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Building a better war?

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Earlier this month, Salon reported that Human Rights Watch “has taken a proactive role in its own unusual gray area of warfare. Rather than trying to block an Iraqi invasion, or even arguing against it, HRW has, in effect, been trying to build a better war in Iraq. It’s not so much supporting the unthinkable, the group insists, as attempting to mitigate the damage of what may be inevitable.”

We’ll see if their approach is working soon. Today they issued a study of the past use of cluster bombs (2,400 explosive dud cluster munitions from the Gulf War were detected and destroyed in Kuwait last year) and a warning not to use them in this war.

You can sign up to get email alerts from Human Rights Watch and look at their section on the United States

Amnesty International also has a section on Iraq and condemned the execution of a Gulf War vet who was exposed to chemical weapons when they were destroyed in Iraq. You can subscribe to their releases at the bottom of this page

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