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Bullying Israel Will Bring an Outpouring of G-d’s Wrath upon America

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When we first moved to Israel, we lived at an absorption center in southeastern Jerusalem. As I got more familiar with Jerusalem, I got to realizing that the main drag in southern Jerusalem was the Hebron Road that leads to – Hebron — and turns into Highway 60 south of the city. The bus to the center of the city travels along the Hebron Road, as do many other bus lines in southern Jerusalem.

One day, while we were waiting for a bus to the center of the city, one of our kids, upon seeing a bunch of IDF jeeps passing near the absorption center, asked if we were in danger, and I joked that the only time we would be in danger would be if we saw American jeeps tooling up and down the Hebron Road.

Little did I know.

The Petraeus Briefing you Didn’t Know About

Just this morning (17 March 2010) I got this e-mail from a neighbor of mine, the wife of a veteran of the US Armed Forces.

Remember how some Rabbis have said in the past, how when we are finally being threatened by the US, and we turn to HaShem (a term referring to G-d) only and break our ties with the US, Redemption is quickly going to follow?

Well, read this! The real background to Biden's/Hillary's/Obama's tantrum is much more serious and ominous that we have been reading/hearing about on the news. Here is the background to what led up to the recent Biden position — a very real possibility of a US military takeover of the West Bank via Petraeus. The excuse? US soldiers are dying because we live out here. This is the real threat and pressure that Netanyahu (and also all of us) is under.

She cited an article in Foreign Policy detailing how General Petraeus basically asked for control of this “theater of operations”. Put simply, he related traveling to various Arab capitals and being told that the Arabs viewed what they termed as “Israeli intransigence”, the refusal of the Israeli government to jump when told, as a situation that makes America look weak in the Arab world. So, now there is a fear (these guys never say that “they are scared”) that American soldiers elsewhere in the Middle East will die because Arabs will view them as targets – all because I live in Ma’ale Levona in violation of US policy! Obviously the three-headed Cerberus, Obama/Biden/Clinton, who runs the American hell doesn’t care about me personally. It’s the lot of us uppity arrogant sheenies daring to endanger the lives of American soldiers by daring to defy the Almighty Word of some arrogant fool in the White House.

I remember warning about this very possibility, an American invasion of Israel, from the day I realized in 2002 that an invasion of Iraq was inevitable. What would happen once the Iraqis got their butts whipped? Where would the Great American "Saviors" go next? In 2003 or 2004, they could have gone home – but since the 2008 financial crack-up, bringing all those soldiers home from Iraq all at once would not be a good idea. With official unemployment at almost 10% in the States, loading another 100,000 guys onto the economy to find work is not the wisest idea. Even a dummy like Obama could figure that out.

And now General Petraeus rides to Obama’s rescue! What a guy!! After Obama made himself look like a common street whore to be kicked by Arabs by bowing and scraping all over the Arab world, is it any wonder that a Jew – a sick pathetic Jew – should make Obama or any of his flunkies look like trash by daring to stand up to unreasonable American demands? Petraeus' unspoken threat behind moving this area from the European (EUCOMM's) theater of operations to his (CENTCOMM's) – the unspoken threat of an American invasion – is music to Obama's ears, and especially music to people like Susan Powers, who advises him. Sending American soldiers to crack Jewish heads, crush Jewish resistance in Judea and Samaria and destroy our homes here is a great way to get them out of Iraq and not bring them home to the States!

Moving Israel from one operational theater to another will mean that all Obama has to do is make a speech pointing his bony finger at Israel, saying that "regrettably, Israel is on the wrong side of history". Heck, I could practically write that speech myself! General Petraeus would take care of all the logistical details for him, and Obama can come out smelling like a war hero!

Do we in Israel Have What it Takes?

As I predicted, Obama has torn the false mask of American friendship from the “special relationship” between Israel and America. America is clearly revealed to be an imperialist bully willing to sacrifice the last Jew to obtain its aims in the Middle East. In doing this, Obama has done Israelis – particularly the Israeli officials who make it a habit to kiss American ass – a huge favor. It is obvious to all but the blind that the American regime is an enemy – a mortal enemy – that must be dealt with as such.

