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Calling All Democrats

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It seems to me that ever since the last election, the Republicans have pretty much dominated our nation’s political conversations. The Republican positions on the budget deficit and balancing the budget, reforming Medicare, cutting funds to those nasty entitlement programs and repealing the health care reform act have rung out loud and clear in the media, almost ad nauseam. What strikes me most about this is to date, there has been little counter-argument over Republican positions and proposals, a very odd occurrence in a country with a two party democratic system.

So, come on, where are all the Democrats?  There are plenty of us out here who do not agree with the Republicans over these issues. In this time of severe economic hardship, we do not believe that pulling the rug out from under the feet of the needy by cutting entitlements to the bone is the morally, or even fiscally, sound thing to do. We want appropriate funding for our educational system to keep our students from falling even further behind their European and Asian counterparts. We accept that scientific research and development needs backing so that alternative solutions to our country’s dependence on foreign oil can be found. We recognize that the only way to insure health care costs do not skyrocket beyond the reach of most Americans is by keeping health care reform on track.

Maintaining the status quo in times of prosperity might be OK, but that is not today. Cutting the deficit and balancing the budget is inherently not a bad thing, but doing so at the expense of the less fortunate, purely to avoid raising taxes on those who already have enough and can afford to expend some of it, is not good, either. Compromise with respect to our society’s competiting interests, the haves and the have-nots, needs to be found through a clear, concise dialogue that weighs everyone’s perspectives and gives everyone a voice.

Our nation was founded as a free society, where open debate on the issues was not only expected and accepted, but welcomed. But lately, it seems that the debate has been terribly one-sided, with viewpoints by those who jump up and yell the loudest or obfuscate the issues through trivial concerns over presidential birth certificates the only ones being voiced. The time has come for real debate to take place in order to seriously address what ails our nation.

So, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Barack Obama and the Democratic party, come out of the woodwork and let yourselves be heard. There are those of us out here who really do want to listen.

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