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Buddy Roemer: Victim of Reality

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If we lived in an ideal world, former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer would be the undisputed frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. However, as the world operates under anything but ideal circumstances, Roemer was sure to lose from the get go, though he has managed to surpass Texas Governor Rick Perry in a few recent polls. The reasons for this are many, but the central one is what late California Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh described as the “mother’s milk” of politics; money. Roemer has set a $100 limit on all individual contributions in an effort to raise awareness about fighting corruption, particularly that which is brought about by lobbyists and special interest groups. Indeed, campaign finance reform has been Roemer’s main theme since announcing his candidacy early last year. Unlike most politicians who bring this subject up to score points with an embittered electorate, Roemer has lived by example, beginning with the institution of similar donation caps during his successful late 1980s run for the Pelican state’s gubernatorial post.

Aside from being a man of his word in this pivotal regard, Roemer has devised sensible, sustainable plans for our nation’s haywire fiscal policy. Supporting feasible tariffs to incentivize domestic industrial growth, as well as ending ludicrous subsidies to already successful oil and ethanol corporations, he strikes a new chord in creative problem solving.

In addition, he is an unabashed social moderate who has absolutely no interest in forcing his own ideas of morality down the throats of voters. Proof of this is evident from his single term as governor, when he boldly stood up for women’s reproductive rights, to the present, as he recently went out of his way to build inroads with members and supporters of the Occupy movement.

If Roemer were on the ballot in the upcoming Florida primary, I would gladly cast my ballot for him. Mitt Romney is far enough ahead of the wingnuts, theocrat Rick Santorum, pseudo-libertarian Ron Paul, and legend in his own mind Newt Gingrich, that true preference based voting is possible. Nonetheless, I hope that Roemer’s campaign gains traction during the months ahead and can become a national presence to be reckoned with over the next several months.

All things considered, Buddy Roemer is a man whose time has doubtlessly come. Unfortunately, the spotlight that he so richly deserves was snatched away from him. What a loss for candidate and country alike.

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  • Baronius

    Huh. You criticize Santorum for losing badly in his third Senate run, but you write an article about Roemer that fails to mention his re-election bid as governor, in which he came in third behind future felon Edwin Edwards and former Klansman David Duke. Now *that* is a bad loss. You also failed to mention that he spent most of his time in public service (all but a few months) as a Democrat.

  • It also didn’t mention his favorite soft drink

  • Shut up. No, YOU shut up. Ron Paul is not a psuedo-libertarian. Joseph Cotto is a pseudo-libertarian.

  • Hi, Irene, Just saying hello.

  • *waves goodbye* Just leaving, myself. Happy drama-reading and writing (Blogcritics Politics comments, Threepenny Opera, what have you!) LOL

  • Not a sarcastic LOL, Roger, a happy, wishing-you-well LOL. Bye for awhile.

  • The way you come in and then out, people might think you a menace.

    Just want to make certain you don’t create the lasting impression, for I know better.

  • RJ

    Buddy Roemer isn’t an “unabashed social moderate.” I interviewed the man, and he described himself as “pro-life” and against “the use of taxpayer money to perform abortions.”

    He also stated that he “support[s] the traditional marriage bond, between a man and a woman” and is “opposed to the recognition of a civil union between individuals of the same sex.”

  • Zingzing

    You don’t have to air someone’s dirty laundry, rj…

  • DanceLuver

    Alas, if only I lived in an ideal world.

    I believe in Buddy Roemer.

  • Mark Nagle

    Regarding Buddy’s stance on traditional marriage you forgot to mention that those are his opinions but has also stated he doesn’t believe in the govnt getting involved. Those are just his opinions. As we all have our own.
    He is not trying to make the country conform to his beliefs like the others. Just trying to raise a sinking ship

  • @DanceLuver: We *could* live in that ideal world if enough people believe. I am supporting Buddy Roemer–who is still in the race as an independent, Reform Party candidate–via the online nomination system: Americans Elect. Please join us! Roemer only needs 1000 support clicks from each of 10 states to be on the ballot come November.