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California Senate: Carly Fiorina VS. Barbara Boxer

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Within days of former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina winning the GOP primary, to face Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer in November, her favorable ratings jumped and latest polls place Fiornia in a statistical tie with Boxer, marking this as the re-election fight of Boxer’s career.  

Both candidates have their high-profile endorsements. In Boxer's corner is President Obama –– a president that blew off the Gulf memorial service to attend a fundraiser for Boxer, and Vice President Joe Biden, who is scheduled to assist Boxer here in California next month. Ringside for Fiorina are Condoleezza Rice, Sarah Palin, and Dick Morris, but more interesting is the way that this political bout has heated up so quickly.

Boxer came out swinging at Fiorina’s CEO background, a full liberal "hot air" attack, void of the complete Fiorina story. Meanwhile, The National Republican Senatorial Committee landed a right hook to Boxer's campaign by launching  callmemaam.com –– Senator Barbara Boxer: Decades of Epic Failure. 

The latest jab came from left-wing media, who briefly attempted to turn "hair-gait" –– an "oops, I forgot the mic was on" comment about Boxer’s “that’s so yesterday” hair –– into some sort of defining moment for Fiorina. Oh please. But if you want to talk about “gaffes” (a term I use loosely) let’s take a look at Boxer’s greatest hits. First on the docket is Boxer’s recent claim that, “carbon pollution leading to climate change will be over the next 20 years the leading cause of conflict, putting our troops in harm’s way.” Forget about terrorists, CO2 is now our greatest national security threat. 

Last December at the height of the ObamaCare debate, Boxer compared abortion to Viagra –– a moment that defined her ignorance or insensitivity (still trying to figure that one out). During August, Boxer was more wrapped up with her book signings than that of her constituents, yet she took the time to appear on MSNBC to condemn concerned citizens that gathered at town hall meets across the nation to protest against ObamaCare –– proof this woman is out of touch with reality.  

This month we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Boxer's arrogant request to General Michael Walsh, “Don’t call me Ma’am, call me Senator. I worked so hard to get that title.” Still, Boxer's classic hit is her interaction with Black Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Harry Alford –– a video that needs no interpretation.

While this is guaranteed to be a fascinating political race to watch, what really counts is character and how each candidate will handle the issues facing California and America. Most troubling is the direction of our country, our national debt that has topped $13 trillion, and our economy that is in shambles –– with no hope in sight. As a resident of California it is difficult to face the sad reality that our state is no longer “golden” –– we’re broke and saddled with 12.6 percent unemployment rate, which causes many of us to worry about the future of our state, as others scramble to find jobs. If we don't have a job, can't put food on our table or a roof over our head, how are we going to pay for mandated health care insurance?

So, where are the jobs, Madam Senator?

Evidently, Boxer believes that you create jobs by passing bills in the Senate that expand government, increase taxes, add more regulations, mandates, and entitlements. Boxer even voted to throw money at the problem like the $862 billion pork-laden stimulus package that has failed miserably, unless of course you are one of the 411,00 temporary Census workers.

Moreover, Obama and the Democratic leadership, which Boxer strongly supports, are killing American prosperity and creating an abundance of economic uncertainty through their legislation –– past and future –– that are nothing but huge government power grabs, assaults on our liberties, and ways to redistribute the wealth: ObamaCare, EPA carbon regulations and cap-and-trade, financial regulations, and impending tax hikes. And, believe or not, Obama is proposing spending more money to "fix" the economy.  

In stark contrast to Boxer, Fiorina understands that "our nation’s top priorities should be economic growth and job creation, and that "small businesses, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs are the economic engines that will lead us through these difficult times." Thankfully, Fiorina can see right through Washington, asserting that those on Capitol Hill (the party holding the majority, which includes Boxer) are "destroying jobs through too much government, too much taxation, too much regulation, too rich entitlements."  

Fiorina wants to "unleash the talents and energies of California workers, small-business owners, innovators, and entrepreneurs" –– which she views are best served by "government staying out of the way and reducing the uncertainty that is inevitably caused by intrusive and over-reaching government regulatory policies" –– and she is armed with a 3-point "economic growth plan" to do so: lowering taxes, fighting for every job, and incentivizing innovation.   