The real question is does the regime here have the cojones to actually do this?

In the end, that is the real question. Worshiping America and its seeming power is a form of idolatry. Hence my neighbor’s comment that, “when we are finally being threatened by the US, and we turn to G-d only and break our ties with the US, Redemption is quickly going to follow…” This is precisely what is being talked about here. It is fitting to note this in the days running up to Passover, a holiday celebrating our initial Redemption and rescue from Egyptian bondage. Rescue from American bondage will come at a terrible price to us Jews – particular those Jews who are unwilling to recognize G-d, and the Land, People and Torah Covenants between G-d and Children of Israel — but the Judgment delivered from On High upon America will be even more terrible.

From the Haggada of Passover:

Pour out Your wrath upon the nations that know You not, and upon the families that call not on Your name; for they have devoured Jacob, yea, they have devoured him and consumed him, and have laid waste his habitation." (Psalms 79:6,7) “Pour out Your wrath on them; may Your blazing anger overtake them.” (Psalms 69:25) “Pursue them in wrath and destroy them from under the heavens of the Lord.” (Lamentations 3:66)

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About Ruvy

Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • Dan Miller was kind enough to send me this article via e-mail.

    The article points up what I’ve been saying for quite some time.


    America’s government was never a friend of Israel – it is high time Netanyahu realized this and began acting as if the American regime was the mortal enemy it is.

    It’s time to chomp on the American “hand” – and poison it. Before it destroys us.

  • It’s fun to watch the militant atheists and idiots hijack Victor Lana’s article and turn his article on Joe “Big Fucking Deal” Biden into an attack column on me. These atheists haven’t the balls to come over here to repeat their bad Turkish words.

    As to those who mock the existence of G-d, and who mock the L:iving G-d of Israel, this is all I have to say. G-d will let you live out your years until either you die or the Day of Judgment arrives. And then He will destroy you – slowly. And you will suffer until you are destroyed.

    So mock away. You can’t affect what I think. You only write your own very painful epitaphs.

  • As I stated elsewhere, I did not wish to hijack Victor Dana’s article on Joe Biden showing what lowlifes he American administration truly consists of. I’ve not been believed.

    Too bad. Fools only believe what their lying eyes tell them – not the truth.

    This comment deals with a post by Steven Plaut, a man I dislike, but a man who makes a point nevertheless.

    A Tale of Two Beggars deals with the stupidity of the Israeli government – shrouded in a story about two beggars in the Pale of Settlement over a hundred years ago.

    From the post: The gentile beggar’s mouth was already watering with the thought of the wonderful delicacies he was about to devour. His belly was grumbling with anticipation. But things were not going the way he had expected.

    His hosts ushered him into a chair at a large table set with candles and many empty dishes.

    In the center of the table he saw nothing but some pathetic hard-boiled eggs, a few leaves, and a single small shank bone of meat.

    “This is for the entire assembly?” he thought. Then, instead of pouncing on the food, his host poured everyone a single tiny cup of wine.

    Things just got worse. The hosts finished drinking their wine and offered everyone at the table a few small leaves to nibble. Not even enough to satisfy a rabbit! And they even insisted he dip these into an awful salty solution, which only made him more thirsty and desperate to drink some real grog. Then, to celebrate this “meal,” they broke into song and laughter, which went on for a whole hour.

    When he was expecting them to serve dessert, they handed him instead a piece of bread, but one unlike anything he had ever seen before. It was dry, evidently having been left out in the sun for a week, and barely resembled real bread. It was hard and it crackled when he chewed on it. Moreover, it was served plain, with no oil or molasses or fat.

    “This is the feast my friend promised me?” the beggar said to himself. “This is the mountain of food these Jews eat to celebrate their happiest holiday?”

    And just imagine his horror at what came next. Each of the people at the table was given the most bitter and disgusting glob of horseradish, something he would never ordinarily eat even if he were famished. They even blessed God when they swallowed that horrid-smelling and evil-tasting slop!

