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Burger Broadcast Interference: A FEDERAL OFFENSE

Someone is broadcasting on the same frequency as the wireless intercom at a Burger King in Troy, Michigan:

    The person broke into the Troy restaurant’s drive-in order system several times last week – most recently on Thursday, when he told customers they were too fat to eat a Whopper. Other patrons were subjected to obscenities and bizarre remarks, and the manager was ordered back inside while trying to look into the source of the mischief.

    ….The FCC has radio direction-finding equipment for detecting illicit transmitters. Federal law also carries more severe penalties than state law, with stiff fines and prison time for those convicted of “willful or malicious” interference with radio communications. [AP]

Imagine the havoc wreakable should the FCC not investigate perforce! Whoppers awry, pickles and onions strewn willy-nilly, fries lavished upon the unwilling, customers insulted. Sounds like a normal fast food day to me.

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  • Eric Olsen

    I discussed this with a young woman in a position of headset management at my local Wendy’s and she said it was likely a former employee who knew the King’s broadcast frequency.

  • misterq

    Actually, I think the whole situation sounds hilarious. A federal offense? It’s a practical joke. Burger King is filithy rich, they can deal with it.