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The word ‘Bug’ has different meanings in different contexts. “Bug” is an unscientific term for an insect, arachnid or other small invertebrate creature. In biological terms a bug refers to as a type of insect such as centipede, millipede, woodhouse etc. their size varies ranging from as small as 1 mm to around 17 cm. There are around 75,000 known categories of bugs existing worldwide. Discovery channel’s website contains plenty of useful information and pictures about kinds of insects informally known as bugs.

In computer technology any defect or error encountered in the functioning of software (or hardware) is termed as bug. Bug fixing or bug removal is a widely known term across the globe among the software quality control or software development community. It is common among software developers to embed bugs while writing a code due to many reasons. Some common reasons are pressure on developer to complete coding in a limited time, unclear or incomplete requirements given to developer for writing code etc. to In fact, bug management or more precisely bug control management is a major concern among software development and delivery companies across the globe.

Some bugs in the real world do not add much value to humans except being part of food chain but some have a significant role to play e.g. bees producing honey. A computer bug always results in some loss of time, resources and money due to the need for a recovery or fixing process. The small size of real bugs makes them difficult to locate, which has lead to the use of the term in software code.

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