    Convinced the “meal” was over, the beggar excused himself, saying he was needed elsewhere with great urgency, and left his hosts with an apology. In a rage, he wandered the streets of the village, looking for his Jewish friend and intending to thrash him and scream at him for his empty promise of a full stomach and a glorious meal.

    Four hours later, he finally found his Jewish friend. The Jewish beggar was wandering through the alleys, shirt buttons popping, belly overfull, picking at his teeth and belching his pleasure. His gentile friend was so weak with hunger that he was unable even to pummel his friend. The Jewish beggar examined his starving comrade with surprise.

    “Some feast you promised me!” grumbled the non-Jewish beggar. And then he told the Jewish beggar what had happened, how his hosts had offered him a thimble of wine, less than a handful of pathetic leaves in brine, a stale piece of bread of some sort with nothing on it, and some horrid bitter glob.

    “At that point I decided enough is enough,” he explained, “and I got up and left.”

    The Jewish beggar could not control his laughter. “You do not understand,” he said. “Those were simply the earliest preliminaries of the feast. You snatched hunger from out of the horn of plenty! Had you stuck things out for just a few more minutes, you would have been served the most sumptuous feast of your life, a meal for kings, food that would have sufficed you for a whole week of wanderings. But, you see, you abandoned hope only a few moments too soon. Because you were impatient, you spoiled everything.”

    And now, the blistering point of this tale of the stupid goy who “snatches hunger from the horn of plenty”.

    From the post: The story of the two beggars is neither a fairy tale nor for children. The gentile beggar in the story, the one who spoiled everything because of his own ignorance and impatience, is the state of Israel.

    Like the beggar who did not understand where he was or what was going on, the state of Israel was on the verge of entering the most wonderful, prosperous and liberated period of its existence in the early 1990s.

    Had it listened to the Jewish beggar, all would have been well. Had it found patience and stamina to stick things out for just a little longer, it would have achieved its deepest desires and fulfilled its strongest yearnings.

    By 1990, the first Palestinian intifada had been put down, suppressed by force of Israeli arms. The dimensions of Palestinian violence were dropping each month. It would likely have ended altogether had Israel used even more vigorous force against it.

    In fact, Israelis who felt Israel should use greater force to end the violence outnumbered by perhaps four to one those saying less force should be used. It was a landslide consensus. Israelis were in no mood to appease or capitulate.

    In 1990, Palestinian terrorists were so desperate for weapons that they were reduced to concocting zip guns out of household materials and Molotov cocktails far more likely to scorch the throwers than any targets.

    The best the terrorists could do in most cases was toss rocks at Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip or in parts of the West Bank, a phenomenon unpleasant but not life-threatening, and one that certainly posed no existential threat to the survival of the state. Many sections of the West Bank were fairly tranquil, including Bethlehem and Jericho. Jews could walk or ride in security in many parts of the “occupied territories,” as they could in all of Israel.

    The leaders of the Palestinian terrorists were off in distant Tunis, with a few others in Damascus, places from which they could do little more than pout and bluster. The world – or at least the United States – had made its peace with the Israeli position that the PLO was not an acceptable partner in any Arab-Israeli peace talks. The most the Palestinians could hope for was a limited autonomy, with no role whatsoever for the PLO.

    The number of Israelis who took seriously the notion that the Palestinians deserved their own state was relatively small. Israelis were willing to treat them as the Palestinian branch of the Arab people, entitled perhaps to control their own lives and conduct their own local affairs – but only on the condition that they would eschew further violence. This was also, in essence, the formula backed by the United States.

    The Israeli economy in the early 1990s was booming, riding the crest of the high-tech revolution. The country was flooded with immigrants from the nations that had comprised the Soviet empire. The standard of living in Israel had reached the levels of the middle tier of Western European countries.

    While many Israeli Arabs voted for anti-Zionist parties to show their solidarity with Israel’s enemies, many others did not and voted for Zionist parties while maintaining cordial relations with Jews.

