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Bush Oil Moves: Too Little, Too Late

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In another spectacular display of glorious ineptitude, GW has struck out again. Flailing at windmills in his attempts to try and drive gasoline prices down, President Bush even went so far as to rape the Clean Air Act.

Bush directed his environmental agency Tuesday to stand ready to ease clean air rules if they interfere in gasoline supplies this summer. Industry analysts said that likely would have only a marginal influence on prices.

In a country using 20 million barrels a day of oil for transportation purposes, that could onset quite a storm in emissions problems this summer. Of course the President’s EPA spokesman had rosy perfume to spray on the looming stench

The agency also could suspend its requirement for low-sulfur gasoline and diesel – both of which kick in this year – but EPA officials said they do not anticipate those requirements will cause a problem.

“We would have to look at it case by case,” EPA spokesman John Millett said.

Millett said the waivers if required are not expected to adversely impact air quality “because it’s temporary in nature.” Bush’s directive to the EPA to be receptive to waiver requests covers the upcoming summer months.

“Temporary in nature?” Do these guys think we are fools? Tell the millions of asthma, emphysema, and other COPD sufferers that it is “Temporary in nature”! Hell, their lives are “Temporary in Nature”! Unbelievable what these guys will stoop to.

GW is even going so far as to cancel the 10 to 12 billion barrels he had tagged to go into federal reserves this summer. Wow, now that is action. Let’s see, tops, 12 million barrels for a three month period, versus 20 million barrels a day in consumption, that’s not even the equivalent of a single bird shit hitting one window of all the cars in the US. Brilliant! Have another Guinness, George.

I suppose this will be good news for the healthcare industry, 2nd only to the oil industry in profiting from this regime’s thoughtless, money grubbing policies. Which by the way, George et al managed to heap a hefty 19% increase in profits to the Big Oil Guys, but at least he suggested taking a 2 billion dollar tax incentive away. That sounds like a lot, but truly it is not, too little, too late.

The country’s three largest oil companies – Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron and ConocoPhillips – were expected this week to report more than $16 billion in profits during the first quarter of the year. Exxon Mobil earned $36 billion last year, the most ever by a U.S. company

The Democrats countered with an idea to enact a 60 day “Tax Holiday,” lifting the 18.4 cents Gas Tax and saving motorists $100 million per day. The ‘immediate relief” proposed by Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J, is to be made up by taxing the oil companies themselves. Now that sounds pretty damn good to me, Robin Hood!

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  • Conan Wall

    A possible reason for increased gasoline usage and decreased fuel economy is because of the EFI and other efficency products placed on vehicles these days. The more efficency equiptment placed on vechiles the poorer the gas milage will get. It’s kind of a catch-22 situation.

    If all the vehicle owners in the world removed their exhaust pipes, fuel economy would dramatically increase. (along with noise)

    If the smog filters that pull significant power from the engine are removed fuel economy would also increase.

    The best way to concerve fuel is to simply stress that people DRIVE LESS, carpool, keep their engines tuned up, inflate those tires, reduce speed, and go easy on the accelerator. -Now does that really require multi-billion dollar foreign legilation to figure out??

  • Not quite sure what you’re getting at, Paul.

    By raising the minimum gas mileage for trucks and SUVs to 24mpg Bush will end up increasing the average which you say has been decreasing – presumably because of the growth in popularity of SUVs. What Bush has done is raise the minimum gas mileage to what is currently the average. That’s an enormous step forward.

    SUVs and pickups currently average about 18mpg. If that gets raised to 24mpg then rather than costing us more barrels of oil it’s going to save us enormously. We ought to end up with an average mpg of at least 28 by the end of the decade. So rather than costing us more oil as you suggest, we’re going to be saving that much oil or more.

    And wait, we also just switched over to 15% Ethanol gas. That should also reduce oil consumption. Not by 15%, because it’s replacing MTBE as well as some gas, but by at least 5% – so that shoud be a savings of another 87 million barrels saved.

    So in fact, Bush’s measures have likely saved 174 million barrels of oil and $12 billion a year with his energy measures.

    Try again.


  • Dave, Take a look at this, and then go read the whole post if you like.

    There are 62,000,000 registered vehicles in this country. The average U.S. vehicle gets about 24.5 miles to gallon (and that’s a stretch due to bad driving and poor maintenance). That is down for 26 gallons in the mid 1980’s.

    The average car in America drives about 12,000 miles per year. Based on the current average gas mileage, that is about 489 gallons per year per car. In the mid 1980’s the same 12,000 miles took 461 gallons. That is a difference of 28 gallons per year.

    Twenty eight gallons of gas is about 1.4 barrels of crude oil.

    62 million registered vehicles using roughly 1.4 extra barrels of crude oil per year is about 87 million additional barrles of oil this country consumes because of the lower gas mileage. Eighty seven million barrels is about 4 days worth of total consumption of oil in this country.

    At 70 dollars a barrel that’s $6,090,000,000 per year. Do you think it’s smart to flush $6,090,000,000 dollars down the toilet each year? Our Leader does. When the Presidents vaunted energy bill of 2005 was passed, there was no mandate to change fuel standards. Those 87 million barrels of oil weren’t important enough to him to worry about. That’s enough oil that in 12 years you could save more than the entire “potential” oil reserve in ANWAR.”

  • Bliffle

    Traditionally, every kind of truck or working vehicle has been exempted from safety, gas mileage, and emisions standards, the rationale being that they work for ALL of us (an odd concession to a sort of indirect sovietization by commercial interests) but the real reason is that owners of commercial vehicles are better organized and more effective lobbyists than disorganized civilian individual auto drivers.

