. Thier players would hardly ever foul out. Our coach called it “desensitizing the refs.”

Which brings me to coverage of the Iraq election. By the latest count 44 people have been killed on election day despite a total lockdown of the Country and 150,000 U.S. troops on the ground. And yet the election is widely being called a success in the media and not just on Fox. Name me another country in the would where 44 dead on election day would be considered a success. The ‘refs’ in this case, the media, have been desensitized to the violence. This is just “normal day Iraqi violence.” Do you realize how bad that is? How many Iraqis have to die in a day for the media to call a foul?

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  • RJ

    Where’s the Amazon link?

  • An interesting point, to say the least.

    One could argue that the same thing is happening in policy discussions: ideas that are so radically right-wing are brought up on a regular basis that the standard conservative agenda for dismantling the remains of the New Deal starts to look positively reasonable.

  • Eric Olsen

    I would say everything is relative Craig, but I also think this is an excellent, creative post.

    The election was a “success” because the threats and the very real concerns were for hundreds or thousands of deaths, a veritable blood bath.

    As it was the deaths are awful, but it is now much more clear who the real enemy is: the headline in the NY Times today blares that those killed on voting day are seen as martyrs.

    That confirmation of national attitude, and the fact that 60% of the eligible voters showed up despite the threats and calls for a Sunni boycott, can only be called “success.”