    Into this relative tranquility burst the Oslo “peace process,” led by the ignorant beggar who did not understand that the greatest of feasts was nigh.

    From the day Israel accepted the Oslo Accords for “peace” they have only known war, death and what is far worse, dishonor. They have begged and grovelled like the sick yids of Eastern Europe for crumbs from the Americans and their tool for the destruction of Israel, the “Palestinian” Arabs. And now we see what Joe “Big Fucking Deal” Biden began in Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago. In a carefully orchestrated series of moves designed to bring down Netanyahu, he, the American bitch, and finally the American president have tried “regime change”.

    They have not succeeded – so far.

    We shall see….


    This video takes about an hour to watch. I IMPLORE you to please watch it. And please watch it sooner rather than later. Why do you think your only true friends in the world today are the Christians? Not only are we your friends, but we are standing up to you at our peril. The Bible says that in the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble,” it will not just be the Jews who are persecuted but the Christians, also. Revelation says we will be beheaded. The Christian Bible says that the very minute that the signing of the seven-year peace agreement with Israel is signed is when the seven-year Tribulation begins.


    You dismiss what I say at your peril. This is well-known fact by Christians in America. The same organizations were behind the first Holocaust — the Vatican financed Hitler and the Nazi party, the Vatican forced Italians to support Mussolini, and the Freemasons were behind turning in the Jews. You’re way behind, folks.


    You dismiss what I say at your peril. This is well-known fact by Christians in America. The same organizations were behind the first Holocaust — the Vatican financed Hitler and the Nazi party, the Vatican forced Italians to support Mussolini, and the Freemasons were behind turning in the Jews. You’re way behind, folks.

  • shavúa tov, all….
    Have a good week.

    A friend of mine, a Pentecostal Christian, has been warning of many of the same things the commenter in comment #29 and #31 has warned of. To his Christian friends, he asks them to call upon Jesus. To us Jews he keeps this request stilled lest he lose his audience amongst us.

    He has warned that this will be a year that tries mens’ souls. And from little I’ve seen this quarter of 2010, he has been right.

    The allegations I’ve seen above are not at all new to me. I have seen them from multiple sources. I await new warnings of what curses will strike America. One is in the making now.

    I do not agree with all that the commenter in comments #29 & #31 says, but I do believe he has the essential point on the money – “he who curses Israel will be cursed, and he who blesses Israel will be blessed”.

    Those who mock honest believers will find themselves humbled in the End of Days.

  • Indeed, he had touched him in more ways than one.


    P.S. Everyone, I urge you also to buy ALL of Malachi Martin’s books, especially “The Jesuits” and “The Keys of this Blood.” Malachi was a Jesuit priest assigned to the Vatican in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. He ended up leaving the priesthood specifically to write his books on the corruption of the world by the Vatican. He wrote multiple books before he died. Incidentally, he died in the middle of writing his last book, died in his home. Cause of death: “He fell.” He was murdered, as was Pope John Paul I who was murdered 33 days after he was elected Pope. The day before he was murdered he called a meeting of ten cardinals and announced that he was disbanding the Jesuits and cleaning the Vatican of the satanic-worshipping cardinals, bishops and priests. He died that evening. It was Vatican II that corrupted the Church and the world. The Vatican is leading the way to the one-world religion, including Islam, as both religions revere the “Virgin Mary,” the “Queen of Heaven.” This is not the Mary of the Bible. The Vatican has corrupted Catholics all over the world in an attempt to take focus away from the belief in Jesus Christ, who died for our sins.

    If you read the book “The Jesuits” know that the former Jesuit priest mentioned in the book, Miguel d’Escoto Brockman, is the same man who a year ago was head of the U.N. General Assembly and who was athe first to accuse Israel of “War Crimes.” He is the same man who led the Christian Sandanistas in Nicaragua to overthrow their Christian government and now they live in abject poverty, controlled by a communist government. Get the picture yet?


  • zingzing

    heh. god has touched this one.


