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CMU are reporting that Busted! boy Charlie is getting itchy feet about continuing to do the boy-band thing.

Kerrang! quote Mr Simpson as saying that, ultimately, his passion lies with his indie side project Fightstar: “At the end of the day, my passion lies in Fightstar’s music. Lots of people say to me, ‘I completely hate Busted.’ That’s completely cool with me. I understand why. I can’t say too much because of the politics involved, but Fightstar is what I do and so, if I have to choose, there’s not even a question as to what I’d do. The Busted thing happened when I was 16. I saw an opportunity, took it and it was better than being at school. It was a fun job but I’d never claim Busted was anything other than a pop band. Busted is not the ideal band I’d like to be in by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not about the money. The money means nothing to me. I’m completely at peace with myself doing this so I’m happy with whatever comes with it.”

Busted bosses are hoping they can placate the wandering Simpson by giving him an early-year break so he can spend some quality time with Fightstar. But rumour has it Charlie is trying to persuade his band-mates of the benefits of quitting while you’re on top.

Charlie is a bright lad, he probably has no interest in doing the boy-bard fizzle when they go out of style. I mean how many other boy-band group members have you ever seen complain they were not doing enough live gigs? (As Charlie did on MTV’s America or Busted!) The boys in Busted!, or at least Charlie, certainly has a future in rock music. Getting shod of the boy-band thing as soon as possible can only help in this quiest.

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  • sharyn

    i think busted should get back together because im a great fan of them.busted are the best band ive ever heard.

  • How many members of boy bands have subsequently gone on to successful careers in rock?

    Does Robbie Williams count?