Fiorina is also ready to take on other issues that Boxer had three terms (28 years total in Washington) to address, yet failed to do so entirely, adequately, and/or appropriately –– restoring fiscal responsibility, reducing deficit, energy and the environment, illegal immigration, the California water crisis, health care, and protecting America.

Californians have to ask themselves whether or not they are eager to re-elect a career politician like Boxer, with her far left political agenda, her "tax and spend, baby, tax and spend" mantra, along with her ongoing drivel on the Senate floor and in the media. Or do Californians want a fresh and feisty businesswoman like Fiorina –– not part of the “establishment” –– a fiscal conservative who is ready to solve problems, make tough decisions, and do what's best for California and America? 

The choice is obvious. Boxer needs to be stripped of her Senator title and returned back to her Ma’am status and Fiorina is just the woman to "bounce Boxer out" of the political ring. That is change we can look forward to this year.  


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  • Lauren

    Carly is supported by her former Board Members at HP, and she rose to become one of the top woman CEO women in the nation – a huge accomplishment. Boxer is a joke. I’m ashamed every time I have to mention her as our Senator. It’s time for Carly, for goodness sake!

  • John Wilson

    I’m not sure Fiorina and Whitman have very good business credentials. Fiorina looks weak to me because she pushed a deal to pay Compaq 80 cents on the dollar for a group of crappy products while she ignored the chance to buy Thinkpad at 17 cents on the dollar. Even at even costs Thinkpad is a better deal.

    I think that Compaq was chosen because it worked out better for Fiorina, HP be damned.

    As for Whitman, she just got a golden opportunity. The founders made eBay a good and successful product, all Whitman did was ride the wave. She didn’t contribute anything novel.

    Both of them were the beneficiaries of chance and circumstance.

  • Mimi, I don’t vote for candidates who refer to themselves in the third person, which is why Bob Dole didn’t get my vote.

    And if Meg keeps telling different groups of people contradicting things, I wouldn’t be to sure she’s going to get the job

  • Cricket

    Thank god I found this blog! I’ve been scared poopless that people were going to elect Fiorina without looking at her record. It’s nice to see other Californians have their heads on straight. In my opinion, she got forced out HP for not being able to negotiate herself politically to get what she wanted. That’s a skill we need our politicians to have. I don’t think she has it. Meg Whitman on the other hand…

  • Very few bills make it into law, Merijoe, no matter who introduces them.

    I wouldn’t call 400 of them ‘nothing’.

    How does Boxer’s record compare with other senators with a similar length of service?

  • merijoe

    I suggest that readers look at Boxer’s history of Senator for California in her 18 year tenure as such….uhhhhh nothing. out of 400 bills submitted by her, 2 were passed.
    Geeeez, Fiorni may not be wonderful, but lets pull the rug on this arrogant, do nothing, grease ball hack politician. comeon guy and gals. give me a break

  • Shirley Lutzky

    I am very pleased with both Senator Boxer’s integrity and with her record. She does not support low taxes for the rich minority and have a low regard for the rest of us. She is working to help the environment and working to improve employment. She has not supported spending trillions of taxpayer money on weapons and a falsely justified war in Iraq, and meanwhile complain about spending comparative peanuts to help American quality of life. She has not been working for big oil, for corporate lobbies or for creating the recession. She speaks kindly and straight forwardly. (I think that “arrogance” is a code word the far right uses for people who sound educated.) Very importantly, she has not taken away the wise rules that used to limit corporate power. She is the candidate who supports what I believe to be most decent, most compassionate, most sensible and good.

  • John Wilson

    The reps picked a lousy candidate in Fiorina. She just looks like a spoiled overpromoted executive girl eager to add a political trinket to her charm bracelet.

    Everyone said Boxer was vulnerable this year, but it looks like they were wrong. Boxer has a strange way of ducking disaster. The reps helped by picking Fiorina.

  • BRT

    In stark contrast to Boxer, Fiorina understands that “our nation’s top priorities should be economic growth and job creation, and that “small businesses, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs are the economic engines that will lead us through these difficult times.”


