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Bush at Arlington – Memorial Day 2006

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As he has every year since he was first elected, President Bush took a trip over Memorial Bridge this morning to Arlington Cemetery. There he paused to recognize the contributions made by our service men and women, both living and dead, to keeping America a free and sovereign nation.

He spoke in the plaza around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. His speech was brief and to the point, lasting for less than half an hour. The audience was filled with veterans and their families and current members of the armed services and was very receptive to his simple message. It wasn’t a long or complicated speech, but it had some very strong and memorable parts, particularly early in the speech when he said:

“All who are buried here understood their duty. They saw a dark shadow on the horizon, and went to meet it. They understood that tyranny must be met with resolve, and that liberty is always the achievement of courage.”

A good, clear expression of the basic reasons why Americans have always gone to war.

Most of the speech focused on the fallen veterans themselves and he included quotes from those who fell in several wars and left us their thoughts in final letters to their families. A quote from First Lieutenant Mark Dooley who was killed by a terrorist bomb in Iraq was particularly meaningful. He wrote to his parents: “Remember that my leaving was in the service of something that we loved, and be proud. The best way to pay respect is to value why a sacrifice was made.”

He concluded by saying:

“Our nation mourns the loss of our men and women in uniform; we will honor them by completing the mission for which they gave their lives — by defeating the terrorists, by advancing the cause of liberty, and by laying the foundation of peace for a generation of young Americans.”

An important reminder that despite all criticism and all the partisan confusion, what America and Americans fight for is always to spread freedom and the peace whcih makes it possible. It reminded me of Wilson’s statement to Congress when asking for a declaration of war against Germany:

“America must fight, not to conquer, but for peace and justice. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion. We seek no indemnities for ourselves, no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make.”

Like Bush, Wilson’s presidency was troubled and like Bush he was also faced with challenges beyond his capabilities, but despite their shortcomings, both men seem to share an understanding of the basic nature of the American character and the principles we all believe in when our better natures hold sway over petty partisan allegiances and personal prejudices, as happens when we join together in times of great peril for the nation.

This idea that America fights for freedom and for no other cause goes all the way back to the days of the Revolution and the writing of Thomas Paine in The Crisis:

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”

What we should never forget is that today, as was the case in Wilson’s day and in Paine’s, what we ultimately fight for is always freedom – be it freedom from foreign domination or the tyrrany of terror – regardless of the distractions and baser motivations of some among us. To dedicate our lives and the lives of our young men and women to any lesser cause would be to fail the generations which have gone before. This is a truth which you cannot ignore when you stand before row upon row of white crosses at Arlington.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • Lumpy

    Can’t wait until the running dogs of the left find this one. You’ve crossed the line with all this talk of freedom and sacrifice you fascist!

  • DazeyMai

    Dave….Every time I read one of these written-by-someone-else speeches delivered by Bush, I get the pukes. To compare this pre-emptive, endless mess he is responsible for to the Revolution and World War I is totally without logic. Why are you so enchanted with this stupid failure? I know I have over-reacted to this one, but I have a grandson in Mosul and if he should sacrifice his life or be gravely injured, I know George Bush would not care one iota.

  • My Mom was a speechwriter. Have some respect for the craft. It’s a real art to enable someone to say what they mean and say it better than they would off the cuff, while still sounding like themselves.

    And you miss the point. I was focusing on the commonalities which unite America in times of war from the revolution onwards. Bush isn’t the point. The will of the American people to fight for freedom without material reward and to sacrifice for the welfare of others is the point.


  • Yeah, well, you know who else made public speeches?


  • Bliffle

    We used to razz Clinton endlessly about his draft dodging. So much so that he laid off the usual politicians self-aggrandizing talk at the expense of dead US soldiers. Would that GWB, whose draft-dodging was even more egregious, were as modest. But no, the champagne soldier shows that he has no boundaries.

  • Dave Nalle

    Bliff, I’m pretty sure that Bush thinks of himself as a veteran who served in the National Guard in Vietnam. Not distinguished service, but a hell of a lot better than fleeing to a foreign country to avoid the draft.

    And read the speech before you talk about self-aggrandizement. There’s not one political agenda-pushing word in that speech.


  • MCH

    “Bliff, I’m pretty sure that Bush thinks of himself as a veteran who served in the National Guard in Vietnam.”
    – Dave Nalle

    Huh?! “Served in the National Guard IN Vietnam.”

