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Bush to testify at 9/11 commission

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The BBC reports that President George W. Bush has agreed to appear before members of the federal commission that are investigating the 9-11 attacks.

    “But he will only meet them in private and it is not clear how much of his testimony will eventually be published. This is a highly unusual move for an incumbent president and is a concession by the White House to the commission. Along with the publication of Mr Bush’s service records in the Air National Guard, it also looks like a second effort by the administration to try to defuse an issue that has been dogging the president recently. For now, the White House is saying no to a public appearance. Former President Bill Clinton and his Vice-President, Al Gore, have also tentatively agreed to appear in private.”

There is speculation this may be delayed until after the presidential election. The question remains to be seen if this could carry political risks for him and how much will the commission focus on what he knew of the threat prior to the 11th of September?

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  • Kevin C. O’Brien

    Former Secretary of State Albright alludes to the complex relationship that exists between US and the Saudi Royal Family. Will anyone on the Commission have the “stones” to ask about the “special” relationship that exists between the Bush Family & the binLaden Family?