    Really? Maybe you should ask all the HP and Compaq employees that lost their job because of Fiorina. She sent nearly 300,000 jobs off shore.

    Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about- and are out of your league.

    Every talking point you choose to bring up is either puerile, or diversionary. Really, asking someone to use her proper title is the best you have?

    The fact is, Fiorina has a resume of failures starting with Lucent. California deserves better than that failure.

    I think it speak volumes that Fiorina is unable to run a campaign on accomplishments, all she has going for her campaign are attacks.

    Luckily, most Californians aren’t as partisan as you appear to be. You are willing to put California second to elect someone as inept as Carly, just because she has that almighty “R” after her name.

  • peirce

    Carly Florina should really speak to the military that her party put in power with regards to climate change and lacking resources being a national security issue. Carly, get your facts together before you make all of us Republicans look like idiots. If you are going to hammer Senator Boxer on an issue, for the love of our nation, know what you are talking about and please don’t pay for commercials that are going to help elect Senator Boxer. I would have thought better of a former HP employee. Wake up, or get out of the way, cause right now your killing the Republicans chances in Cali…

  • John Wilson


    I just checked Boxers senate website and found this:


    Boxer Lauds Final Passage of Tough Sanctions Against Iran


    Boxer Foreign Relations Committee Statement on Tough Sanctions Against Iran


    Boxer Statement on Announcement of Increased Water Supplies for California Farmers


    Boxer Legislation to Close “Revolving Door’ Between NHTSA, Automakers Clears Commerce Committee

  • Uncommon Sense

    Carly is far better than Barbara Boxer. Boxer has done NOTHING in all the time she has misrepresented California. She’s arrogant, a dolt and out of touch with MOST people. It’s about the Economy! She is an embarassment to the people of California, at least those who haven’t been proven clinically braindead. Time to send her packing in November. She is so LAST DECADE! Carly was complementing her hairstyle being so yesterday!

  • Carly’s going to bring a little HP to the Senate.

    About time. It’s been a staple in the UK Parliament for decades.


  • The “Don’t call me ma’am” thing nauseated me.

    Oh, please. I dare say it wouldn’t have bothered you if it had been Sarah Palin who said that. You’d probably have been telling us how there’s nothing wrong with preferring not to be addressed in a certain way.

    Fact is, people you already dislike are going to irritate you pretty much no matter what they say or do.

  • Carly Fiorina voters = The Boxer Rebellion. Carly’s going to bring a little HP to the Senate.

  • Braden

    Agreed, Arch. Crist IS a douchebag.

  • Braden

    The “Don’t call me ma’am” thing nauseated me. Carly isn’t the very greatest candidate, but she’s worlds better than Boxer. Boxer is clearly a liberal elitist. I don’t even think she would deny it if you asked her about it. Haha.

  • malinda

    Christine, I do think anyone is better than Carly. I don’t believe she’s a true conservative. Conservatives’ mantra is smaller government and less taxes. Carly made HP bigger and less valuable. Most of us want more control at the local level, not federal. Carly took a company that allowed it’s different businesses to have a fair amount of autonomy and turned it into a very centralized, top-down company. In other words, she did the opposite of what we would want her to do in government. I think her conservative creds. are a mater of convenience. In the 12 years she’s been on my radar, I’ve never associated her with conservative ideals and I’ve never heard her say one thing patriotic, until she decided she’d like to be in government. At least with Boxer, what you see is what you get.

  • When is someone going to write an article on what a self centered douchebag Charlie Crist is?

    Watch Outrage, Arch. “Douchebag” is an insult to Massengill. Gov. Crist is a political opportunist. But, then again, what politician is not these days? Rubio isn’t much better and, in my estimation, based on his behavior in the FL House I would have to say Rubio is worse. Regardless of who wins, that Senate seat is up for grabs and for sale to the first Lobbyist who comes knocking at the door. Political faces change, the people making the large contributions do not.

  • Well, Arch, it worked out for Lieberman under similar circumstances – getting the boot from his own rebellious state party and all that. Rubio shouldn’t take a census of his egg-layers just yet.

