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Buffy’s birthday

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Born April 14, 1977 Sarah Michelle Gellar turns 26 today. Happy birthday, Buffy!

I don’t have any profound insights into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it’s surely one of the most serious minded shows ever engineered for a young audience.

Do you want to download nude pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar? Sorry, I can’t help you, but I do like the thought of the search hits that having the phrase “download nude pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar” twice in a post would seem likely to generate. Can’t hurt.

Besides, she seems like a very nice girl. Can’t you sick bastards be contented with just a nice, classy photo? What the hell is wrong with you anyway?

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  • Bill Sherman

    It is a nice classy photo, though I prefer the teasing image from the first DVD set: our heroine demurely brandishing that stake. Yeah, there’s something wrong with me. . .

  • Eric Olsen

    I don’t get Buffy mania, her nose is weird.

  • Phillip Winn

    Sarah’s not my type, but I’m enough of a Buffy fanatic to actually visit other Buffy fanatics via, so it’s not all about her nose. Which now that you mention it, is a little weird. 8^)

  • Jim Carruthers

    Actually Buffy Summers’ birthday is in January (the exact date is unknown), she was born in 1981. But happy birthday Mrs. Prinz.

  • Al Barger

    Now technically it is possible that I would make a mistake, but I’ve gotten the same birthday of 4-17-77 listed from different places, including E! online.

  • Phillip Winn

    Al –
    Sarah = Actor, April 17, 1977
    Buffy = Vamp Slayer, January ??, 1981

  • Jim Carruthers

    According to this timeline, it’s January, 1981, and of course the several episodes which take place on or about Buffy’s birthday were broadcast in January (eg “Helpless” in Season 3 which is the week of January 7 – 11) Then there is also the continuity guide from Boils and Blinding Torment.

    By the way: Go Faith! Faith, Faith, she’s our gal, if she can’t stake ’em, werewolves howl!

  • Al Barger

    I note that this page is now the #5 Google result of a search for “download nude pictures of Buffy.” I’m just SO proud.

    Perhaps if I just had the phrases “download nude pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar” and “download nude pictures of Buffy” on the page a couple more times that would help.

  • Anon

    Apparently Buffy’s birthday (not sarah’s) was 19th of Jan which was weird coz thats mine too ^^