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Bush Doctrine- Changes in American Foreign Policy

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There is a great deal of criticism against the war in Iraq, and the war on terror. In addition to ''Bush lied'' and ''where are the WMD's?'' it is frequently offered that America trained and equipped Saddaam Hussein in the 1980's. Why did the US remove a dictator it once supported and replace his government with a representative democracy?

James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, stated the following at a teach-in at the University of California at Los Angeles on April 2, 2003:

Yes, it's true. We did. We certainly didn't put in Saddam, the Ba'athists did that on their own. But we did back him in some limited ways in the 1980s in the war against Iran. He represented himself to be, and the Reagan administration at the time felt that he was, essentially, the lesser of two evils. And what was weighing on American minds very heavily then was the Iranian revolution of 1979, and particularly the seizure of the American hostages, which absolutely enraged this country. And I think enrages a lot of people here still, and is a rather major barrier to an understanding to the American and Iranian people, which is something I would very much like to see take place.

But, yes, we backed Saddam in limited ways, mainly with intelligence information against Iran during the 80's war between the two. But that shouldn't mean that when we come to our senses we can't take a different tact. Whether it was wise or unwise to back him, I think it was unwise, that doesn't mean that we are forever locked into the proposition that we have to back Saddam Hussein.

Woolsey makes a good point. National interests change, alliances change.

During the Cold War foreign policy was a chess game between the Soviets and America. During this period each side supported its surrogates, and in some cases they were dictators or insurgents.

For example, during the Reagan Presidency the Contras in Nicaragua were supported to block Daniel Ortega's Sandinista socialist movement. Presidents Carter and Reagan both supported the Mujahideen in Afghanistan in order to prevent Soviet success there. The Taliban may have even been supported, at least in principle.

After the fall of the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in 1992, Afghanistan was thrown into civil war between competing mujahideen warlords. The Taliban eventually emerged as a force able to bring order to the country. The rise of the Taliban helped the economy by eliminating the payments that warlords demanded from business people; it brought political benefits by reducing factional fighting (although the Taliban fought aggressively against its enemies, its relative hegemony reduced the number of factions); and it brought social benefits by imposing a set of norms on a chaotic society. The Taliban enjoyed considerable support from Pashtun Afghans and from Pakistan. The United States hoped that the Taliban might push the warlords to resolve their differences and chose a ''hands-off'' policy. Although the radical ideology of the Taliban would later alienate many, several observers initially considered its emergence as a positive development.

Perhaps there were hopes for the Taliban at some point, but once the 9/11 terrorists were traced to Afghanistan, the Taliban became America's enemy. Again, national interests changed. The US went to war and drove the the terrorists and the Taliban from the country.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union things got more complicated, and dangerous. Instead of two camps opposing each other the lines of conflict and competition diverted. Countries held in check by their benefactor (either the US or the Soviets) now began exporting their own interests.

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was widely believed to possess WMD's. This belief was expressed by the Clinton adminisration, a number of members of congress and Western Eurpoean allies. He had already gassed the Kurds in the north, invaded Kuwait and was offering $25,000.00 to the families of Palestinians who suicide bombed in Israel.

Saddam had failed to comply with UN resolutions placed on him after the US and its coalition partners drove him from Kuwait. Iraq continued to be a thorn in America's side throughout the Clinton administration. The Bush administration inherited this unfinished business when it came to power in 2000.

After linking Al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, along with widely believed intelligence reports regarding Iraq's WMD capability, President George W. Bush set the stage for invading Iraq. Though it is a point of contention with those against the Iraq war, Bush believed that allowing Hussein to share the WMD's he thought they had with the terrorists was unacceptable.

In the aftermath of both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States has attempted to establish representative Democracies in countries that have only known severe totalitarianism or dictatorship for years. Previously America would have backed a new dictator or strongman that might be able to consolidate power. While that would have reflected previous foreign policy, and might have been the less costly and easier task, the Bush administration chose to seed a representative democracy.

Though there are still examples of dictators enjoying US support, this signals a change in American foreign policy.

By trying to seed Democracies in the Middle East the US is hoping to enable nation states who through self determination can become stable and peaceful neighbors and trading partners.

In a speech given March 8, 2005 at the National Defense University Fort Lesley J. McNair, President George W.Bush said:

The advance of hope in the Middle East also requires new thinking in the capitals of great democracies — including Washington, D.C. By now it should be clear that decades of excusing and accommodating tyranny, in the pursuit of stability, have only led to injustice and instability and tragedy. It should be clear that the advance of democracy leads to peace, because governments that respect the rights of their people also respect the rights of their neighbors. It should be clear that the best antidote to radicalism and terror is the tolerance and hope kindled in free societies. And our duty is now clear: For the sake of our long-term security, all free nations must stand with the forces of democracy and justice that have begun to transform the Middle East.

Perhaps democracy can break out in the Middle East. The Iraqi election has already had a positive effect in Lebanon. There are restless youth in Iran who want more freedom and Saudi Arabia has relented and permitted some local elections.