  • Arch Conservative

    No Roger..it’s aactually sink my teeth into an article about a douchebag.

    Crist isn’t even attempting to disguise the fact that the ONLY thing he gives a damn about is his own political ambitions. I don’t see how anyone in Florida can continue to take this guy seriously. When Rubio threw his hat in the ring Crist was way up on him in the GOP primary polls. That didn’t take long to change. Change it did…so much that Crist is now running as an independent. I have a hunch that it’s not going to work out for Charlie as Rubio will yet again rain on his parade.

  • Californians like me want Sarah Palin to quit carpetbag campaigning in our state. BTW, Carly’s Juneteenth pictures were cute and hilarious. Good luck with that Black vote…she’ll need a lot more than showing up to Juneteenth to get it.

  • Sink your teeth into a douchebag, Archie?

    I’d think that a crunchy French bread would be a better deal.

  • Clav?

    Florida’s your state. You’re on…

  • Arch Conservative

    When is someone going to write an article on what a self centered douchebag Charlie Crist is?

    That’s something I could sink my teeth into.

  • John Wilson

    What has Barbara Boxer done that’s so bad?

    As for losing touch with voters, I called on Boxer for help with a little SS problem and got prompt efficient Constituent Service.

  • John Wilson

    The horrible distortion of representation in the US Senate has to be eliminated.

    To even things up with Wyoming, California would have to become 60 states, each with 2 senators. A number of other states would have to similarly subdivide.

    Does that make sense? But it is no less sensible than the current Senate situation.

  • While Fiorina’s tenure at HP can be debated on several levels, the ultimate question is has Barbara Boxer lost touch with CA voters enough to be replaced? Right now it seems to me that Carly Fiorina is the lesser of two evils and may very well be more effective representing Californians. I still think Christine is a better choice.

  • Roger, is it schizophrenia or survival economics? These people know nothing different. This is how their lives have evolved. The region is dependent on seafood and petroleum. Once Jean Lafitte kicked the bucket, what were they to do? (I’m being facetious.)

    Baronius, perhaps we need a new definition for federalism. My question goes yet unanswered. Have we just become too big to manage efficiently? Is there a better way?

    And, finally, I brought up some interesting points about Karzai’s assignment of Afghan natural resources to Japanese corporations. This news, which continues to fly under the radar, is very disturbing. Since Americans don’t seem to comprehend the ramifications to Karzai’s sale of Afghanistan’s soul, perhaps Ruvy will see what I see. But, then again, everyone will just dismiss his view. Bush and Obama have invested a lot of political capital in Hamid Karzai and this is what we get in return? Wake up, folks. This is an issue which should be front and center in every political debate heading into the fall elections.

  • “Barbara Boxer: Decades of Epic Failure”

    Probably not the best way to win the hearts, minds and votes of a populace who have apparently been happy enough with Boxer over the years to have re-elected her several times.

  • Malinda; I appreciate your candor and concern, however, do you really think keeping Boxer in the Senate is better? I don’t.

  • malinda

    Carly mastered the blame game at HP. It was never Carly’s fault, always someone else’s. Christine, I truly think you will be disappointed in Carly if she’s elected.I think she’s only saying what you want to hear (like most politicians). Take it from someone who did believe in her for at least a year at HP.

  • Baronius

    Silas (#23), a federalist would tell you that we’ve got fifty independent governments linked by free trade and a common military. Let’s see what they can do.

  • The LA folk are surely being schizophrenic. They crave for more of the poison that’s killing them.

  • Well Doug, I’ve talked to people in the Gulf. And I believe we are not getting the entire story from a local perspective. This is the consensus (much to my surprise):

    1. All want the moratorium lifted immediately. LA’s state budget is 17% funded by the petroleum industry. This moratorium will take LA down below bankruptcy level.

    2. Gulf seafood is the safest to eat thanks to the presence of the FDA. Yet there are restaurants right in Manhattan which have signs in the window saying they do not serve “Gulf shrimp”. Well, that’s all very trendy but from what I hear these same restaurants never served Gulf seafood to begin with.