    No wonder you failed as a war history professor, Nalle; not knowing the difference between Texas and Vietnam.

  • Dave Nalle

    I wasn’t a military history professor, MCH. I was trained as a medieval historian specializing in economics and demographics. Then I taught mostly survey courses. And I don’t recall failing at that job. I did it for almost 20 years before I started to burn out. Have you ever held the same job for that long?

    And that’s a pretty simple nit to pick. Obviously I meant ‘during’ Vietnam, though for all I know Bush might think he actually went there.


  • Suss, I’m invoking Godwin’s Law!

    Dave, nice wrap up of the President’s speech. Thank you.

  • Arch Conservative

    Wow it only took 4 posts before some moonbat compared Bush to Hitler.

    Yeah Clinton left the country to avoid Vietnam and he’s your hero. Kerry threws his medals over a fence, called American soldiers war criminals while the war was still going on and met with the the NVA, then runs a whole campaign on “vote for me because I’m a vietnam war hero,” Bush served but didn’t actually go to Vietnam and he’s unfit to be president.

    Bob Dole and Bush Sr. are both WW2 vets but I don’t recall either one of them blathering on over and over about it while running for president. It seems as if the only time anyone wants to make military service and the oval office an issue is when it’s a moonbat bashing bush and ignoring slick willie’s draft dodging.

    Not too mention the condescending way in which leftist moonbats claim to support the troops but view them as knuckle dragging trogolodytes incapable who once they have disagreed with you have automatically become too stupid to decide what’s in thier own best interest. Moonbats also vote for congressman who do nothing all day long but vote against military spending. If any of you moonbats even had a clue you would realize that the vast majority of the troops hate you. there is no love in the military for Cindy Sheehan, Answer, code pink etc etc…..

    But you people are too arrogant, smug, and narcisstic to realize this.

  • MCH

    “Kerry threws his medals over a fence, called American soldiers war criminals while the war was still going on and met with the the NVA, then runs a whole campaign on “vote for me because I’m a vietnam war hero,” Bush served but didn’t actually go to Vietnam and he’s unfit to be president.”
    – Archie

    John Kerry…2 tours in Vietnam, 3 Purple Hearts, 1 Silver Star, 1 Bronze Star

    GW Bush…Jumped ahead of a waiting list of 500 men to duck into the Guards; skipped officer training school after boot camp and was still awarded a lt. rank; deserted the Guards his final two years and then lied during the 2000 primary, stating “I didn’t fly at Dannelly because they didn’t have the same kind of planes there” (the fact is he was permanently grounded from flying two months earlier for missing a mandatory physical, wasting $1 million on his training).

  • Clavos


    Let’s keep the record straight, shall we?

    Kerry served five months, less than half of one tour, in Vietnam. He was sent back to the world under a policy to return thrice-wounded troops, but it is also worth noting that his first Purple Heart has been questioned by a lot of people.

    He also served aboard the USS Gridley, which was briefly in the Gulf of Tonkin, supporting aircraft carriers. During this time he was never in-country.

  • valery dawe

    What a load of juvenile patriotic blather from an adult!

  • Valery, it might help if you pointed out whether that terse opinion applied to the article, Bush’s speech, or some of the comments that have followed after.

    But that’s only if you care about people understanding you.


  • Arch Conservative

    MCH and other moonbat hypocrites have no problem ignoring the fact that Clinton ran off to oxford to dodge the draft. They voted for him twice.

    But Bush didn’t go to nam so he’s not fit to be president.


    I see no one has felt the need to disagree with my assertion that most of the troops hate Answer, Code Pink, Not in our name and every other marxist communist pacifist scumbag group of that ilk. Could that be because even moonbats like MCh know it is true?

    Ask your average AMerican soldier what he thinks of John Kerry…ask him what he thinks of the Democratic party, what he thinks of liberal/progressive values… go ahead ask him…

  • I personally think Archbat is losing his grip on reality

    Solus mei sententia

  • Dave Nalle

    AC, they’re not going to ask the soldier’s anything, because that would challenge their assumptions. There’s a huge chasm between the alienated veterans and ultraleft anti-war agitators of the previous generation and the young folks serving in the military today. MCH and his types are basically still protesting the Vietnam war, even though the times and the war have changed. Their mental states are usually sufficiently fragile that they wouldn’t want to have their assumptions challenged by actually talking to anyone currently in the military or recently returned from Iraq.


