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Cabaret Review (LA): Nicole Ligerman in The Bitch with the Dog Ruined My Life: Memoirs of a Non-Genue

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Nicole Ligerman is a powerful young singer with a beautiful full voice. Her inspiration is the one and only Barbra Streisand, and Nicole sings several numbers which reference Barbra, including “I’m The Greatest Star” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” Though she says she has worked through her own frustrations of not being a pretty ingénue (she’s a very pretty character actress), she still seems to be affected by this act of nature. She subtitles her show The Bitch That Ruined My Life: Memoirs of a Non-genue. While her observations on the state of the musical theatre are quite amusing, she is such a tremendous talent I wanted her to put aside all the “what ifs” and just get on with singing. In time, I am sure, she will become even more aware of her abilities.

Besides the Streisand songs, she sang “People like Us (with Patrick Kelly, a fine singer in his own right) from Wild Party. This was her best number. She also excelled in a mashup of “Ding Dong” and “Rainbow,” where she could show her comic ability. Her funniest number was called the “NonGenue Suite,” where she demonstrated the various types of true ingénues: there is the overacter, the blank but pretty, the too old, and those who can’t act. (She also condemned some she sees as competitors in a song called “I’m A Bitch.) She sang her guts out with “I Am What I AM” from La Cage aux Follies. I quite liked her mashup of “Green” (the Muppet song,) and “Rainbow Connection” (also a Muppet Song sung by Kermit.) I look forward to her maturing into the fine performer she is destined to be. Nicole Ligerman performed on Aug. 15th at Sterling’s Upstairs at Vitello’s.

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