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Bully George sees justice coming

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Unlike Bully Saddam, Bully George is a second generation tyrant who became a bully through the confluence of three causes: 1) a bullying mother who tormented him with flashcards until he was eleven, 2) below average intelligence that made flashcards and threats of force necessary, and 3) the assurance of a free pass to bully whomever he wanted by virtue of who’s son he was, a train he rode for free so long, he’d come to think he owned the track.

While Saddam was letting his prepubescent son get the feel of shooting a real live man at close range, George was busy fitting in at boarding school, learning to survive without doing homework or reading or paying attention. As he grew, life opened before him, and no matter how poorly he did, and he did, every door opened.

He was lucky, but too proud to acknowledge it, and too dumb to understand it. George W. Bush had never seen anything but power and privilege. It was all he knew. It remains his sole qualification as president, but desire for power is all a bully needs.

Others need qualifications. Draft records that are public. Law degrees. Success in business. George has none. He ran three businesses into bankruptcy using the same fiscal restraint he uses today.

The only reason George Bush could walk into the White House like he owns the place is that he thinks he owns the place. He got there the way he got anywhere else: just walked in and said get me some pretzels.

He bullied his staff and both houses of Congress and roughly half the nation into believing Saddam Hussein had his finger on the button. George W. Bush flat-out lied to the United Nations, then walked away insulting them, as any self-respecting bully would do.

Having thus spilled our nation’s integrity he cynically led our nation down a blind alley in a bad neighborhood to a trap that any blind man could have seen coming. Unfortunately our nation has been terribly short of blind men lately.

The problem with bullies is that when they are caught between fictions they have no truth to cough up. Their narcissism won’t allow them guilt. Their dunderheaded stupidity itself isn’t enough to protect them, because they know when people like them and when they don’t. And they can’t survive without the approval of their people. Bullies always have people.

Of course, as times get worse, bullies tend to stand alone, their look-alike buddies all run off to hide. As the truth about the make-believe WMD is revealed, the bully in George will crouch in quiescence, waiting with confidence for the real liar to step forward.

Bully Osama is tomorrow. Post you later. CW

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