    You just answered the $20 million question: What REALLY is going on? I am an American, and I wish to say to all of you, my Israeli friends, that I am sorry, so very sorry, for what Obama is doing to you. Someone said recently that “God wanted to punish America, so he sent us Barack Obama.” Truer words have never been spoken. That man is not only trying to destroy Israel, he is destroying the U.S., and we have no control over it. As a Bible-believing, Bible reading Evangelical Christian, I tell you, my friends, that we have tried so hard to stop what is happening to you, but no one will listen. I keep a candle lit in my window every night and I pray, pray, pray for the peace of Israel. And that “peace agreement” we know is a false peace and furthers the plans of this “shadow government” that is controlling not just the Obama Admin. but the governments of all nations, including yours, Israel. It is the Vatican that is behind everything. It is the Vatican that controls every puppet president/monarch in the world. It is the Secretary General of the Order of the Jesuits who is behind all of this evil. They control the U.S. government, the newly-formed European Union, Russia, China, Islam. It is all becoming crystal clear. The word “Apocaplyse” in the Bible means “unveiling” and what is truly going on in the world is being unveiled.

    My heart breaks for you, Israel. Please don’t pray for God to send his wrath upon America because that includes me, and I pray daily for you, my friends. God is going to punish America in an unprecedented way. I know that. God says in the Bible that any nation who lifts a hand to destroy the Nation of Israel, the land that was given to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forever, will be “cut into pieces.”

    Anyone who is reading this, I don’t care what country you are from, it is the Vatican that is behind everything that is going on. It is pushing communism worldwide and forming a one-world religion and a one-world government (falsely in the name of “peace”) in order that the Vatican can rule the world.

    Just know one thing, my Jewish friends: “The Lord will protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem” He has promised that in the Bible. Also, “He who calls upon the name of the Lord [Jesus Christ] shall be saved. The prophecies are playing out with great expediency, especially now that Obama is at the helm. These people are forming a NEW WORLD ORDER – one-world government, one-world religion, with them in charge. I implore anyone reading this to go online and research all that I have said. In particular, check out the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Illuminati (Freemasons) and Jesuits. Then go online and watch Dave Hunt’s video “The Woman Rides the Beast.” And READ YOUR BIBLE ASAP. IT’s a blueprint of what is to come. God warned us and warned us in the Bible, in all the books of the New Testament, especially Revelation and Isaiah.

    What the Obama Admin. did to Israel last week was pre-planned and intentional to make the world believe that Israel is at fault. Preplanned for the past couple of weeks has been “Israel Apartheid Week,” this visit by Biden, Hillary Clinton and the “Quartet Group” going to Russia (our former enemy). Don’t you see it? It’s the “Quartet Group” controlled and owned by the Vatican that is making the prophecies come true. And, my Israeli friends, it is the Freemasons in your own government, as in ours, that are selling you out.

    Good luck, Israel!

  • Thank you, Christine,

    Shabbat Shalom,

  • Ruvy, one more scripture comes to mind when God made a covenant with Abraham, found in Genesis 1-3 and further: New King James Version:

    “I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.

    I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

    Shalom, my friend!

  • Until I read the article about General Petraeus, I might have been willing to believe Mayor Ron Nachman of the city of Ariel, which is the largest Israeli city in Samaria, and is only a fifteen minute drive away from us here.

    But frankly, the idea of an American attempt to force us out of Judea and Samaria using American and European soldiers makes more sense.

  • I don’t know what kind of credibility this writer has, but Gordon Duff explains why he believes Israel is viewed as a threat to America.

  • Dan,

    Thank you for the video and the quote. I have an interesting alternative history novel at home that contemplates what would have happened if Afrikaner extremists had traveled back 150 years through time to gift the Confederacy with AK-47’s. I suspect that the author’s treatment of General Lee is rather close to what the real man was – and he was a true hero, even if his side lost.

    I don’t concern myself with who agrees or disagrees with my views on religion. The truth will out in the end, no matter what my views may be.

    As for us in Israel, we, unfortunately, need to “scour the shire” (see The Hobbit by Tolkien) before we get to attempting to find a Lee-like leader to lead us to victory.

