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“Don’t worry be happy!” because it doesn’t matter who you vote for in this upcoming election. “Bush/Cheney” or “Kerry/Edwards” because in the end, “Jesus Saves!” So, if you wouldn’t mind, please just “Hang up and drive” because regardless of the president, nuclear weapons should just “Rust in Peace.”

Now I know that you might “Rather be driving a golf ball” and I also know that “if this van is a rocking, don’t come a knocking” but if I could just steal a few more seconds of your precious time. Because I have always wondered “WWJD” if he knew your “Car Climbed Mount Washington” or that your kid “Was an honor student” at some random school somewhere. I mean, honestly, would Jesus, “Honk if you love Jesus!”??? Or would he pay no attention and just keep on “Fukengruven”? It might just be enough to make me think, “WOW!”

All these thoughts are enough to make a man “FuckinGonuts” but I will try to keep my head.

Although that head might explode if I find out that “My Karma Ran Over your Dogma” because, quite honestly, “I Brake for Animals.” Even if I didn’t, there is enough love to go around because “I (Heart) NY.”

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  • bd

    Serious, Bumper Sticker
    How’s Ya’House

    Just a thought

  • I only own one bumper sticker, and I don’t own a car or have a driver’s license (you want to shock a bunch of people from Wisconsin — tell them at lunch you’ve never had a driver’s license), I got it as part of my membership in Possum Lodge. It is affixed to a plastic crate — and it says “I’d rather be at Possum Lodge”.

    Remember, if they can’t find you handsome, at least they can find you handy.