    3. Were George W. Bush in office, there would have been a quicker response by the Federal Government and much needed funds would have been released immediately.

    4. If the moratorium isn’t lifted by Summer’s end there will be 100,000 people left unemployed in the region. By year’s end, that could quadruple as the situation trickles up the region.

    The way I see it, we’ve a government empowered to gather the information and direct the scope of the cleanup. They need to bring in the brightest minds from around the globe because this isn’t an American problem, it’s global. The fragility of Mother Nature in Hurricane Season is such that this oil may very well make its way into the Atlantic.

    This morning Hamiz Karzai intimated that the Japanese will get first crack at the wealth of minerals locked in Afghan land. We need to understand that this political slap in the face has global economic implications. We need to recognize that the stage is set for war, on a global scale. If there is such a bounty in the Afghan soil, all bets are off, folks. We’ve seen what Europeans did to the Americas. We’ve seen how far the West has gone to capture every drop of oil in the Holy Land. And now the East shall claim their bounty in the shadow of Kandahar.

    Somehow being concerned about the outcome of the CA Senatorial election doesn’t seem so important.

  • Until they become like BP.

  • Not ALL business are like BP.

  • doug m

    tell the people in the Gulf Coast business is better. I think they might disagree

  • Well, let me throw this one out. Are things at the point where secession is better? Should we have 5 or 6 smaller governments Federal? Is California just too big? Would cutting the bigger states into smaller states be better? We’ve got real problems requiring real solutions and a small window of opportunity. So let’s get creative.

  • Baronius: I second that; business better.

  • Baronius

    California’s problems aren’t going to be solved at the federal level. My bet, they’re not going to be solved at all. Prop 13 is only part of the problem, if it’s even a problem at all. Their spending is the key.

    Another P.J. O’Rourke quote: “The Democratic Party is the scum off the top of government. The Republican Party is the scum off the top of business. Personally, I like business better.”

  • John Wilson

    Californias financial problems come from two sources:

    1-most of our federal tax money is spent elsewhere. California only gets 70 cents back for every dollar sent to DC. This is because the senate is grossly undemocratic. CA has 2 senators for 30 million people, just like Wyoming which has 500,000 people. Thus each Wyoming senator is 60 times more powerful than a CA senator. In congress they have the “ABC” rule: Anywhere But California. The senate is doubly undemocratic because they are enforcing the archaic filibusyter rule so that a super-majority of 60 is required.

    2-30 years ago prop 13 froze some property taxes and required a 2/3 majority of the state legislature to pass a tax and budget. The property tax freeze swung tax burden from companies to individuals. Property taxes can increase only when property changes hands, so companies merely put their property into a holding company, where it could stay forever without changing hands. Then the company merely sold the holding company, which although it appreciated greatly never resulted in a tax increase. Naturally, all business interests vigorously support this Prop13 tax distortion.

    Thus, California citizens are being whipsawed on two fronts: a congress which demands more money while returning less tax expenditure, and a tax distortion within the state.

    CA must solve POLITICAL problems and it’s never been demonstrated that even a competent BUSINESS person, such as Arnold, can solve those problems.

  • That’s why we need you! You have a common sense approach and PASSION — that is sorely lacking right now in the political world. In my mind, Fiorina is a better alternative to Boxer but Californians still deserve better than what Carly has to offer.

  • Very cute, Silas. I can’t even “run” myself, let alone a state or even a campaign for that matter.

  • Christine, I won’t dispute the horrors of partial-birth abortion. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this issue. That being said, I do think Californians have to choose the “lesser of two evils”. Unless, of course, Californians find an alternative candidate to write in. As a matter of fact, I like that idea. For a fit California, elect CALFIT – Christine Lakatos 2010, THE Compassionate Conservative.

  • And because Californians have to have their abortion on demand Carly is smart enough not this the center piece of her campaign. It is more subtle, with a personal story…

    “I myself was not able to have children of my own, and so I know what a precious gift life is.” “My husband’s mother was told to abort him,” Fiorina said. “She spent a year in the hospital after his birth. My husband is the joy of her life, and he is the rock of my life. So those experiences have shaped my view. “I recognize that a lot of women disagree with me on that,” Fiorina said. “But I also know that women in general are not single-issue voters.”

