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But Water is Boring…

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I get that water may not be everyone’s drink of choice. Some people love it and crave it, but many people prefer something with a specific flavor. They use that as their excuse for not drinking enough water on a daily basis.

Well, there are plenty of things you can do to your water to make it more interesting and enjoyable. That way, drinking as much of it as you need to on a daily basis won’t be a chore. It will be something you want to do.

Everybody Loves Fizz

Many people fall into the habit of drinking soda not for the taste, but for the fizz. After all, fizz is fun. So why not drink water that fizzes? I personally find sparkling water, or seltzer water to be the most refreshing drink on Earth. I even keep a glass of sparkling water on my nightstand while I sleep. I simply love it.

My mother is a health nut, and I grew up in a very healthy household. All meals were cooked from scratch from real, whole foods, and there was rarely junk food in the house. Our “junk food” was popcorn or pretzels, and we loved to snack on fresh fruit and raw veggies. There was never soda in our fridge. We saved soda for a special treat when we went out to eat. Our “soda” was seltzer or “fizzy juice” (seltzer with a splash of fruit juice). Today, my kids love seltzer and fizzy juice as much as I did.

If plain seltzer is too plain, you can try the fizzy juice (just a splash…don’t overdo it), or add a twist of lemon or lime. Most sparkling water companies sell flavored versions like cherry, lime, berry, orange, etc. You just have to be careful about artificial sweeteners, so read your labels. If you are on the go, plenty of stores carry bottled fizzy juices and flavored sparkling waters that do not contain artificial sweeteners.

No Fizz for You?

OK, so not everybody likes carbonation. That’s fine. There are plenty of things you can do to flat water to make it more fun. There is the standard twist of lemon and lime, or you can get really creative and add other fresh ingredients. There is a recipe for “Sassy Water” in the book Flat Belly Diet, by Liz Vaccariello with Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD.

“Sassy Water” adds flavor to water with fresh ginger, cucumber, lemon, and mint. It tastes great, and these foods are anti-inflammatory and also aid digestion.

Speaking of Antioxidants…

Drink Green Tea.

Lots of it. I try to drink one kettle of it every day. It hydrates, gives you a little pick-me-up (it contains caffeine, but MUCH less than black tea or coffee), and helps strengthen your body’s immune system by combating free radicals. White tea has less caffeine, but packs as much antioxidant punch as the green, just with a more delicate flavor. White and green teabags also come in flavors. I recommend getting the highest quality you can, and sweetening with lemon and honey, not sugar. These are great iced too, and are available bottled. Again, check your labels and avoid artificial sweeteners.

Hungry? Have Some Soup

I am kind of obsessed with soup. I like many kinds, but especially chicken soup. I make a 16-quart pot from scratch every week or two and freeze it in portions. I eat a large bowl every day for lunch. My kids love it too. I use all fresh, all natural (organic when available) vegetables, herbs, and chicken. I add pasta for extra texture. What is the main ingredient? Water! A big, well-made bowl of soup will not only satisfy your hunger, but also quench your thirst. I am not talking about canned or packaged soup here…too much salt.

I cannot stress how important it is to drink enough water every day. If you don’t, your body will start to shut down. You will be tired, get headaches, and lose the ability to concentrate, among other problems. Use some of these tips and you will look forward to drinking your water. Be creative and come up with some of your own ideas as well!

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  • Cindy, you don’t drink anything at all? I strongly encourage you to rethink that. Dehydration is very dangerous. Frederik you are not doing anything wrong at all! If you like regular water, by all means enjoy it!

  • imjanacole

    Never heard about this. This is a must read for everyone. Impressive!

  • Recently I stopped drinking everything. Water has H2O in it. I hate chemicals, so I have to just say no to it–still, sparkling, from a tap or from a spring. It is all full of H2O.

  • I don’t understand why most people crave sparkling water. It’s totally unnatural and it hurts in my throat. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

    Plastic bottles are of course not the best choice but I’d still prefer non-sparkling water in a plastic bottle instead of sparkling water in a glass bottle.

    I enjoyed your article, especially page two. I used to love green tea but since I quit using additives like caffeine I don’t drink it anymore.

  • In terms of regular carbonated water, adding carbonation does lower the pH of the water making it more acidic. The amount of carbonation varies from brand to brand of seltzer water, but you want one with a higher pH which will be closer to neutral which is 7. If you make your own seltzer, you can get pH test strips and add just enough CO2 to get a little bit of fizz without making the seltzer overly acidic. And I agree–plastic bottles are a no no.

  • A link to the study about plastic.

  • Plastic bottled water = bad. Look at that.

