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Burgeoning Sex Trade Entices “Normal Danes”

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COPENHAGEN – According to Monday’s edition of the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, “completely normal Danes without criminal backgrounds” have begun “buying and selling foreign women into prostitution.” As a result, the Chinese and Albanian mafias have made significant inroads into the Northern European nation.

Troels Oerting Joergensen, Denmark’s Chief Criminal Inspector, reportedly told the newspaper that “over this past year we are beginning to see completely normal Danes involved in the trafficking of women. They are people that belong to the more respectable part of society, and haven’t otherwise any contact with the criminal milieu, but who have also discovered that, in a short time, one can make a comfortable living dealing in women.”

According to Ekstra Bladet, several so-called “normal Danes” offered to sell East European and African women to undercover reporters; the price for two black women was purportedly six thousand Danish crowns ($1017 US).

Trine Lund-Jensen, the leader of Stop Kvindehandel, a Danish crisis center which combats the practice, as reported by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, says that involvement in such sex trade is “in fact very easy. When you drive across the German border in your Volvo, you can buy a gypsy for fifty euros ($63 US) or a bit more. Then you drive home with her and three, four others. If you drug them a little, they’re easy to take home. And if you have a good cellar where they can stay and a good internet site, yes, people will come sure enough and you’re in business.”

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*Note: I have translated the Danish and Norwegian to the best of my ability so that I might share this story with English-speaking readers. Any flaws are entirely my own. All the information in this article (in its original context) may be found in the links above this note (for those readers able to read Norwegian and Danish).

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