    Yet she is gaining support of the pro-lifers and organizations like National Right To Life Committee, The California Pro Life Council, and Susan B. Anthony’s List.

  • Well, Silas from your scenario; we are faced with choosing the “lessor of the two evils.” And since I didn’t even cover Boxer’s social agenda; mainly abortion on demand and the most barbaric of all; partial birth, both of which Boxer is a strong supporter, I will have to stand by Fiorna.

    Carly Fiorina outlines her anti-abortion stance

  • Christine, I love your passion — especially in your drive to see Barbara Boxer return home. The problem is while Carly Fiorina looks good on the surface – the truth is much harder to swallow. I think it’s fair to assert that the majority of former HP employees as well as (current) take major issue with her corporate leadership. From my own experience, I have seen dedicated HP employees who left HP during her reign who hold her in the lowest regard. What HP is today results from the swallowing up of smaller companies — Prime Computer, Digital and Compaq. In the storage division, for example, rather than develop products superior to ones on the market, Carly Fiorina’s approach was swallow, baby, swallow. She bought up the competition – decimated their products and claimed that HP’s suite of inferior products were better than those she purchased. Well, Christine, that was an out right lie. Carly Fiorina’s answer to every problem at HP was to buy up and gag the competition. Creativity and development of new solutions were an afterthought. She’s the queen of shake down corporate governance — and that’s not something we need in Congress. If you want to know what kind of Senator she will be, sit down with 50 people who were directly affected by her actions. You may sing a different tune.

    All of that being said, one should take your words concerning Barbara Boxer very seriously. She’s a populist politician who is sold as a female pioneer but she’s not. She was and is capable of so much better but is blinded by the power she has gained in her years in the Senate. Californians DO need an alternative to Barbara Boxer and, in this case, it is NOT Carly Fiorina.

  • Glenn: thanks for calling me “ignorant” for the twentieth time here on BC.

    From my understanding of Carly’s tenure at Hewlett-Packard Company (1999 to 2005), who by the way, worked her way through undergraduate and graduate school. She is a self-made woman, who started her business career as a secretary and went on to become the first, and to date, the only woman to lead a Fortune 20 company.

    She had to steer HP through the dot-com bust and the worst technology recession in 25 years. Under her leadership, in 2002, the company completed a contentious merger with rival computer company Compaq. In what condition the company was in when she left, seems to have two different versions, depending on which political side you talk to.

    However, you can check out a 2005 non-partisan article about Carly’s departure from HP. Fiorina steps down at HP
    According to the company, the departure stemmed from disagreements over how to execute the company’s strategy.

    And, making tough decisions is par for the course for any CEO. If cutting costs is what it takes to save a company, so be it. Better than asking for a bailout. It is the kind of attitude that we need to save our economy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that we need to cut spending, even if that means saying NO to entitlement programs, bailouts, and all the rest of the out-of-control “crap” coming out of this White House. This is NOT the time to raise taxes and put more burdens on small business and the rest of us “small folk” like mandated health care, “skyrocketing” electricity rates, and more. Carly is proposing the opposite of Boxer’s agenda of “tax and spend, baby, tax and spend.” Carly will make the kind of “touch decisions” that we need NOW so we can emerge much better.

    Carly Fiorina on Fox News with Greta last week, where she covers the criticism of her hair comment and her HP CEO Record

  • I’m a non-Californian who’s been watching the California train-wreck for several years now. I’m reminded here of P.J. O’Rourke’s observatiion:

    “Politics should be limited in scope to war, protection of property, and the occasional precautionary beheading of a member of the ruling class.”

    Boxer’s way past due.

  • Christine, sorry to hear about the parenting woes, especially since they caused you to miss out on TS3. Hope you get to it soon.

    I don’t think blaming Bush is going to be a winning platform for anyone in 2010, and just what can a Senator do to help CA’s woes other than get our tax money back? It’s the governor, the legislature, and the voters that are causing CA’s problems. which need to be fixed.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Jamison –

    You’ve got it backwards – if someone can’t be a good businessperson, I sure as heck don’t want them helping decide fiscal policy for the whole doggone nation!