  • Dave says “Their mental states are usually sufficiently fragile that they wouldn’t want to have their assumptions challenged by actually talking to anyone currently in the military or recently returned from Iraq”

    While true, it’s an incomplete assumption, because after they’re free of their military service obligation, their stories and opinions change drastically for some reason…

    Solus mei sententia

  • Clavos


    Did you happen to see the Iraq vets on 60 Minutes the other evening-they weren’t changing anything.

    Ever visit any in a VA hospital? I do, regularly..same thing.

  • Not all of them, Jet. Of the Vietnam vets I know, they’re split about evenly between those who support and oppose the Iraq war. Of the vets of the post vietnam era I know who are no longer serving it seems like far more support the Iraq war.


  • Right and Jerry Falwell believed that the Moral Majority actually was a majority?

    Perspective perspective.

    VA hospital patients are not about to risk benifits by putting down the people paying for them. Nor are uniformed veterans collecting pensions and payments towards educational costs.

    Nice try though…

    Solus mei sententia

  • I should clarify my prior comment. There is one clear distinguishing factor between those vets I know who support the current war and those who don’t. The ones who oppose it are ALL former draftees. The ones who support it were volunteers, either in Vietnam or later after the draft was abolished. I think that’s VERY significant.


  • Jet. the vets on 60 minutes were all post-service and not in VA hospitals.


  • Clavos

    Now you’re really full of it, Jet. I’ve been a disabled vet for years, and am treated there myself. Those benefits are assured by law, and nobody gives a damn what your politics are. You really cheapen and demean the folks who work for the VA when you say they do–low (and totally untrue) blow, Jet–low blow. Shame on you.

  • Apparently we all have different and valid news scources, I guess I can’t believe everything I hear on CNN…

    Your point of view is just as valid as mine.
    I don’t care about your damn politics either.

    I have a right to my opinions you do too. Don’t cheapen mine I won’t cheapen yours.

  • Clavos

    Jet, I meant that nobody at the VA gives a damn about my politics or those of any other vet they’re treating.

    I wasn’t referring to your politics, much as I disagree with them.

    And I also meant you cheapen the dedication and compassion of the VA staff by implying that they do care about a vet’s politics.

  • Dave Nalle

    I imagine the political perspectives of VA staffers are as diverse as those of any other group. They might even sympathize with angry vets. I certainly hope that their first priority is to treat those who need it. That’s the oath they swore as doctors and that should trump anything else.


  • Arch Conservative

    You hit the nail on the head Nalle. While the moonbats are screaming about “war for oil” and how much they love the troops they will never stop and actually ask the troops how they feel about the issues because when push comes ot shove and they are forced to be honest with themselves they know that they don’t represent the troops. Some of them know that the troops in fact can’t stand them.

    They know this but I am still surprised that they haven’t written a response to you or I to deny it. I’ve never known the truth to get in the way of a moonbat and his agenda before.

    They’ve been whining in thier typical manner in this post about Bush’s military service and that great war hero John “i’m standing on the graves of 59K american soldiers to get elected” Kerry.

    Yet they can’t muster a response to hwo the troops feel about Kerry and thier so called progressive values. A majority of the troops voted for Bush in the last election despite the left’s frenzied attempt at spinning Kerry into the greatest warrior since Alexander the great. It just eats these moonbats up inside that the overwelming majority of the military shares conservative values and votes gop rather than espousing liberal values and voting dem.

    So let’s have it MCH, Bliffle, Jet and the rest of you moonbats. Let’s hear how much you speak for the troops, how you know what’s best for them while they don’t, how much they loved Clinton and dislike Bush, how much they love Cindy Sheehan, code pink, answer, not in our name, how much the troops value “progressive” causes and share “progressive” world views and philosophies, how much the troops enjoyed watching John Kerry make a 30 year old war in which he met with the fucking enemy and called his fellow soldiers war criminals the center of his campaign for president.

    C’mon bring the bullshit guys. Either that or be honest for once in your miserable lives and admit that you really think the military is full of neanderthals incapable of the level of thougt that is required to understand “progressive” concepts and that you only use them as a political football to advance your own agenda.

