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The term Buddhism defines traditions spanning from the life and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, revered as the enlightened Buddha among his followers. The three main traditions, namely Southern Buddhism (Hinayana or Theravada), Northern Buddhism (Mahayana) and Tantric or Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana) feature a broad array of interconnected philosophies and practices. The Tibetan tantric tradition, along with the Japanese Zen school of Mahayana fame, enjoy the broadest following in the West.

With an abundance of universal principles and an approach bent on introspection, experiment and experience, Buddhism has proven its relevance on the fields of psychology and comparative religion, meditational practices such as vipassana, and even in neurological studies on self-induced mental transformations.

The applicability and level-headedness of its basics in a modern environment has brought Buddhism to many a scenario, including New York subways. Even great scientific minds like Albert Einstein have regarded Buddhism as a befitting future religion, holistic and uncluttered by superfluous dogma and theology.

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