    Frankly, I see only dark times ahead – many lives will be lost in this country, and I’m not sure I’ll come out alive. But in the end this tiny nation will win. If I didn’t have full faith in that, I’d pack my bags and leave – not just Israel.

  • Thatt’s orl rite, Dann. I woznt on jooty wen u rote thatt.

    (Now somebody call an ambulance for Clavos)

  • zingzing

    doc? you should be worried about clavos. or does he only target lefties?

    if ruvy gets what he wishes–a break with the us–i’m not sure that things will go the way he wants. i think all this rhetoric coming out of israel might, to put it in ruvy’s language, spell their doom. there’s a time for being forthwith and there’s a time for being reasonable. it’ll be bad all around if those times get confused.

  • Well, at least this exchange was productive (rather than counterproductive), DM, for it does define the issue.

    And BTW, I’m not arguing from the general principle that peace is good and war is bad. I should hope I’m open-minded enough to consider this issue on its own merits.

  • Whoops, I misspelled pernicious in the previous post. I hope Doc will pardon my transgression.


  • Roger, you say,

    Has it occurred to you that Israel is being counterproductive with respect to the peace-process? And if you don’t, you must then regard the very idea of “peace-process” as misconceived from the very start.

    Yes, I do regard it as misconceived and pernisious. Peace is good, war is bad. However, I regard the current “peace process,” which consistently condemns Israel and fails to condemn with greater vigor the folks who persistently send missiles and suicide bombers to attack Israel, as wrong. To the extent that President Obama is prepared to do wrong things to make a friend or to keep one (see the previously linked General Robert E. Lee video), I think he is a big problem.


  • Disagreement with Ruvy on the matter of divinity is one thing, DM. But it doesn’t explain you agreement with him as regards the US position.

    Has it occurred to you that Israel is being counterproductive with respect to the peace-process? And if you don’t, you must then regard the very idea of “peace-process” as misconceived from the very start.

  • Ruvy, I liked but did not enjoy the article. As you know, we differ substantially on matters related to divinity.

    However, I think you might find this interesting and at least somewhat supportive of your views. There is a quote from General Lee, which I particularly appreciate: Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or to keep one.

    I have very few few heroes. General Robert E. Lee, Bertrand Russell and Douglas Adams – a very different lot — are among them.

    The United States seems to have given up all pretense of being an ally of Israel, which is pretty much what you said you wanted in your previous articles. So be it. Now you and others there, regardless of political persuasion, should understand that the United States, under President Obama, is no friend of Israel.

    Perhaps you need to find an Israeli General Robert E. Lee.


  • Chizeled,

    Just because Obama may not serve….etc.

    G-d will most assuredly use Obama to serve His purposes – and to serve Israel. He is doing that already, though it does not seem to be so. Obama, by stripping away the gilded pretense of “friendship” between the two countries, has done us all a tremendous favor. The Living G-d of Israel watches over His People – even when they are too stupid to watch over themselves.

    And they often are.

    Eventually Obama may make the full sacrifice to serve Israel – though if it is indeed he making that full sacrifice, it will not be of his own will. Go check out yeHezkél/Ezekiel 38-39….

  • Chizeled

    Just because Obama may not serve Yeshua, the God of the U.S. and Israel, does not mean that God will not use Obama to serve the U.S. and Israel.

    If Yeshua leads Obama into a war with Iran then it will be a Muslim attacking Muslims – for a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Mark 3:24

  • Israel’s New Enemy: America?

    Golly! Funny how reality seems to spread. Cal Thomas is not Jewish at all, but he can see the obvious…..

  • “Do you seriously think the lousy condition your economy is in is only the work of stupid humans?”


  • zingzing

    ruvy could extrapolate doomsday from a mushy peanut.

    “Do you seriously think the lousy condition your economy is in is only the work of stupid humans?”


  • Baronius

    Ruvy, there’s no threat there. General Petraeus’s request doesn’t look like a prelude to anything. I understand that you’ve got to be hypervigilant, but I really don’t see this one.