  • Dear Diary,

    I read an article on Blogcritics.org that transpired unlike any other post. Going out of his element, Dave Nalle wrote about something that President Bush did, holding back his hatred towards the man.

    Then the alias “MCH,” played by a man who never goes for the personal attack, mumbles something about Bush not going to Vietnam and Dave Nalle being stupid for disagreeing with him.

    And for some reason, the normally calm, kind-hearted man with the moniker “Arch Conservative” went out of his element by just speaking about anything regardling liberal people and how they were wrong.

    For the first time, a guy named Jet in Columbus mentioned the religious right out of context. And then there was something I’ve never seen before — accusations of liberals hating the troops.

    Normally these kind of discussions change people’s minds and find common ground, but in this post everyone stubbornly stood their ground. Odd.

    It was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience — one that never happened before, and one that will never happen again.


  • Arch Conservative

    Real funny…

    yeah i said it

    so tell me i’m wrong fussman…..

    either most troops care for liberals and share thier views or they don’t which is it?

    am i right or am i wrong.. and why

    simple question but one i’m sure you or mch are incapable of answering without sarcasm.

  • Suss, is your diary covered with black leather?

  • You want a serious answer, ArchCon?

    Here it is.

    Do our troops share liberal/progressive views? From what I’ve heard, most don’t. And it is irrelevant either way.

    Does that imply that they don’t care for liberals? I would sure as hell hope not. I wouldn’t respect troops if they didn’t want to protect the freedoms of all Americans, including and especially the people that disagree with their cause. There’s a world of difference between disagreeing with the politics of Americans and hating them/not caring for them.

    What’s so funny is I notice so many common threads between all of you that all of you fail to recognize. Instead, you choose to point out the bare bones opinions of others which you cannot change and try to bang it like a cheap hooker.

    Now for the record I don’t do serious, nor do I like to, because you guys are serious enough as it is, so when you can’t play nice I’m gonna come in here and fart in the room to diffuse the tension, hoping that we all realize what universal humor is and that there are more important things than taking as many potshots toward those we sorely disagree with politically.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled smartass Suss.

  • You’re cute when you’re angry. I can see those veins popping in your forehead and neck, and imagine how the higher blood pressure swells your chest and… and … and…

  • Arch Conservative

    Anyone that knows anything about military culture knows that the military is by and large a collection of people who are very traditional and very conservative in thier views and beliefs. Make no mistake about it…..the dislike for all things liberal and “progressive” runs very strong and very deep.

    A large portion of the extremist antiwar protestors today are the same ilk that spit on the GI’s returning from Vietnam 30 years ago. Why cindy sheehan herself even referred to the us military as “death brigaders” and the mideast terrorists as freedom fighters.”

    The troops do not need scumbag code pink antiwar protestors standing outside walter reed hospital with signs saying “you died for lies,” and yelling and screaming thier bullshit commie catchphrsses when they are trying to recover from their war injuries. There is nothing wrong with expressing antiwar views but when one does so in such a way it exposes that thier true concerns are not in fact for the truth but rather advancing their own bullshit agenda.

    I mean seriously most of these antiwar rallies are attended by burnt out, ultimate frisbee playing, phish listening to, tye dyed tshirt wearing, deadbeats with nothing better to do than peddle the communist manifesto or marxist humanist propaganda and preach about the virtues of communism and the evil that is capitalism.

    Does anyone recall the protests in california a few years back in which the protestors tried to physically block ships that were supplying us troops in Iraq from being loaded? The pol,ice fired rubber bullets at the protestors and then the protestors bitched about their civil rights being viuolated. They should have been tried for treason and shot witth real bullets.

    Then there’s John Kerry. The man has spent over 20 years in the Senate and the only friggin thing he can manage to talk about at the DNC is how he was a big vietnam war hero. The guy couldn’t talk about anything he had accomplished in the senate? What’s that all about? 20 plus years and all he could tell us was im a war hero so vote for me? Does it get more transparent and pathetic than that?

  • Lumpy

    Well I thought Sussman’s comment was funny.

    But I also acknowledge that the codepinkers would be screaming babykiller and throwing blood on the troops if they thought they could get away with it.

  • MCH

    Amusing reading the lectures by Nalle, Archie and Lumpy on “how the troops think.”

    Reminds one of the old adage, “Those who can’t…teach.”

