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BugBlog Report 2/27/06: LucasArts, Apple, Microsoft

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Here are some of the most significant bugs from the past week.

LucasArts has fixed a number of bugs in various weapons in the Star Wars Empire at War 1.02 update. This includes: fixing the proton torpedos so they don’t ignore hardpoints; fixing the magnapulse cannon so it doesn’t have to be double-clicked; and fixing a bug that allowed the Death Star to fire even after a battle. However, they did not get to at least one bug: according to reports, there is still a thermal exhaust, right below the main exhaust, that leads right to the Death Star’s core. A remote attacker may be able to trigger a denial of service attack through this port.

There are reports of a bug in Apple Safari running on Mac OS X systems. Users who do no more than visit a website may trigger a shell command, so that attackers can run code on your system with you having to do no more than visit a malicious website. The Sans Internet Storm Center has a summary. The original report came from Juergen Schmidt at heise.de. There is also an English version.

If you do a mail merge to email using Microsoft Word 2002 or Word 2003, and your data source fields contain hyperlinks, they might be converted into plain text in the email messages, and won’t be clickable. Microsoft says they have two different workarounds for this. See the details at Microsoft support.

See the BugBlog for continuing coverage of bugs and other things that go wrong with your computer.

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