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Burial in space – for a mere $1,000

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Space Services offers this to anyone who can pony up the money.

So far, they’ve blasted the remains of 250 people into space.

There is one drawback, however.

Cremate the average individual and you’ll get 5-7 lbs. of powder.

Space Services sends up a symbolic few grams of your loved one, neatly packed in a lipstick-sized capsule.

Chan Tysor, the owner of Space Services, says that when the launch happens in Houston, tears are usually overshadowed by laughter and cheers from bereaved family and friends as the ground shakes and the mighty rocket ascends atop its column of fire.

Pre-bookings are rare: so far, 50 people have signed up.

For a down payment of $99.95, you can reserve a capsule and receive a software package guiding you through space.

I like the company’s motto:

From the stars we are born and so to the stars we return…

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  • wow, only a hundred bucks? its cheaper to be buried in space than it is to be buried on earth! Wait’ll Michael Moore hears about this!