  • DazeyMai

    Dave…re #3 – I meant no disrespect to your Mother, nor to her craft as a speechwriter. I’m sure it requires much skill.

    I do wonder, however, how a speechwriter can possibly write an acceptable speech for someone who’s typical speech includes such phrases as “dead or alive”, “bring ’em on”, “mission accomplished” “they misunderestimate me”…”is our children learning”?, etc. and have that speech sound like the speaker.

    Perhaps I did miss your point, but I still think Viet Nam and Iraq are so very different from military conflicts up until the Viet Nam fiasco. Prior to Viet Nam, America did unite in times of war. Patriotism was pounded into my innocent young head during World War II like you wouldn’t believe. (And I do not regret that!) However, when Viet Nam came along, my not-so-young and not-so-innocent head could determine for itself that patriotism was dying and that America had become a very divided nation. And now, this old and somewhat cynical head sees that division grow daily and I am sincerely worried about the damage Bush and his cohorts have done to our country and the results of this hopeless war we are in.

  • MCH

    “Obviously I meant ‘during’ Vietnam, though for all I know Bush might think he actually went there.”
    – Dave Nalle

    Interesting how your mistakes are always somebody else’s fault, Nalle…

  • Dave Nalle

    Can you not even read properly? I admitted to the mistake. Didn’t blame it on anyone else. Mistakes happen. Thank god you’re here to keep us aware of them.


  • Hey! Leave Bush’s gallant service record alone. In all the time he served in the air national guard did you ever once hear of a vietnamese fighter jet getting east of Texas?

    No I didn’t think so!

  • Bliffle

    Archie: “Yeah Clinton left the country to avoid Vietnam and he’s your hero.”

    Clinton got an educational deferment; you can’t avoid the draft just by leaving the country. And he’s not MY hero! I voted against him twice.

  • This place is an absolute riot. I feel like I’ve stepped into a right wing version of CukooCukoo’s Nest. Why am I not surprised? The typical conservative response when put in a verbally precarious position is “Oh, Yea?” Then they stand on their laurels,yelling ‘bla-bla-bla-bla’ like little schoolgirls.
    Loosen your panties and have some fun!!!
    And excuse my ignorance but what the hell is a moonbat?

  • Arch Conservative

    MCH is a moonbat, A kool drinking one at that.

    “Amusing reading the lectures by Nalle, Archie and Lumpy on “how the troops think.”

    How do you think the troops think MCH? What are their views and values? Are most of them raging liberals? Is there any reason most of them vote republican? Does the military share the same zeal for banning Chritian prayer that the ACLU possesses? Does the military share John Kerry’s admiration and respect for the UN? Do they have the same passion for legalized abortion and gay marriage that the avergae moonbat does?

    You can’t just make a remark like that and not explain what you mean by it MCH. Obviously you think I am wrong in describing the american military culture and mindset? Why don’t you enlighten us then and tell us what it’s really like?

  • MCH

    Re comment #43;

    Sorry Archie, since I’ve actually served, I don’t take advice from those who haven’t.

  • MCH doesn’t think it’s possible to actually learn anything from or even talk to vets if you’re not one yourself. Never mind that I work and socialize with veterans on a daily basis or that virtually every member of my family is a veteran, or that my wife and my mother both grew up as children of career military officers.

    MCH wears his brief non-combat service as a cloak to protect his willful ignorance when any sensible person might go out and actually talk to current veterans and find out what they think, MCH doesn’t have to because he knows it all because he got out of actually fighting in Vietnam by joining a service with low combat exposure and serving outside of the active field of operations. MCH, why didn’t you volunteer to go on a swift boat like John Kerry?


  • Clavos


    Why do you think MCH is actually gonna go out somewhere to talk (and listen) to veterans when he isn’t listening to the ones (such as you and me) posting in this thread?

  • MCH

    Why do you think MCH is actually gonna go out somewhere to talk (and listen) to VETERANS when he isn’t listening to the ones (such as YOU and me) posting in this thread?”

    Dave is not a veteran.

  • Arch Conservative

    What advice did I give you or anyone else MCH?

    All I did was state a fact, one that you should know is true if you did indeeed serve and that is that the US military is by and large very conservative and traditional and holds very little respect for liberal “progressive” ideas.

    That’s all I did.

    You still going to deny it when you know I am right?

  • Clavos

    I stand corrected, MCH.