  • Gonzo, I think that the new CAFE standards issued by the Bush administration do indeed apply to SUVs and pick ups. From what I’ve read the March 29th revision of the CAFE standards applies a 24mpg standard to light trucks and SUVs up to 8500lbs, which includes pretty much every non-commercial vehicle and a lot of working vehicles as well. I don’t think even the biggest SUV is over that GVW, except for the Hummer Berserk which is basically a hummer turned into something like a 4WD school bus. Even the heaviest version of the Ford Expedition is only 7200lbs.


  • gonzo marx

    now, correct me if i am wrong here, but the CAFE standards do NOT apply to SUVs or pick up trucks

    these were made exempt in the 70s when the CAFE standard was first introduced, along with exemption from certain safety standards that passenger vehicles must adhere to by law

    the original rationale was that these were “working” vehicles and not used for normal driving purposes..at this point it was the japanese manufacturers who pushed for the exemption and then marketed small trucks and the original SUVs to the American consumer…by being exempt from the standards of passenger vehicles this allowed them to cut corners and bring the vehicles into the country at a lower price

    those exemptions to both safety and CAFE standards are still in place, but the fallacious rationale no longer even remotely holds water…since the vast majority of these vehicles are used for passenger purposes and not “commercial” or “farming”

    hope that helps


  • Bliffle, Bush just raised the CAFE standards and I haven’t heard that the aren’t being enforced. Where is this happening? As far as I can tell gas mileage figures for vehicles accross the board are substantially higher than they were 10 years ago and those were highern than 10 years before that, etc.


  • Bliffle

    The obvious first step is to enforce the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards on ALL cars, SUVs included. And then extend that to commercial vehicles.

  • $100 million a day is not enough for you?!?!?!?

  • JP

    Cutting our small gas tax isn’t going to help–maybe in Europe where it’s $3 or more of taxes per gallon, sure, but not here. Neither is the reduction of environmental restrictions–that’s a joke, suggesting that THAT is the reason prices are high.

    What I find most amusing is the gall of Republicans NOW suggesting that America needs to conserve. Today we hear Bill Frist: “Meanwhile, Frist said, consumers should take steps to conserve gasoline – drive at slower speeds, tune up car engines for maximum efficiency and carpool.”

    Dick Cheney quoted in 2001: “Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.”

    Now clearly nobody’s suggesting conservation will fix everything–it will take seismic lifestyle reconstruction to lower our tremendous apetite for gasoline–but Cheney was awfully flippant about it in 2001, so I’m having a blast seeing him paying $3 a gallon. How much do you want to bet he’s conserving?

  • RedTard

    I’m not all that concerned about libs and others blocking drilling here or there. It’s probably actually a good thing, sort of a strategic reserve that can be tapped later if necessary.

    As for the cost of gas being the president’s fault, it’s great for scoring political points and very weak on evidence.

    Gas is high for two reasons:

    1) World economy is growing and oil supplies aren’t.

    2) Countries blessed with gobs of oil inevitably are spoiled by their unearned wealth which almost always results in the country becoming extremely corrupt and unstable and F-ing up the markets. (Norway and Canada notably excepted)

    As for the Democrats gas tax shell game, regardless of who writes the tax check, the customer always ends up paying for it.

    Is it too much to ask for the government to leave industry the fuck alone? Repubs want to give corporations inside deals and handouts and Dems want to put them under state control. Both parties disgust me these days.

  • And thanks Jet, you are right on point.

  • Ok, next Gonzo,

    Why is it those Neocon, can’t stray from the fold, never look at anything from elsewhere, omnipotent pigs, can never stay on task with the post at hand? Can they tell me in 250 words or less, what is right about the Presidents approach, without clouding the issues with whinings about non point issues? Can they explain why Exxon et al should not pay the tax instead of you and I?

    Doubt it, that’s two whacks on the knucles, Fab.

  • Ok, Fab 1st,

    No Flip Flop, just plain old fashione consistant, un yielding desire for the best of all worlda, what is wrong with asking the Big Oil Guys to pay the 18.4 cents gas tax for 60 days, as say, a patriotic service? Maybe it is because they are not patriotic to the US, maybe it’s because they are part an partisan to the New World Order of Global Companies, and no allegiance to anything other than currency?

    Come on, 19% increase in the 1st quarter profits alone!! And they still want tax breaks, screw them, I want my Tax Break!

  • Okay Paul, I’ll just do it the old fashioned way, check out comment #46 under the title High Gas Prices: Is Bush to blame? or “Houston We Have a Problem!”

    It’s a real eye opener. Liked your post sir.

  • Bliffle, I just did the same double thing on another post, are you having trouble logging on and posting comments?

  • Bliffle

    The obvious first step is to enforce the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards on ALL cars, SUVs included. And then extend that to commercial vehicles.

  • and if that doesn’t work, try this

  • Paul, you just might find it interesting reading if you click here

  • gonzo marx

    point of fact there Fab…

    we don’t drill in one of the richest offshore reserves (the gulf coast of florida) because Jeb signed off against it, not for environmental reasons, but because his GOP constituents didn’t want their view spoiled

    look it up


  • Fab

    From everything the libs have down over the past decade or so to prevent offshore drilling, drilling in Alaska, various environmental rules to prevent and stifle oil production here at home that high gas prices is exactly what you want. It helps your cause by forcing people to buying more fuel efficent cars, drive less, etc. By enacting all those policies, how can you be surprised at the cost of gas? Sounds like a typical liberal flip flop. I want the environment to be pristine, but don’t want to pay high gas prices.