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Builders Draw Attention To Homeownership Benefit During New Homes Month

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April is New Homes Month. Of course, it’s also the same month your taxes are due, but you may or may not have been able to take the home mortgage deduction, because you may or may not own your home. This is but one benefit to homeownership, but the National Association of Home Builders will also be drawing attention to other benefits that are economic, financial and personal. NAHB President Bobby Rayburn had this to say:

“While providing their families with a place to live, new home buyers are contributing to both our nation’s economic growth and their personal financial well-being”…”Thanks to current low interest rates and ongoing house-price appreciation, there has never been a better time to invest in a home and reap the myriad benefits of homeownership.”

Throughout New Homes Month and the rest of the year, the NAHB website, www.NAHB.org, will be educating others about the benefits of owning a new home. People considering buying a new home can get more information from the NAHB website, or from their local Realtor.

Information from RisMedia.com was used for this report.

-John Mudd
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  • kuros

    i just happen to hear somewhere that the demand for luxury condos has peaked
    how many of these bland 2.3 million dollar repetative things can the economy sustain?

  • I wouldn’t say it peaked, at all. There are quite a few being built here in Tampa Bay, including but not limited to the Gulf Beaches area, and they are selling them before they’re built. There could be a false appearance of decreased demand due to the lack of space to build new condos.

    However, buyers who value the luxury life are certainly still spending on luxury condos, and beach condos continue to be in high demand, as well.

    Luxury homes aren’t moving as quickly, though, but that market’s slightly different than the luxury condo market.

    Beach condos, luxury, beachfront and waterfront close to the beach condos and single family homes, due in part to first time homebuyers, are hot.