  • Your “fact”, as is all of your drivvel is unproven opinion Archbat and you know it… unfortunately.

  • MCH


    No worries. If you are a GW Bush and Iraqi invasion supporter, than you and I have opposing viewpoints, and are going to have to agree to disagree.

    Thanks for backing up your words with action, and thanks for your service to our country.

    – MCH, USN ’70-74

  • Jet, it’s supported by poll after poll of the military and veterans. Regardless of what other bizarre beliefs Arch may hold, he’s dead right on this one.

    I refer you to this article in Airforce Times or perhaps we should harken back to who veterans supported in the last election with this USA Today poll.


  • MCH

    And just for the record, Clavos, my man was and still is John McCain. We had a chance for an honorable man in the Whitehouse – someone who, if he sent troops into harm’s way, you’d know that he’d been there himself – until he was slimed in the 2000 primary by Karl Rove (a draft-dodger) and GW Bush (a deserter).

  • Clavos

    Looks like you might see McCain in the WH yet, MCH.

    He IS a good man; I don’t agree with all his ideas, but we have more in common than not, and I sure do respect him.

    Thanks for the kind words–don’t see too many of them in these threads.


  • Hey Dave, if Arch can stick his nose up in the air and childishly ignore Bush’s poll numbers, why can’t I?

    Oh I forgot, I’m a grown up.

    Never mind

  • Clavos


    I stand with Arch and Dave; the military, all branches, tends to be more conservative than liberal. I saw it when I was on active duty, and I continue to see it among the vets of all wars for which we still have living vets, including Iraq. It’s not just opinion; as Dave says, there are a lot of polls that bear it out.

    Not 100%, but a clear, unequivocal majority–guess it comes with the territory.

  • Arch Conservative

    Yeah Mccain is honorable that he gets a hardon every time he hears the word amnesty.

    Mccain has fucked himself in the past 6 months with all the bullshit stances he has taken. The conservative base of the GOP is pissed enough that we thought we were getting a real conservative in 2000 and 2004 and we got screwed. We got a douchebag who pretends to be a conservative while pandering to illegals and spending money like it was candy. The base is riled and Mccain has no chance at winning the GOP ticket. George Allen is the only real conservative name so far mentioned. He’s got my vote.

    Jet we’re talking about military culture not Bush or his poll numbers. Try to stay on point. [Deleted]

  • I will hereby take issue with being piled in with your so-called “leftist”s. I am a flag waving, and proud american-my URL should prove that quite nicely.

    I admit that by describing the archcon in terms of the far right extreem (and I do mean extreem) I deserve some comupance, I also consider myself a man, with my own faiths and convictions.

    As such, I am man enough to admit when I’m wrong, and I am. I’ve been watching too many Sunday morning news shows that portray soldiers and their familys as being resentful and agreeing with the general populace that the war was not only useless, but brought under false pretenses. Admitting you’re wrong does not bring shame to anyone, and does not pale my convictions or faith.

    So top putting me in the same boat as comunists. There’s a difference between the American Left and “Leftists” and you all know it. To lump people that don’t agree with you into a group that nobody likes is unfair.

    Next thing I know I’ll be reading the word faggot in response to my posts?

    I respect all of your opinions as much as my own, that’s what makes me a liberal in the best defination of the terms. There are some of you so conservative that you refuse to see anyone’s opinions as your own, and brand them abhorant and deviant, and that makes you conservatives in the worst possible meaning of the words.

    Some of you make me ashamed to brag that I used to be a republican, and that my political hero is still Gerald Ford to this day.

  • Isn’t amazing how psycic I am? while I was typing the fifth paragraph of my comment, Arch was typing this at the same time-“nude carson kresly downloads you’re peeking at while simultaneously typing your posts.”

  • Arch, what does it say about you that you are familiar with this ‘carson kresly’ person who is presumably some gay-appealing hunk, when those of us who are straight have never heard of him?

    As for McCain, he could support full out amnesty – which he doesn’t – and still have character and principle. Just disagreeing with you doesn’t make him duplicitous. Relatively open immigration CAN be believed in as a matter of principle. In fact, many libertarians think we should have wide open borders.


  • Dave, unless I google it, I haven’t a clue who he is either!

  • In case you all missed it, I refer you back to Comment 58

  • Clavos

    #58: …”Admitting you’re wrong does not bring shame to anyone”…

    On the contrary, Jet…admitting you’re wrong makes you a better man.

