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Bugs of the Week

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Here are a couple of notable bugs from the BugBlog this week:

Microsoft released some bad news just before Christmas. They say that if you install Hotfix 329256 onto a Windows XP Service Pack 1 computer, you may adversely affect the performance of a 1394 (Firewire) hard drive. They say that both reading and writing to the drive may be affected, although the performance hits to different systems may vary. This happens because of “an increase in the gap count for stable enumeration.” There’s not a lot of details, but there may be updated information at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=831584.

Apple says that if you are using Web acceleration software (they aren’t specific about companies or products) then you may have problems using iTunes for Windows. If you go to the Source list and click Music Store, the main iTunes window will go white and not show any data. Apple says to upgrade to iTunes for Windows 4.2 or later to fix this incompatibility.

More bugs, incompatibilities, and things that go wrong with your computer can be found at the BugBlog.

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