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Bully Someone And They Get Expelled?

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A school district in Ohio is sending a wonderful message to those who are being bullied. If you report your tormentors, you face expulsion. And people wonder why events like Columbine happen? Since the administration is no help, why not take matters into your own hands, especially since you will get expelled anyway.

The administrators responsible for this latest travesty should be either fired or face a severe reprimand. Either that, or Alicia Kinsey’s parents should sue them until their pips squeak. If the teacher’s union defends the administrators, sue the union as well.

The comments under the excellent post are worth reading as well.

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  • bhw

    I wonder if Ohio has school choice. In MA, schools that have room for more children can accept them from other districts. Then the child’s “home” district — the one s/he’s leaving — has to pay the “choice” district for that kid’s education.

    So if you can’t afford to live in a swanky town, you can still send your kids to good public schools, as long as you can get them there and pick them up.

    It would solve two problems in this case: (1) the girl gets a new start in a safe, and probably better environment, and (2) the girl’s family gets to stick it to the superintendant by taking money away from his district.

  • Jim

    The family has moved to a different school district but Alicia is still not allowed to attend Ohio public schools until she has served a year of expulsion.

  • JR

    I got bullied; how come I didn’t get to stay home from school? That’s not fair!

  • i got bullied….but i got cuter girls than the losers who bullied me.

    i win.

  • True Story:

    Up until my Junior year of High School, I got bullied.

    Then suddenly, there were always guys waiting for me outside after school (I went to an all girls school), and something strange happend:

    People started to be scared or intimidated by me. Still to this day, I hear people telling me “oh.. so and so is intimidated by you… ” which I find amusing as that I am actually really easy to get on with. I only get nasty when I feel toes are being stepped on. Otherwise I just don’t care.

  • James

    i was bullied up until grade 8.. i was always bigger then everyone else but i was harmless.. that was until i started boxing.. boxing gave me the confidence i needed to stick up for myselfby the end of grade 8 i could have bullied the kids that bullied me.. instead i just stuck up for everyone else..

  • james

    sorry.. to finish my previous comment, i think the best way to deal with a bully is to arm someone with the tools they need to defend themselves.. past experience lead me to understand that no matter where you move to someones always going to be there to seek out attention the wrong way…

  • anonymous

    a friend and I were sexually harassed threatened and bullied.

    he got 3 days supsension
    justice my ass.

  • Samantha

    So how do we get the bulliers expelled??

  • So how do we get the bulliers expelled??

    You don’t. You beat the living shit out of them. And you don’t do it near the school, either. Kids in a hospital don’t come to school.

  • joelle

    i got bullied once and the bullie got expelled! yay!!!!! :p

  • jojo

    my sis got bullied and i fliped!!! i yeild at that person and she started screaming at me and i won!!!!!!

  • Adrianna

    Im in 8th grade and im being bullyd now,Tomarrow, my mom is going to try and get that girl expelled.I really hope she does get expelled because I dont wanna step foot in art or computer class while shes there.She sits right behind me in art, I wanted to slam her head in the desk…but i showed restraint…yay for her…