  • To the comments editor, Thank you for deleting what used to be Archbat’s comment #59, it sort of makes people wonder what Dave and I were railing at, but it’s appreciated anyway sir…

  • Jet, you can generally rely on the fact that if a comment is made that clearly goes against the Blogcritics Comments Policy, it’s going to be deleted. You might want to consider that before using # references!

  • MCH

    “MCH and other moonbat hypocrites have…”
    – Archie, #15

    “So let’s have it MCH, Bliffle, Jet and the rest of you moonbats.”
    – Archie, #28

    “MCH is a moonbat, A kool drinking one at that.”
    – Archie, #43

    Christopher Rose…technical question:
    Is a chicken-hawk worse than a moonbat?

  • MCH, everything depends. if a Chicken hawk is attached to either a doohickie or a wachamcallit it’s worse, if it’s glued to or underneath a thingamabob or a Hickamajigger it’s better.

    I hope that cleared that up…

  • For the record, several people in here are winners.

  • Suss to parphrase Hawkeye Pierce-I always go for the popcorn when you get to the mushy part. You’re such a sweet man.

  • Arch Conservative

    Carson kressly is the really flamboyant, effeminate, annoying, guy on queer eye for the straight guy.

  • I don’t get whatever cable channel they’re on, so I’ve never seen the show. One of your favorites?

  • MCH


    So your homophobic, too?

  • Lookes to me like he’s a fan!

  • Lumpy

    I know you can smoke kools but I never heard of drinking them.

  • First you remove the filters from two packs, then put them in a blender with half a bottle of gin, one sprig of mint, a pinch of garlic salt, and one whole stalk of celery. Ad one cup of ice and run it through till it’s a fine pulp.

    Strain it through a coffee filter and server over more crushed ice with a cherry on top. I’ve heard some people use purple food coloring too.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Dave, I read your article and frankly, what Bush said was just so much patriotic mind candy. Israeli politicians deliver similar speeches at many occasions and the only reason it does not sound like mind candy to me is that I have to work to translate the Hebrew.

    Bear in mind, having written for others to speak, I respect the craft of the speech writer; but it would be so nice, if, like Hitler, Bush at least wrote his own speeches and spoke his own mind. Of course, it may be that his own mind is filled with such mind candy. That would be scary indeed, and it is what I suspect.

  • Arch Conservative

    I’m homophobic because I find Carson Kressly annoying…does that mean I’m heterophobic because I find steve irwin equally as annoying?

  • MCH

    “While the moonbats are screaming about “war for oil” and how much they love the troops they will never stop and actually ask the troops how they feel about the issues because when push comes ot shove and they are forced to be honest with themselves they know that they don’t represent the troops.”
    – Archie, #28

    Archie, here are a couple Web sites provided by “the troops”: Veterans Against The Iraq War
    Iraq Veterans Against The War

  • What no one liked my recipe?

    Thanks MCH, I was going to answer with those sites and a couple of my own but I figured “what’s the use”…

  • Arch Conservative

    Congrats MCH… you looked hard enough and found 2 fringe groups that have proven me wrong!

  • MCH

    “Fringe groups” who happened to risk sacrificing their lives to help ensure the freedom of speech rights of armchair generals like yourself, Archie.

  • zingzing

    archibald idiot: “I’m homophobic because I find Carson Kressly annoying…does that mean I’m heterophobic because I find steve irwin equally as annoying?”

    no, you’re a dick because you make hateful comments to people you don’t know based on their sexual preferences, which is none of your fucking business. you really should cut that shit out. it’s really fucking disgusting. do you know how stupid saying that kind of shit makes you look? grow up. editor!

  • Like I said, what’s the use?

  • You have a point, Jet. But we’re not really gearing our discussion at the likes of Archie and MCH, since that would be pointless.


  • Arch Conservative

    “Fringe groups” who happened to risk sacrificing their lives to help ensure the freedom of speech rights of armchair generals like yourself, Archie.”

    Yes and I respect their right to say whatever they want MCH…but that has nothing to do with what I said. I claimed that the military was culturally conservative.. not that they were all gung ho about Iraq. Are you going to keep on changing the subject because you can’t bring yourself to admit I am right?

    “no, you’re a dick because you make hateful comments to people you don’t know based on their sexual preferences”

    Hateful comments? WHen did I do that?

