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BugBlog Report 4/3/06: Apple, Microsoft, and CRAP

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Here are some of the most significant bugs from the past week in the BugBlog:

An Apple iPod nano or iPod with video (Fifth Generation) may seem to get stuck on an album art screen or rating screen. This may happen if you press the Center button many times from the “Now Playing” screen. Apple says you can keep this from happening if you wait and let the screen refresh after you hit the Center button. If you were impatient, you can see how to get unstuck here. In the long-run, upgrade to the iPod 1.1.1 or later software.

Because Microsoft lost a patent suit, it is changing the way that Microsoft Internet Explorer deals with ActiveX controls. This is important to webmasters who use online advertising and streaming media content. Microsoft says those webpages will need to be rewritten to conform to the new way that IE works. If webpages aren’t rewritten, ActiveX Controls and Java Applets will need to be activated by the user before they work. This is scheduled to happen with an April 11 security update to IE, but it will be delayed for 60 days. Some of the add-in software affected by this will include: Adobe’s Reader and Flash, Apple’s QuickTime Player, Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, RealNetworks’ RealPlayer and Sun’s JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Web developers need to check out this documentation from Microsoft.

In the future, more and more incompatibility problems are going to be caused by Digital Rights Management, or DRM. David Berlind, the Executive Editor at ZDNet, suggests a replacement name for DRM. He says to call it Content Restriction Annulment and Protection, which would go by the acronym of CRAP. He has a video explaining it, and you can read a transcript or click a link to watch his original video presentation. (I had to switch to Microsoft Internet Explorer to watch the video. The ZDNet site didn’t like my selection of media player plug-ins on Mozilla Firefox.)

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