  • Gen. Petraeus, in his own comments to the US Congress, underlines the views he expressed in his memo in January 2010.

    From the article: US Gen. David Petraeus charged Tuesday that the Arab-Israeli conflict hurts America’s ability to advance its interests in the Middle East, fomenting anti-American sentiment and limiting America’s strategic partnerships with Arab governments.

    Petraeus called the conflict one of the “root causes of instability” and “obstacles to security” in the region – which aids al-Qaida – and argued that serious progress in the peace process could weaken Iran’s reach, as it uses the conflict to fuel support for its terror group proxies.

    It is not hard to move from this conclusion to one that says America should invade Israel and impose an diktat here. And many of Obama’s appointees believe just this.

  • Go ahead and whine, Alan. After four decades of tolerating hate speech from Arabs and supposed Christians (along with centuries of persecution from the both of you), it’s time for something coming back at you all. You richly deserve it.

    And I’m only reflecting the basic Jewish concept that the Final Redemption will mirror the Exodus from Egypt. Putting The EU, Obama or the UN in Pharaoh’s place is not all that hard.

    Hey, Alan, you don’t have to believe me. You’re not doing me any favors, no matter what you think. But unfortunately, the Bible you pretend to believe in says in very clear Hebrew, “cursed is he who curses Israel and blessed is he who blesses Israel.” And I didn’t write those lines, either. So, if you don’t like them, you can go shake your fist at the Author – The G-d you say you believe in.

    Have a great day!

  • I don’t understand why otherwise sensible commenters such as Christine and Joanne stoop to humoring Ruvy this way, nor do I think the two Marks are right in treating him tongue in cheek. Ranting and raving about the Wrath of G-d, Ruvy is indistinguishable from the most bloodthirsty Islamic fundamentalists. This article is hate speech, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Mark

    Keep your yamaka on and your head down, Ruvy. The drones are overhead already in secret cooperation with your secular government, I’d wager. I doubt that you’ll get targets in the form of troops in the near future, though.

  • the people behind akismet are known anti-semites.

  • The assholes at Aksimet keep rejecting the links I put in to verify the assertions I make here. So, you will have to go to Arutz Sheva yourselves, as well as Answers.com.

    Earlier today, this story was published at Arutz Sheva, essentially denying the story in Foreign Policy I relied on for this article.

    Everyone and his brother-in-law, all alleged experts, denied the story as untrue. Knowing the habitual refusal of Jews to see truth when it stares them in the face, I am not surprised. This is a case where a whole stack of denials adds up to a confirmation.

    A whole stack of denials turning into a confirmation has happened in the past. Does anyone remember the name Tom Eagleton? Does anyone remember how McGovern stuck the shiv into his back?

    What an education in cynicism that was for this first time voter!

  • Joanne,

    If you read this article from the Jerusalem Post along with the piece in Foreign Affairs linked to in my article, you can see the parallels.

    While it is important to realize that the American officials might be afraid for the welfare of their soldiers, successive administrations have created the expectation by Arab regimes that Israel was in Washington’s hip pocket, and Obama, by wimping out and bowing to one Arab after another, and then making one unreasonable demand from Israel after another which has been refused, has made America look weak. In other words, if American soldiers are in danger at all, it is the fault of the Obama administration itself – not us. Obama cannot be heard to blame us for the horseshit he has buried himself in on his own.

    But the point for me is that countries that work to our extirpation, extermination or defeat – countries like America, Britain, Spain, the Vatican and others (not to mention modern Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iran) – will ultimately be cursed by G-d and suffer a fate similar to the fate ancient Egypt suffered 33 centuries ago – or worse.

    Do you seriously think the lousy condition your economy is in is only the work of stupid humans?

  • Holy moley.

    I don’t know much about this, but I know enough to read the current administration’s lackluster support of Israel to be worried. I hope it doesn’t come to this, and wish you safety, Ruvy.

  • This article looks like one that will need my full concentration. Since it is late and I am a morning person, I will check back in the AM (USA California time).

  • Hi Ruvy!