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Bush and our global footprint

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I am an environmentalist by nature. I am not a tree hugger, hippy or liberal whacko. I simply know that our most important issues revolve around our core community needs — Air, water, and energy. Nothing else matters if we don’t have these important elements in the equation. So any sane person would conclude that they should do everything in their power to protect our environment just as equally as we would protect our own children.

The world is consuming some 20 percent more natural resources a year than the planet can produce, conservationist group WWF warned on Thursday.

This is simply based on the “ecological footprint” of our world which is simply the amount of productive land needed on average worldwide to sustain one person. The amount of land now stands at 5.43 acres per person. The problem is that the earth only has about 4.45 acres available.

We have come a long was in recent times as far as population grow, energy consumption, food consumption, etc. and North Americans were consuming resources at a particularly fast rate, with an ecological footprint that was twice as big as that of Europeans and seven times that of the average Asian or African, according to WWF.

So what do we do?

Every person has a duty to help bring the world back into balance. We can’t just sit back and revel at our decadence and hope that technology will save us. We need to act now to stop the environmental tragedy that lies ahead. We need to control world population growth, develop new energy sources and conserve existing sources, and we need to realize that a very large part of our “footprint” is the use of fossil fuels.

So, North America is the big problem it looks like. Who is the leader of The United States?

Our current president has continued to weaken or rollback our fuel efficiency standards, he has let polluters off the hook, and he has partnered with big energy companies behind closed doors to line his pockets instead of watching out for the common good. Bush has continued to doubt science and support old habits, placed energy lobbyists in high ranking government positions and as a former oil man he has made no great effort to help us move forward. Indead he has hinged his decisions on cozy business connections, secret deals and industry campaign contributions.

The information is out there. We just need to be aware of it and realize this president really doesn’t have our best interests in mind. Our environment is in big trouble and it will affect us in ways we can’t even realize. Today oil is $55 a barrel – the highest in history. The price affects our country in many ways — our economy, the stock market, jobs, growth and our lives and in a hundred other ways. We need a president that is interested in moving forward in our best interest. Not looking back to traditional, outdated ways of thinking. Our future depends on it

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  • Thanks for the post. Lots of good links to important info.

    I was blown away by this article in MoJo about how much of the military duties in Iraq are expended protecting the oil infrastructure. Rather than the mission of keeping peace, etc.


    I can’t believe how little coverage this week’s report from WWF received?! Amazing levels of denial on the havoc which is being wreaked.