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Butler Bulldogs 2011: The REAL Thing

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Last year’s visit to the NCAA Championship game may have been deemed a fluke by some skeptics, and many folks around the country had never even heard of Butler University. But this year, by diligently and patiently earning a second bid to win it all, Butler has demonstrated that it is a very real embodiment of athleticism guided by an outstanding young coach. This time, the Butler Bulldogs can thumb its noses at the “nay-sayers” who credited last years’ success to plain old luck, such as the near home-court advantage that the Bulldogs had had luckily bestowed upon them in that showdown. 

The win Saturday evening over the Wildcats of Kentucky was impressive enough, but let’s not overlook the wealth of talent flowing into the UK program by virtue of the fact that the Wildcats lost five key players from its squad of a year ago to the NBA draft and still made it to the Final Four—high draft picks too, with starting point guard John Wall being the number one overall pick. The Bulldogs also realized the loss of their team leader of last year, senior Gordon Hayward, but have pulled together nonetheless for an opportunity of an even more memorable climax to this season.

Butler University MascotAs Indiana locals already know, Butler exists in the very heart of the land of “Hoosier Hysteria.” While watching the traditional big schools collide during the march to Houston, or any other year for that matter, you will hear names from all over the country and specifically, places such as New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and so on. When they introduce the starting lineup of the Bulldogs, you will hear the names of towns such as New Castle, Connersville and Brownsburg, all Indiana sources.

Butler is an academically focused institution featuring an outstanding pharmaceutical department endowed and greatly influenced by Indy’s own Fortune 500 corporation, Eli Lilly & Company.

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On a final note, Butler has a pretty cool mascot named “Blue II” that has recently soared in popularity. Championship or not, Butler Blue II will remain a winner.

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