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Bush/Cheney Aide “Scooter” Libby Indicted, Stocks Soar

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More undeniable evidence has emerged showing that what is bad for the Bush administration is great for America. On the same day that high-level aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, was indicted on 5 criminal counts including perjury and obstruction of justice, the stock market soared in a manner not seen in months.

liberal blogBloomberg news and other clueless media outlets are quoting conservative corporatists who have the audacity to claim that the rally is due to the fact that Karl Rove avoided indictment today. This argument does not hold up to even the most superficial scrutiny, since prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald made it clear to anyone listening that Rove is still in serious legal jeopardy and the investigation is expanding to a new grand jury, on new charges, directed toward additional high-level Republican officials.

If today’s huge stock market gain can be called a “relief rally” at all, it is because the third Bush official this month has been indicted criminally. The market is relieved that the culture of corruption, the root cause of the troubles the economy is having, are starting to be brought to justice.

Look forward to more indictments in the near future of Rove and others, as well as an associated market rally each time. As the market absorbs the news that the corrupt leaders, (who enable companies to siphon off the fair-share of the revenue that should be returned to investors) are being taken off the scene, the market has nowhere to go but up.

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  • As usual, ya got it all exactly ass backwards. We pretty well knew that SOMEONE was going to be indicted, and this was the LEAST indictments that might reasonably have been expected.

    The market’s probably up, then, because there were not more indictments. No charges or hint of coming charges against Rove or Cheney=good news for the market.

  • Wrong again Al. You must not have listened to the prosecutor’s press conference. It is prety clear Rove will be charged, as well as others.
    But why should I argue this point with you. Last month this was merely a left-wing conspiracy made up by Michael Moore. There wasn’t really a grand jury, etc.

    You better go seek out your new talking points now.

  • I listened to the press conference. Fitzgerald was working pretty hard not to drop any hints about anything other than the fact that he had gotten an indictment of Libby.

    the only thing I would say is that it’s not clear that Rove won’t be indicted and it’s not clear that he will. At the moment, he hasn’t been.

    The qualification for working in the White House should not be that you haven’t been indicted yet though.

  • Or at least the talking point for the Bush administration should not be:

    Only 1 person was indicted today, and only 3 officials indicted this month! It could have been alot worse!
    Great News!!

  • Do you know why only one person was indicted today??? Because Rove didn’t do nothing illegal!!!

  • Rove’s still under investigation, so nothing could turn into something.

  • Eric, what is he under investigation for??? He is not. They say this to keep the pressure on the White House.

  • “didn’t do nothing illegal”

    In correct English this means he “did do something (or everything) illegal”.

    Just fyi.

  • I took the special prosecutor at his word that Rove is still under investigation. I don’t know what “pressure” would do if there was nothing behind it.

  • Put it this way. This is the first high level white house official indicted criminally in the last century, and the republican response is:

    hey, at least two people werent indicted.

    now i would like to hear them make the case next year that they are the party of values and ethics.

  • Anthony Grande

    Bulletshooz, explain to me how the Republican Party isn’t the party of values.

  • These latest indictments are just the tables being turned from the end of the Clinton years. When a political party can’t win at the ballot box they switch to personal smears. When it comes to smearing there is nothing better than a special prosecutor.

    Libby wasn’t indicted for any base crime, he was indicted for things that happened during the investigation of a possible crime, the same reasons Clinton was impeached.

    For two years and probably millions of dollars this investigation had been dragging on, looking for evidence on a very specific charge. They didn’t find anything they could prosecute directly but they needed to justify their budget and not look like failures so they brought these secondary charges.

    We should put an end to this and not let Fitzgerald turn into this administration’s Kenneth Starr.

  • Good point, RedTard

    It would be a comedy act if Rove got indicted. What did he do illegal??? Nothing, is my answer. What is yours???

  • Redtard — The flaw in your assessment lies in the fact that the Bush administration appointed this special prosecutor. So if he is on a partisan rampage a la Starr (and I believe he isn’t) then it’s this administration’s doing.

  • Eric,

    That is true. The Starr deal was a dirty campaign by Republicans and it was wrong.

    My concern is that these special prosecutors go way beyond there charter and try to pass along weak secondary indictments just to save face.

    If you study hours of depositions and review thousand of files over the period of a couple of years you are going to find discrepancies, changed stories, etc.

  • Yes, many feel that special prosecutors are dangerous for the reasons you mention. However, I feel there is really some there there in this case. And as opposed to sex, now we’re dealing with cover-ups regarding evidence used to bring the nation to war. Certainly not something to be brushed aside lightly.

  • Balletshooz lives in ‘nonsense world’ where everything means exactly the opposite of what it really means and up is down and down is up.


  • I’ve noticed that too, Dave.

  • Bill B

    For the most part this issue comes down to one of two things. Take your pick.

    1. They’re guilty as sin and would rather face charges short of the crimes they committed.


    2. They’re innocent and incredibly stupid and lied about issues they had no reason to be fearful of. Oh, I forgot. They’re very forgetful. Or maybe they’ve lied so much they aren’t sure which story to tell. Or protecting Cheney and WHIG? Take a dive now and maybe it’ll all go away?

    And this stuff about Plame not being a classified operative. If so, someone please inform Fitzgerald since he seems pretty convinced she indeed was. I suppose the trial (if there is one) will address this once and for all.

    And no more comparisons attempting to equate this with Clinton’s bj fiasco. It’s laughable. As EB says, these issues are a tad more weighty than oral sex fibs.

    On a related note, some of you should check out what Lawrence Wilkerson has to say about this administration.


    Oh, I’m sure he’s just some disgruntled ex administration hack with an ax to grind.

  • RogerMDillon


    The Republicans were winning at the ballot box in Congress, the Senate and governorships, so that doesn’t explain why they went after Clinton.

    The reason they couldn’t indict Libby for a crime was because he lied and obstructed justice. If he had told the truth, they could have very well charged him with a more serious crime. We’ll never know. It is pathetic, but no surprise, that so many people don’t understand this.

    There hasn’t been over a million dollars spent yet and you obviusly don’t work in the legal field because it you don’t find changed stories in one person’s depositions or statements that contradict their own notes unless that person is lying.