Burned Face

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I spent a weekend this summer at a favorite old camp in the Boundary Waters. When we checked into our cabin, I found the following list of suggestions on the cabin bulletin board.

Evidently the group using the camp the week before us was composed of burn victims. I sat on tne neares bunk and read the suggestions. I am still thinking about them, six months later, and I offer them to you, too, to ponder.

Say HELLO! Be yourself.

Smile and let the person know that you are a friend.

Understand that a person who has been burned will have scars and may look different. That difference is on the outside only. On the inside that person is the same as before the burn injury.

Remember that the person who has been burned may need a special face mask, body suit or splints.

Know the face mask, splints and body suit are important ways to keep burn scars flat and smooth.

Speak kindly and politely to the person if you have questions about the burn or scars.

As the person who has been burned to join your activities or games.

Remember to see the person with burn scars as a PERSON.

Understand that a person with a burn injury probably has many talents and interests, just like you.

Try to put yourself- In the other person’s place. Remember that we all have problems of different kinds.

Take note of what the person CAN do and the special and helpful Ideas he or she has.

Show friendly interest and acceptance. Problems often start from other people’s attitudes rather than from the burn itself.

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