    I said Carson Kressly is flamboyant…..he is

    I said he’s annoying….. I find him to be

    I said he’s effeminate………he is.

    Where does the hate come in zing?

  • MCH

    “Never mind that I work and socialize with veterans on a daily basis or that virtually every member of my family is a veteran, or that my wife and my mother both grew up as children of career military officers.”
    – Dave Nalle

    Wow…so, what’s the holdup on your Medal of Honor, Nalle?

  • zingzing

    bing, you made a hateful comment to jet that has been removed by the editor. basically, you were calling him gay, which, in itself is not an insult, but that’s the way you meant it. so there.

  • Part of his remark is contained in my response on 59. I won’t quote the rest.

    ArchBat you’re a {explitive deleted} lying {explitive deleted} hypocrite who refuses to {explitive deleted} face reality. You keep blowing what little {explitive deleted} credibility you have by your {explitive deleted} insults and {explitive deleted} denials of them after most of us have already read them.

    I really feel sorry for you, you {explitive deleted}, {grossly stated and probably misspelled personal attack deleted}

    May the seat in you outhouse collapse and you drown in your own {explitive deleted} where you {explitive deleted}belong

    I lovvvvvvvvvve being my own sensor

  • Joey

    Jet… are you going to the world’s record of responses, or are you drinking Kool’s again?

    Good Gravy… you’re as windy as Steve Platzer ever was and say a whole lot less!!!

    What ever happened to Stevio anyway? Anyone know?

  • Joey

    Dave your article was very Paineian, having actually read Paine that’s a complement. Ever checked out Lysander Spooner per chance? Another forgotten intellectual.

    Not that Paine was/is forgotten, but I wonder how much coverage he gets in today’s modern and complex school curriculum, many a cursory glance, a short essay’s worth of student feedback/comment. I don’t recall even revisiting him in college, however… I do remember the history professor… I thought I was in an auction house. It was a bad experience and I collided with syllabus, but managed. It was actually a logic class that I really discovered Paine.

  • Joey I resent such a shallow accusation, and you’re a fool if that’s what you think.

  • Joey, Paine and Burke are two of the most readable of the political writers of their era. They ought to be teaching them in school, especially Paine because he wrote short essays for a mass audience in language designed to be understood by literate but non-intellectual audience. And yes, I’ve read Spooner. I’d also recommend Bastiat and David Ricardo. Godwin’s important too, but he’s a bitch of a read.


  • Bliffle

    Paine? Thomas Paine? That christian hating atheist? THAT Paine?

  • MCH

    Matthew Sussman, re #68;

    I remember that race. Why’d you crop yourself out of the photo? You took second that race, didn’t you? Or was it third?

  • MCH

    “Never mind that I work and socialize with veterans on a daily basis or that virtually every member of my family is a veteran, or that my wife and my mother both grew up as children of career military officers.”
    – Dave Nalle

    You forgot to mention that you played Army at recess in grade school, and that you’ve seen the movie “Patton” 43 times…

  • Maurice

    Great writing as usual. I am no fan of Bush but I do appreciate you presenting him in a better light.

    Found one typo: whcih should be which

  • Joey

    Jet, I think therefore, I am. And I ain’t no fool… just country dumb… WATCH OUT!

  • Joey

    I’m not familiar with Godwin, but I’ll check. Thanks//j

  • Apparently I need someone to translate comment 97

  • Dear Diary,

    In response to the “Arguing on the Internet is Like Running in the Special Olympics — Even If You Win You’re Still Retarded” picture I posted, MCH retorted with the “I know you are but what am I?” maneuver. I’m telling mom on him.

    Your pal,

  • Paine? Thomas Paine? That christian hating atheist? THAT Paine?

    We Christian hating atheists who believe in natural law and liberty need to stick together.


  • That was funny! Nice link Suss!

    Personally, I think if you were a chicken hawk moon bat…or would it be moon bat chicken hawk???

    70-74? Now I see the problem…you’re just a grumpy OLD fuck is all!

  • MCH

    Re #100;

    Got me there, Sussman…you win!!

  • MCH

    “70-74? Now I see the problem…you’re just a grumpy OLD fuck is all!”
    – Andy Marsh

    The older the bull, the harder the horn…as you’ll find out in about 7 or 8 years…