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Some people feel like they have about as much choice in choosing an auto warranty as they had in choosing their parents. This is simply not the case. If you do a little research and empower yourself with knowledge, the buy auto warranty task can be less of a root canal, and you may find the one that best fits you and your situation. Here are three tips that might help you find the best auto warranty for you and your car:

See if you can use the rebate on your car purchase to buy an auto warranty. It’s almost like getting a free warranty. Many on-line car warranties are up to 50% cheaper than what you can purchase at car dealerships — and they have better wear-and-tear coverage.

Next, adhere to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule so that you do not void your auto warranty. If you do not adhere to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, your auto warranty claim might be rejected.

Finally, before you buy an auto warranty, ask to see a sample contract, itemizing what is covered and what is not covered. Bloggers putting their three cents in on the buy auto warranty topic discussion can be found at sites like Car WarrantyX and Buy Auto Warranty.

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