    All plastics leach bad stuff–hormone-like substances, generally. This is true even when they say BPA-free. Seek and ye shall find confirmation.

    But as Christopher points out, carbonation is innocent with regard to bone density.

  • Chrissy, you can relax, carbonated water is not bad for you as a quick search of the internet would confirm. Here is an article you may find helpful in ridding yourself of the idea. Is carbonation bad for you?.

  • Chrissy Pham

    I read somewhere that carbonation isn’t good for you, especially women. Years ago I read that carbonation actually weakens bones, is this true? If it is, than women need to be careful in particular as we are already sensitive to osteoporosis. We don’t allow carbonated drinks in our house for this very reason of what we read years ago. On occasion such as birthday parties and holiday parties is all we allow our family to have carbonated drinks.

    I think it definitely depends where the water is coming from. I’m from Colorado and our water is phenomenal. I love it as its refreshing, light and clean. When I travel to Florida or las Vegas I def taste a difference and always buy bottled water such as Smart Water.

    Another favorite water flavor I have fallen in love with is infusing water with strawberry slices, cucumber slices and spearmint. Whenever I get a massage, they serve it right after. It’s delic!!!

  • @Maskay that is awesome! Good for you.

  • maskay

    I quit my 2 can a day pop habit on Novemeber 1st. I replaced it with water. I have lost 10lbs since then without changing any of my other bad eating habits, or increasing my exercise. It this isn’t reason enough to drink more water, I don’t know what is.

  • Thanks for all the comments everyone! Keep ’em coming.

  • I’m with Rachel, sparkling water is the best! Probably cos most of my other favourite drinks, barring tea and coffee, are fizzy too.

  • Chris

    I crave for it all the time… the more I drink it…. the more it wants me.. 🙂

    Nice article.

  • Boeke

    Why is cold water ‘hard on the stomach’? What’s ‘crystal light’, and why would it be good for you?

    Lemonade contains much sugar, and may lead to diabetes, just like coke, etc. A few years ago I was making lemonade by squeezing one lemon from my meyer lemon tree into a quart of water and refrigerating. After three months a visit to the dentist revealed an unprecedented number of cavities, so I quit.

  • Plain cold water is hard on the stomach. There are a lot of wonderful herbal teas on the market that are a great way to increase your water intake. Drinking Crystal Light type drinks and lemonade are good too!

  • Natural ground wells are not immune to pollution. Rural areas may not have as much industrial and pharmaceutical pollution as urban or suburban areas, but there is plenty of pollution caused by agricultural runoff. Wells should be tested frequently, and in my opinion, faucet filters should always be used.

  • Cathy Moskal

    I was always told that the water from a hot water heater is not the best because it sits and gets heated over and over. The heater gets crusty and possibly rusty inside. If you read directions on how to make excellent coffee for example, they will always tell you to use cold, filtered water. I think filtered water is the best unless you get your water from a natural ground well as we do in the country. Even then you may find that naturally occuring sulfurs and heavy minerals give it a funky taste. In that case, I let mine sit for about a half hour in the fridge and I am good to go.

  • Boeke

    Tap water often tastes ‘dry’ or flat simply because of the chlorine. It’s better to make your drinks from the hot water tap because the hot water heater has driven off most of the chlorine. The tea kettle and coffee maker also drive off chlorine.

    Brook water tastes good because it’s highly oxygenated from running over stones and rocks and babbling a lot.

    Cold water dulls the taste buds so it disguises bad tastes.

    So the way to make good water for household drinks is to fill a 2 quart container about 3/4 full from the hot water tap then shake it vigorously and put it in the fridge. Works every time.

    Another way is to put 2 bags of herb tea in that 2 quart container along with 2 quarts of hot water from the tea kettle and put that in the fridge. Delicious. Add a packet of your favorite sweetener if you like. Better than coke, pepsi, 7up or any other pop. Or you can add a touch of club soda, seltzer, etc.

  • I like flat water when it is filtered (I agree…Brita is great. Pur is good too) and ICE COLD. I personally really love sparkling water the best though. And yes, there is definitely a difference in taste depending on the source. So many people believe that bottled water is the best, but that is not the case, as has been recently discussed.

  • I never got why some people don’t taste anything when they drink water, or how they can’t crave it. I love juice, soda, alcohol, etc, but when I’m thirsty, the first thing I want is water. I may even go for it immediately before drinking something else, just because nothing quenches like it does.

    If you don’t like it, perhaps the water you are drinking is bad. Plenty of bottled and tap water is. Have you tried a Brita pitcher? It’s the best!