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Bush the Unbeatable Becomes Bush the Vulnerable

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The President has experienced a cataclysmic drop in his poll numbers over the last few weeks. Many polls are beginning to show that Mr. Bush will be vulnerable in the 2004 election. Why this sudden drop in popularity?

Three reasons:

1) The economy. The perennial maker-or-breaker for Presidents is not looking too good for the man in the White House right now. Although there’s not much he can do about it, Americans still blame the President for the state of affairs in the national economy.

2) Iraq. Not only did he lie to us about going to war, but President Bush is botching the reconstruction effort. It appears as if the Pentagon didn’t even have a post-war plan for this nation. Neo-con logic.

3) The Most Wanted. Saddam and Osama… Osama and Saddam. Whichever way you cut it, it spells trouble for Bush in ’04. The mistake of this Administration was making the War on Terror about individuals rather than organizations. Catching these two doesn’t matter that much to the overall War on Terror, but George W. Bush made it the deciding factor in this war when he said that he wanted them “dead or alive.”

Bush is definitely beatable in 2004.

That is, if the Democrats can find somebody who’s electable.

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  • Clark’s clearly electable, and I think what we’ll see is either a Clark/Clinton ticket or a Clinton/Clark ticket, depending on whether or not Hillary actually runs, but we’ll probably have to wait until Nov. 21 to find out.

  • John –

    I agree that Clark is an electable candidate, but whether or not General Clark can win the nomination is dubious in my mind. I believe that this is a critical point in his campaign, because his chances for winning the nomination (and the White House) hinge on his ability to convert the massive press coverage he’s getting and his early polling numbers into an actual sustainable phenomenon. Remember: when Senator Edwards initially announced, he had abundant press coverage and relatively high poll numbers also, but he was unable to sustain this because he failed to introduce any spectacular new ideas or build up an Internet support coalition (as did his contenders Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean, respectively). Clark needs to stop flip-flopping on Iraq and stop being nice to Republicans in order to spur a disenchanted Democratic electorate to get out and vote for him in the primaries.

    – Josh