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Christine –

    The praise you gave for Fiorina is made out of your ignorance of what she did as a CEO. She was an unmitigated disaster for HP, and she’d be no better for California.

    Also, you’re blaming Boxer for California’s unemployment and fiscal woes. If you’d do some research, I believe you’d find that California did fairly well until a few years after Proposition 13 passed. Furthermore, California’s unemployment is due to the same factors that affected the rest of the nation – deregulation of the financial industry, and a massive housing bubble. You cannot lay the blame for either of these on Boxer.

  • Jamison

    Fiorina was a bad business woman. Boxer is a bad Senator. Ill take the bad business woman. But, libs like her… not sure wgy

  • El, I just had a “discussion” with my teenager and am missing TOY STORY 3 as I write this. Needless to say, I will have to wait before I address your lengthy commentary. Need to calm down.

    I will say this; all Fiorina has to do is “Blame Bush” and I’m sure that will make it all better, at least in the eyes of Liberals.

  • Baronius

    I can’t say that the article or any of the comments so far told me much of anything about either candidate.

  • John Wilson

    Fiorina was responsible for laying off 15,000 HP employees.

    She closed the Deer Creek labs, etc., and turned headquarters into a ghost town.

    She made a bad deal for Compaq, paying 80cents on the dollar, while snubbing Thinkpad at 17cents on the dollar, a much better product and deal.

    All she did was swell total revenue because that produced the biggest yield on her personal employment bonus contract.

    Basically, she was just an over-promoted secretary/salesperson at Lucent before HP hired her.

    She’d be a disaster for California.

  • malinda

    Well said El Bicho. I’d also like to add that bigger is not necessarily better. Now if Carly could have made HP the most profitable technology company, then I would have been impressed. Bill & Dave were always very clear that profit was the #1 objective and helped fund other objectives. Carly threw that out the window in her quest to be a rockstar CEO.

  • “She’s been gone for five years since the board forced her to resign in part because of a loss of over 60% of the company stock’s value.”

    In addition, she was implicated in company emails suggestive of possible fraud. How soon we forget!

  • I am not a fan nor have I ever voted for Boxer, but I do wish you would temper your passion with objectivity because it undermines your work.

    Why do you leave out that the information in the “full liberal ‘hot air’ attack” (whatever that means) came from the non-liberal Tom Campbell, who was running against her in Republican primary?

    Also, I don’t see you or Carly disputing the information contained therein. Does that mean it’s correct?

    Why do you not seem to notice that “the complete Fiorina story” posted on her site actually isn’t? There’s people at HP who don’t paint such a rosy picture of her accomplishments.

    Also, she’s a tad dishonest. She states “Today, HP is the largest technology company in the world.” So what? She’s been gone for five years since the board forced her to resign in part because of a loss of over 60% of the company stock’s value. Is that the type of financial sensibility she’s going to bring? No thanks.

    Unless you have a crystal ball, how do you know whether “Boxer’s recent claim that carbon pollution” will be wrong or right? Wars have been fought for less.

    “Boxer compared abortion to Viagra –– a moment that defined her ignorance or insensitivity (still trying to figure that one out)”

    Not exactly. She was trying to make a point about men voting on health issues that were related only women. That people chose to misconstrue it and make an issue out of a non-issue is why politics is such a mess. Maybe if conservatives, who showed themselves to be ignorant and oversensitive in reaction, wouldn’t go into panic mode just from the sheer mention of the word “abortion”, the country could get more things done.

    Fiorina may understand quite a number of things but her website is filled with rhetoric and slogans yet no actual plans, so I am baffled what is so appealing about her other than what she says makes you feel good.

    I get that you hate Boxer, but you failed to make the case why Fiorina’s deserving of the job other than she’s not Boxer.

  • malinda

    I suggest before you write another article about Carly, you talk with anyone who worked for her during her reign at HP. You may not like Boxer, but wait until you get to know Carly better. There’s a reason employees were playing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” after her ouster.