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Bush Announces Surgeon General

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So ya think Alberto “Waterboarder Boy” Gonzales a is less than stellar choice for Attorney General???? Take a look at the guy Mr. Bush has selected to be Murka’s New SURGEON General……..


“Confirming Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General is akin to giving Ted Bundy a job as Headmaster of a Catholic Girl’s High School.”
-So Quoth The Bear

D.L. Bruin

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  • Eric Olsen

    barrier to entry is relatively low, the scrutiny once you’re in is not

  • Eric, I must say the bar to being a BC is becoming terribly low, Any twerp with an opinion and a modem, methinks – wait-a-minute – that IS all you need, lol

  • There is no actual post, Eric. All it links to is a photo. And after doing some research I believe that Bush has not actually announced a new Surgeon General, he’s just poking some remarkably weak fun at the administration. I think this is nothing but an attempt to promote his hate-filled website.


  • Eric Olsen

    thanks and welcome D.L., but we need the actual post here, not just a link to it

  • Cool, a link to another website comparing a Bush appointee to a Nazi. Plus there’s no content whatsoever to explain what’s wrong with Bush’s Surgeon General nominee, not even his name. I guess we should just take your word for it that he’s another Josef Mengele, right?

    Peddle it somewhere else, buffoon.