Like Germany and Japan after World War II, perhaps Iraq and Afghanistan can blossom into modern democracies and have a positive impact on their neighbors. Perhaps other nations in the Middle East can join in and create a region of peaceful prosperous democratic countries not unlike Western Europe.

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  • Norm

    I thought this might be of interest. Possible scenarios of future wars.

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    There are basic philosophical problem with Christianity as with any religion or philosophy.

    For instance, “Thou Shalt not kill” and there you have European and American forces killing people in soverign terroritory.

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    The article includes many false and wrong assumptions as has been noted above. Therefore the conclusions are wrong as well.

    The US goes to war to achieve economic and political hegemony. “Blossoming democracies” are just a virtual side dish presented by the gov’t to make the whole war business easier to sell.

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    How much of this is accurate information? It seems like things are being streached.

    Middle East vs United States I 1990

    United States vs Middle East II 2005

    Are there more such wars possible?

  • “Thad could you please educate us and list what justifications were changed?”

    I love the way anyone who does their job as a citizen, and reads up an anything, and is an “elitist” as soon as they disagree with Bush, but he never is, even though he went to high school at a Massachussets prep school and then went to Yale twice.

    Do I really need to rehash the history of the invasion of Iraq again? Last night’s speech should refresh the whole Iraq-9/11 link argument in the minds of some of the “he never linked Iraq and 9/11” crowd.

    The post above sums it up well, although the Iraq-9/11 link argument was used intermittently throughout the buildup to war, begin on the very afternoon of 9/11, when Rumsfeld starting trying to link the two. The 9/11 Commission report has a lot of info on this, too.


  • Nancy

    Well, lessee…first it was WMD. Those turned out to be fictional. Wishful thinking on the part of BushCo. Next, it was Saddam was in cahoots w/bin Laden. That turned out to be a lie, & our boy Hussein seems never to have met bin Laden. Next, it was Iraq had biological weapons. Oops – couldn’t find those, either. Next, it was enriched yellow cake from Sudan. Nope, sorry. Wrong again, honey. So NOW its one that’s harder to disprove, we’re sending our troops to get slaughtered in order to foster democracy and freedom for the Iraqis. Most of whom (according to recent inquiries by various parties, American & Arab) seem to wish we would just leave now, thanks, and close the door when we go. But we can’t do that, y’know: we gotta stay the course (whatever that means).

    How’s those for some good starters?

    IMO, if Bush was so damned concerned about freedom & democracy for Iraqis, he should have gone over there himself and run for President of Iraq, not the US. The latest laughable fabrication of BushCo was voiced last week by Porter Goss, that ‘we know exactly where bin Laden is, but we respect the sovereignty of foreign powers too much so we currently aren’t able to get him.’
    !?!??!?!?!?!! Respect the sovereignty of foreign powers? Who? BUSH?! I don’t think so, if the unilateral invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq (the latter totally unsupported by any of our normal allies, including as it now transpires, the UK) are any indication. Furthermore, not to smear just Bush w/that one, because I can think of no administration in the history of this country that has ever respected the sovereignty of any foreign power where it didn’t suit their taste. Meddling in other people’s lives & governments has always been a perogative the US has reserved to itself.

    Back to Bush. I sincerely hope, Thad, that you are right, but I doubt the GOP will revert to sanity once Smirk is out the door. The Neocons have the bit in their teeth now, and will not let go without a fight, and frankly they have proved they are far more likely to win, since they have absolutely no morals, ethics, or reservations about who or what they have to destroy in order to gain their goals, including their own supposed party. Kind of like cancer cells in a healthy body.

  • “Incessant bitching about the media for doing its job, instead of showing purely “good” news, is not going to be good enough to maintain support for a $200 billion invasion with constantly changing justifications.”

    Thad could you please educate us and list what justifications were changed?

  • Once Bush is out of office in 2009, and people don’t feel the need to stand by the guy the voted for, I honestly believe that the “Bush Doctrine” will be remembered in the same breath as Watergate. In the words of the intelligence officials of one of the only major allies we still have in Iraq, the Bush administration “fixed” the intelligence to get the results it wanted. You just can’t claim to promote democracy and justice at the same time you’re lying to your own people about who was involved with the 9/11 attacks, and about what kind of WMD evidence we have.

    Moreover, I can’t imagine that anyone is going to want to associate themselves with a doctrine named after Bush after January 20, 2009 (with the possible exception of the bloggers who claimed the Duelfer report supported the arguments for invading Iraq.) I think the post-Bush political climate is going to be characterized by a very no-nonsense, honest approach. Incessant bitching about the media for doing its job, instead of showing purely “good” news, is not going to be good enough to maintain support for a $200 billion invasion with constantly changing justifications (actually, as of this week, 53% of Americans believe Iraq was a mistake, and that’s even without the Downing Street Memo getting the play it deserves).

    Cutting taxes while you’re increasing spending will go out of style, as we try to deal with our budget deficit. Some people will miss Bush’s optimism, if that’s the word, I’m sure. But we’re going to have to drink a lot of black coffee to get rid of the Bush Hangover.